Marketing process of Multinational Company “Granton Group” in Bangladesh

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Marketing process of Multinational Company “Granton Group” in Bangladesh

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Chapter1. Introduction

Granton Group is one of the dedicated and reputed business houses in Bangladesh. It has crossed 29 years of operation in 141 countries. Granton Group has endured turbulences of the last 3 years in Bangladesh whenever it launches its business in Bangladesh after playing vital role in creating rocking managers of Bangladesh’s neighboring country like Thailand, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Srilanka, India, Oman, Qatar and in so many countries. Its mother country is Canada and Mother Company’s name is DS-Max. DS-Max stands for Direct Sales to the Maximum; the funniest thing is that every distributor of this company works not for the sales but for the management. As field is the best part of the learning, every employee learns from the field how to manage any people in any situation. Although Granton does not have its own product to sale, it creates massive brand awareness and delivers to different business product unprecedented numbers of new customers at the discount rate. It works with different brand like KFC, Pizza Hut, Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Hotel Radisson, Airtel sim, Boishakhi Television, Hotel Regency, Nandan Park Etc in Bangladesh. Already KFC has more than 1900 restaurants all over the world, but Granton plays biggest efficient role in advertisement of KFC by face to face marketing. Moreover, Granton does event management of Celebrities and many other welfare fund creating activities. This is indeed, a milestone, which Granton Group has achieved with trust, support and dedication of all stakeholders, past and present, most importantly, its customers. First Granton Group starts its journey in 2010 in Bangladesh.

As a well known company Granton Group always try to ensure different business product quality by telling true best part of the offer, because it stands highest in its business ethics, that is how, it has passed over 29 years in business and produces hundreds of lac taka salaried managers in every year as well as creating customer satisfaction. For this reason Granton provides “world’s biggest opportunity” to the employee within short time. Currently it has 2.2 million freedom Granton Guys in world. All those employees are working sincerely for increasing company profit as well as welfare. Granton Group also motivates their employees using several incentives.

1.2 Background

The marketing strategy is one of the core element of a company, the ultimate success of the company is largely depends of company marketing activities. Marketing strategy includes several tasks like target marketing, market positing, developing marketing mix and many other activities. We have tried to analyze the situation in Granton Group by evaluating their overall marketing activities in it product marketing.1.3 Purpose of the Report

The marketing strategy of a company is very vital for any organization. It is worth learning how the business organizations practice marketing on their actual field. This paper portrays how Granton Group practices marketing strategy.

1.4 Objectives of the Study

The broad objective of the study was to acquire practical scenario of Granton Group

The specific objectives include
  • To know the marketing practices of Granton Group .
  • To introduce with products of Granton Group.
  • To know the marketing and sales process of Granton Group.
  • To know the detail marketing concept of Granton Group.

1.5 Scope of the Study

This study covers three years sales data, trends of business of Granton Group.

1.6 Methodology

1) This research is a conclusive research in nature.

2) Data collection methods: Both primary and secondary data used in this research.

Secondary data: secondary data are collected through, different types of books [Marketing Research (fourth edition), Naresh K. Malhotra. Principles of Marketing (tenth edition), Kotler, Armstrong], internet [,,] etc. secondary data also collected through different types of records [Granton group Balance Sheet], files of organizations [Granton Group], different publications which are related to Granton Group.

a) Target Population: customers, sellers and Marketing Department of Granton .

b) Sample size: 60

c) Sampling technique: convenience sampling applied to collect the data.

d) To reduce biasness, have taken 10 extra interviews informally.

e) Method of data collection: In this research I used questionnaire and direct interview to collect data.

f) The questionnaire what used in this research is close-ended which is preset.

g) Data analysis: Used Microsoft Office for data analysis. The study also tested reliability of the instrument so that it enables to produce a robust and valid result.

1.7 Limitations of the study

The major limitations include:

· The organization could not (and sometimes did not) provide all the required information

· The records and information may not be in a systematic manner.

· Barriers in disclosing actual data.

Chapter-2: Company overview

DS-MAX is the Group Holding and Parent Company including the Group Corporate Center that guides the Strategic Business Units (SBUs). It ensures continuous management innovation, technology adoption, new initiatives, corporate governance and compliance. Now Granton Group is one of the respected and reputed business houses in Bangladesh. It has crossed 3 years of operation in Bangladesh. Granton Group has endured turbulences of the last 2 years and has been able to transform itself from a small trading company into a leading diversified business house. This is, indeed, a milestone, which Granton Group has achieved with trust, support and dedication of all stakeholders, past and present, most importantly, its customers.

Today, Granton Group has emerged as a respected national company by upholding high ideals and values, solemn integrity & honesty, excellence, service and innovation in all spheres of the company’s activities building on the already established foundation.

