Legislative Studies and Drafting

Legislative Studies and Drafting

Nature and Importance of Legislative Study, What is Legislative Drafting, Drafting and the Policy; Ethics in Legislative Drafting; Drafting Instructions, Developing a Legislative Plan; Statutory Interpretation and Drafting; The Structure and Style of Statutes; Words and Sentences; Modifiers, Punctuation and Other Complications;  Definitions and Interpretation Provisions; Schedules; Amending Provisions – Class Exercise on Amending Provisions; Preliminary and Final Provisions; Drafting Penal Provisions; Tour of the House of the Nation; Drafting Enabling Provisions and Subordinate Legislation; Drafting Constitutional Provisions, Drafting Retroactive and Retrospective Provisions; Aspects of Government Legal Service: Civil Law Issues; Criminal Law Issues and International Law Issues, Drafter as Planner and Architect, Drafting and Good Governance;

Relevant Law:

1. The Constitution of the Peoples’ republic of Bangladesh

2. The General Clauses Act, 1897

3. People’s Representation Order, 1972

4. Rules of Business, 1996

5. Rules and Procedure of Parliament

Books Recommended:

1. Legislative Drafting by G.C. Thornton

2. Drafting Legislation: A Modern Approach ?(2008)  by Constantin Stefanou, Helen    Xanthaki

3. The Parliament of Bangladesh (2002) by Nizam Ahmed

4. Vision paper for the Legislative Drafting Wing: Ministry of Law Justice and

Parliamentary Affairs Publication (2004)

5. The Law Making Process (6th Edition) by Michael Zander

6. Modern Legal Drafting: A Guide to Using Clearer language by Peter Butt and Richard

Willam Castle

7. Changing Aspects of Law and Justice in India by O.P Motiwal

8.  Legislative Drafter’s Deskbook: A Practical Guide by Tobias A Dorsey

9. Online Legislative Drafting Resources:


10. Understanding Common Law Legislation: Drafting and Interpretation by Francis


(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)