Legal Terms and Maxims

Legal Terms and Maxims

Legal Terms:

Introduction to Legal Practice, Practitioner, Courts, Law Officers and Academic Lawyers, Commonly used Legal Terms in Common Law Countries, Latin Terms and Maxims or Precepts and Doctrines of Law, Principles of Law, Words and Phrases frequently used in the Court Proceedings, Crime words, Abbreviations and Elaborations related to Law and Administration of Justice, Finding out relevant Facts and Decisions of a Case, Reasoning of the Decision, Discovering Ratio Decidendi and Obiter Dicta, Submission to courts by Lawyers, Legal Writing, Professional Conduct and Etiquette, Conduct with Regard to other Advocates, Clients, Public, Duty to the Court, Laws Regarding Dresses of Advocate; Bangladesh Bar Council, Legal Education and Training Institute, Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission, House of the Nations of Bangladesh, Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs of Bangladesh;  Communication with Law and Rights related NGOs in Bangladesh;  Statutory Laws on Service,  Court Visit and Familiarity with Moot Court and Mock Trial, The Art of Mock Advocacy;

Law Reports and Decisions:

Introduction to the Law Reports and Law Research Journals in USA, UK, Australia, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, DLR- Dhaka Law Reports, BLD- Bangladesh Legal Decisions, MLR- Mainstream Law Reports, BLC- Bangladesh Law Chronicles, BLT- Bangladesh Law Times, India: AIR- All India Law Reports, CWN- Calcutta Weekly Notes, Pakistan: PLD- Pakistan Legal Decisions, United Kingdom: All E. R. All England Law Reports, United States of America: ALR: American Law Reports; Law Journal of Various Universities in Home and Abroad;

Relevant Laws:

1. The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908

2. The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898

3. The Penal Code, 1860

4. The Contract Act, 1872

5. The Evidence Act, 1872

6. Civil Rules and Order-1935 (as amended up to date)

7.  The Bangladesh Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Order 1972

8.  The Bangladesh Legal Practitioners and Bar Council Rules 1972

9. The Constitution of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

10. Law Reports Act, 1875

Book Recommended:

1. Dictionary of Selected Legal Terms and Maxims (2nd ed.) by Edward J Bander

2.  A dictionary of American and English Law by Stewart Rapalje, Robert L. Lawrence

3. Legal Language/Writing (Including General English) by R. K. Jain

4. Black’s Law Dictionary, Eight Edition, Editor Bryan A. Garner

5. Glossary: Scottish Legal Terms, Latin Maxims and European Community

Legal Terms by Butterworths

6. Oxford Dictionary of Law by By Martin, Elizabeth A.(ed.), Oxford University Press 4th


7. Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of Current English

by Albert Sydney Hornby (Author), Sally Wehmeier (Editor)

8. Bangladesh Judicial Service (Laws, Rules, Orders, SROs and Circulars) by Barrister

Abdul Halim

9. Statutory Laws on Service by DLR Publication

10. Judicial Methodology: A Treatise on the Art of Judgement Writing by M.A Hafeez

Siddiqui and Justice Anawarul Haq

11. Latin Legal Phrases, Maxims and Writs:

12. Collection of Some Principal Rules and Maxims of the Common Law (1630) by Bacon

13. Lets Go to the Court by Mohammad Abdul Karim

14. Manual for Clinical Legal Education by Md. Mohiuddin Khaled and Morshed

Mahmud Khan

15.  The Technoque of Advocacy by John H. Munkman

16. Bangladesh Judicial Service Examination Handbook by CPD Foundation

17. Landmarks in the Law (2005) by Lord Denning

18. Ain Kosh by Md. Abdul Hamid

19. Learning the Law by Glanville Williams

20. The Concept of Law by H L A Hart

Relevant Cases:

1. Dimes Vs. Grant Canal Junction Com. Ltd.(1852) 3 HL 759

2. Cottle Vs. Cottle (1939)

3. R. Vs. Handley (1921)

4. Ashby Vs. White (1703)

5. Sowden Vs. Sowden (1785)

6. Salt Vs. Marquess Of Northampton (1892)

7. Central London Property Trust Ltd v. High Trees House Ltd [1947] K.B. 130.

8. Burnworth v. Hughes, 670 P.2d 917, 922 (Kan. 1983).

9. Cardozo in Graf v. Hope Building Corporation, 254 N.Y 1 at 9 (1930)

10. Loughran v. Loughran, 292 U.S. 215, 229 (1934) (Brandeis, J.)

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)