2.1 Granton Group Milestones

Granton Group began its operation as a trading company in 2010. Today Granton Group has diversified in many areas from traditional business brands product promotion to new infant business brand product promotion ensuring highest demand among the target customers.

1970 Murray Reinhart began selling others goods directly to the public at the discount rate and built massive brand promotion of their product.
1982 Murray Reinhardt, Larry Tenebaum and Avie Roth called “the big three”, those respected individuals corporate a company named DS-Max in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1982.
2003 DS-Max divides into three main branches; the product division became (Innovage), The advertising division became (Granton marketing), the communication division became (Cydcore).
2010 Granton Corporate in Bangladesh, Naveed Safara, the Pakistani country director is now leading Granton group Bangladesh.

2.2 Vision and Mission of Granton Group

Granton Group has specific mission and vision. Company top management determine mission discussing with lower level managers and employees.

The core missions, vision, values of the company are presented below:

2.2.1 Company vision

We have already mentioned that DS-Max is not a selling oriented company, rather it builds management. Managers always want to promote managers. Within 2012, in Bangladesh, Granton group will promote minimum 200 managers, and spread its branches beyond Dhaka, Sylhet, Chittagong and Pabna. Granon group has decided to establish their own Head office which will be 15 storied building in Uttara.

Granton Group already passes their 29 years with the people of this country as well as with many other foreign countries. In Thailand, number one company name is Granton Group’s mother company DS-Max. Besides, one of its announced visions is to be an enterprising Group of Taka 15 crore by the year 2012 with a diversified business portfolio focused on dynamic growth, excellence, innovation, customer delight in enriching our world.

2.2.2 Company values

Granton Group has several values by which it tries to satisfy its customers and try to achieve their organizational goals. There are three specific values which are: –

· Creating high Salaried rocking Managers and removing unemployment.

  • To become a Self dependent country.
  • Creating high attitude to survive against barriers and taking control of the situation.
  • Excellence in everything Granton Group does.
  • Total commitment to customer satisfaction.

2.3 Organization and Management

To perform its activities properly Granton Group is divided into several departments. Each department work close observation of company CEO .the departments and some description about them given bellow:

· Marketing

· Finance

· Human resource management

· Information technology

2.4 The strategic business units (SBUs) of Granton Group Bangladesh

Granton Group is divided into different segments or strategic business units. Which are-

Cydcore (Communication division segment)
Innovage (product division segment)
Granton (Marketing division segment)


Granton Group provides “world’s greatest opportunity”. All products are ensured creating highest market by Granton Group.


  1. Pan pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka.
  2. Hotel Raddison.
  3. Hotel Regency.
  4. KFC
  5. Pizza Hut
  6. Dominos Pizza
  7. Boishakhi Telivision
  8. Airtel sim
  9. American Burger

      10. Nandan Park etc.


2.5 Strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities and Threats of Granton Group:

The SWOT analysis of Granton Group reveals the actual scenario and the competitiveness of it’s in the market. Right now many companies are engaged in Selling and marketing of same products as different Granton Group SBUs sell. Though there are large number of competitor exists in different areas but Granton Group has some advantages over them. Following is the SWOT analysis of Granton Group.

2.5.1 Strengths

  • Granton group has been able to sustain its goodwill and faith of brands and customers both. For these reason, Granton Leisters can contract with new brands in almost every week and can promote 5000 customers in a single day.
  • Granton Group is market leader in promoting even lower category brands to typical position as well as well established brands. DS-Max stands behind for many brands success of the world.
  • It has strong and scientifically approved rules to sale, and rules to success.
  • Product price is same only at BDT 999/-.
  • Granton Group is highly committed to the customer.
  • It is a totally helping business, every employee has to teach other how to motivate himself, take control of the situation, and sustain a great attitude against barriers.
  • Granton Group has wide and strong marketing channels.
  • It has strong marketing, finance, accounting, human resource and IT department.
  • Granton has not remained only in any typical type of products brand; it works with undefined number of brands.
  • Skillful human resources.
  • Granton Group provides high quality products.
  • Highly discipline in the organization.

2.5.2 Weaknesses

· As here, success is achieved at the shortest period of time, but at this shortest period, every employee has to do highest level of hard working. They do 12 hours working in a day, that is why, many employees cannot work for the long run.

· For this reason, it is hard for the employees to continue.

2.5.3 Opportunities

  • Granton Group main theme is “world’s biggest opportunity” because it produces high salaried managers every time.
  • As Granton Group has scientifically proved easiest way for promoting brands, many rising and established brands are highly interested in Granton Group for promoting their product.
  • . It has monopoly market, zero competition in Bangladesh.

2.5.4 Threats

  • If any employee does not follow the “Golden Rules”, ethically distorted, telling lie with the customers that may create destruction of the product branding and faith of the customers.
  • Now a day several environmental issues come in face in production.


Chapter-3 Market segmentation and sales history of Granton Group

Any kinds of products are the large segments of Granton Group. These products are generally use for instant secured system, time saving way which performed by Granton Group Marketing Department. This department is operating Manager. The phases to management are given below:

Assistant Manager
Divisional Manager

Figure: GRANTON GROUP marketing organ gram

In Granton Group, supervisors are the heart of the organization, they do teaching, motivating, and example setting, promoting to the Granton Guys and learning from Assistant managers at a time. On the other hand, Granton Guys are bound to report to supervisors. Assistant managers take care of their team by planning, directing, motivating and controlling. Managers centrally have the authority of planning, directing, motivating and controlling. If managers can promote four managers then he or she can become Divisional manager. Country director or Vice president manages whole Granton Group Bangladesh. This act is now performing by Pakistani civilian Naveed Safara. Moreover, administrative task like in Accounts, Finance, Human resource are controlled by highly efficient Administration. Customer Service (CS) is also a big part of the organization.

3.1. Granton Group Market Segment

Granton Group marketing department marketing activities can be divided into two types of segments which are presented below-

  1. GRANTON GROUP- local Market
  2. GRANTON GROUP and DS-Max- Overall International market.

3.1.1 GRANTON GROUP- Local Market

Local market is one of important market segment in GRANTON GROUP marketing. Local market includes various institutions, private sales and other distribution channels. local market can be divided into following parts:

· Institutional Market

· Private Market

Institutional Market

Granton Group sales on different institutional sectors like different types of corporate houses. As Granton guys are very smart, sharp, well dressed, they have big respect from corporate houses Managing directors, Directors, Managers and so on. Different Bank like Bangladesh Bank, Standard chartered Bank, South East Bank, Dutch Bangla Bank, HSBC Bank, NCC Bank, AB Bank are the prime customers of Granton group. Different Garments industries, Embroidery, Factory, Government offices, Housing companies, Hospitals are also regular customers in Granton Group. Sometimes, Granton Group campaigns for event management in Educational Institutions like in Dhaka University, North South University and some of the renowned institutions. One of large portion of local sales is institutions. Three (03) years annual sales data of institutional sector are given below:

No Year Sales (in Taka)
1 2009-10 8564381
2 2010-11 9451056
3 2011-12 11967432

Annual sales can be present following way:

Graphical Presentation of Sales of GRANTON GROUP

GRANTON GROUP-private Market

Granton Group marketing also sells their products directly to the many private sectors and individual customer. It is one of the important segments of GRANTON GROUP local market. Granton Group sells a large amount of product though direct marketing. This type of marketing is done for family packages. Private marketing can be like these forms-

· Flat, House, Home marketing for family packages.

· Street marketing done for flying people in the road, Granton guys biggest success prevails, they have the ability to take 999tk instantly at the road from the customers by their well trained performance that makes themselves distinguish from other companies.

The annual sales of last five years are given bellow:

No Year Sales

(in Taka)

1 2009-10 7519032
2 2010-11 8103625
3 20011-12 10639201

3.2 Selling Scenario of GRANTON GROUP

GRANTON GROUP-marketing is engaged with sales and marketing of many types of juicy products. DS–Max, the mother company runs international market more dominantly. All the segments or market is not performing well in every year in Bangladesh. But overall scenario is different, on segment basis the sales in local, increasing and decreasing year to year. But cumulative sales of GRANTON GROUP marketing are increasing continuously.


Chapter-4. Marketing process of Granton Group

Products are those products if specific brand satisfy consumer needs perfectly they will become loyal to that brand. Competition on this field increasing day by day many competitors has come in market. But Granton is only one company which has no competitors, because Granton provides 50% or fully 100% free facilities prevailed merchandise to customers. Though some of the companies try several afford to inaugurate this kind of business, but they could not sustain in the field for long. So Granton Group should not have to consider his competitors sincerely. In case on sales, Granton Group use both pull and push strategy. It operated its push strategy though Granton Group distributors and reseller. Many individual customers directly place order on Granton Group which can be a pull strategy. Since this business is basically dealer driven and resellers work as a major opinion builder, pushing the product through the dealers can increase the sales. Though Granton Group distributor is authorized for sales of product but Granton Group also involve in direct sales activities. The whole marketing procedure and strategy of Granton Group is describing below:

4.1 Target Market

The first step of marketing strategy is target marketing. Target market means is to select one or more market segments that company will serve. Granton Group target market is Domestic market.

4.1.1 Domestic market:

The domestic market includes various segments and individual segment has different requirements. Local market includes-

· Individual customer:

Granton Group directly sale to the individual customer in Flat, Houses.

· Institutions:

Institutions are another large segment of local market. Granton Group participates in various institutions like Government offices, Private organizations and so on.

· Leisters:

The large market segment of Granton Group depends on Leisters who contract with the company for which Granton will work for that company’s product and brand promotion. Granton Group has already established a channel of strong leisters channel in whole country.

· Granton Guys approach:

Granton Guys are trained according to some scientifically proved marketing approach. These are –

*INTRODUCTION with S.E.X- At first whenever they start introduction before customers, they start S.E.X. It is the abbreviated form of Smile, Eye to eye contact, Excitement –

1. Smile (start with smiling introduction with customers)

2. Eye to eye contact (start with trustable introduction with customers by eye to eye contact)

3. Excitement (start with exciting introduction with customers)

*K.I.S.S and PRESENTATION- Granton Guys then start K.I.S.S, it stands for – Keep It Short & Simple. Here, distributors start their presentation before qualifying the customers. If customers are supposed to be positive, then Granton Guys start their smart presentation.

*CLOSE and REHASH- Getting 999/- taka instantly highly depends on closing of the presentation. For making sense the offer more luring, JONES THEORY is applied. REHASH is a game played for making sense to the customers mind that one merchandise is not enough for him or her to purchase more.

4.2 Positioning

Positioning means establishment of brands in customer mind in face of competitors.

Competition Granton Group has position its brand as high quality product. During the last 3 years, Granton Group emphasis on high quality product in only 999/- tk. If any customers complain against any product or services, Granton will take action against those companies. Though the prime product of Granton Group is other’s products and people who use products are more concern about quality of Granton products. For this reason, both customers and companies are highly satisfied in Granton products.

4.3 Merchandise

Merchandise is the thing where different types of brand, product offers are described. Here, some important aspects are maintained. These are in below-

· First of all, merchandise must be attractive to customer.

· Product, brand or company view is shown in front of the merchandise.

· Company location, conditions are given last part of the merchandise.

· Validity of using the offer should also be clearly mentioned.

· Different types of free facilities, VIP status and other offers are described within the merchandise.

· This merchandise is made sense to the customers by the smart guys of Granton.

· Customer Services, Replacement and warranty should be mentioned.

· Major features can be mentioned in the front in such a way that it grabs attention of a customer.

· Entire merchandise should be done in English only. Usage of English gives an impression of exclusivity or high quality to many customers.

4.4 Warranty and Guaranty

Granton Group provides different guaranty for maintaining for VIP status and money bag guaranty. But, there is no warranty if merchandise is lost.

4.5 After sales service

Granton Group has provided after sales service. It provides installations service without any cost. And also provide transportation facilities. The customer helpline telephone number in which they can call if they need a enquiry or complain.

4.6 Marketing Mix:

Marketing mix include four major factors product, price, place and promotion. These four elements of marketing mix are given bellow:

4.6.1 Product

Granton Group has large number of products. The quality of Granton Group is high. Granton Group is marketing more than 50 types of products.

4.6.2 Price

The price of all products of Granton Group is same. Every product price is at 999/- taka. Granton Group makes sure to set a price that is affordable to customer as well as ensure their profit

4.6.3 Place

Place is one of the most important for marketing strategy. Granton Group has established its outlet in different area of the country. It established its own network all over the country. Granton Group also provides Granton Guys in every important sites of the country so that consumers can get Granton Group close to their place.

4.6.4 Promotion

Granton Group’s biggest distinctive approach of marketing is that it create 5000 new customers in a day without any Television Ad, Billboard, News Paper, Banners, T-shirt & caps. Graton guys are enough to do it possible.


Chapter- 5: Findings

From face-to-face interview and Close ended questionnaire some general findings came up with which are as follows:

· Granton Group has a strong Brand image which is accepted by the customers.

· This multinational company’s mother company is selling product for long 29 years with a reputation.

· Customers are found satisfied to the company with very minor negativity.

· Granton Group is found regular, systematic and work-lover.

· The company’s distribution process is good and mostly customer happy with the process.

· Customers have full and whole-hearted respect and support for the management.

· Granton Group is marketing high quality product but price is relatively high.

· Granton guy seems to be honored for working in this company.

· Employees are trained up to do all activities of the departments.

· The complain rate regarding the product and service is low.

· Granton Group’s Marketing Department is found very much aware of company’s image and goodwill.

· Organization is found less interested in much advertisement and other promotional activities.

· Their VIP standard and money bag guaranty policy also accepted by the customers.


Chapter- 5: Conclusions and Recommendations

At the end it can be say that Granton Group is a very large organization and it operating its activities as a leader in various sectors. The Granton Group sales increase day by day but today it should maintain its customers for the next coming years, so Granton Group should be more concern about their customer as well as offers transparency.


Finally have some recommendations about the company as well as Granton Group, which are given below:

  • More coordination should be established between various SBUs of Granton Group.
  • More emphasis should be place on ethical manner of the distributers.
  • More steps should be taken for sustaining customers for the coming next years.


Book References

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– Naresh K. Malhotra.

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