A molestation charge can do irreparable harm to careers, reputations, and personal relationships. Hiring a molestation attorney early on is vital to protect your rights during this distressing time. Don’t think that a verbal accusation with no evidence claim behind it will be immediately dismissed or dropped. Even with a lack of physical evidence, claims made against you can have damaging and far-reaching consequences even if it is never brought to court.

When facing such serious accusations, it is crucial that you allow legal professionals to handle all aspects of the case and remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. Don’t attempt to mediate any claims against you as you will only aggravate the situation or cause it to escalate. Any contact you have with involved parties can be turned against you or may be misconstrued by the judge or jury. It is important to even remain quiet among relatives and friends about the details of the situation, as this can further exacerbate the situation. Continue with your regular activities such as work, social outings, and the like, but refrain from any and all contact with the alleged victim, especially without trustworthy witnesses. Hire a skilled molestation attorney who is experienced dealing with cases of false accusations to handle all forms of communication.

Your lawyer won’t be successful without your cooperation. You’ll have to do your part to clear your name as well. Document everything. Start a meticulous journal including dates and times of all important incidents such as police visits, phone calls from social services, discussions with your lawyer, or attempts from the prosecution to contact you. Begin to gather information regarding where you were and what you were doing during the alleged incidents. This can include receipts, tickets, contact information of potential witnesses, and phone records. And always exercise your right to remain silent. The more you can supply your lawyer with and the less you incriminate yourself, the stronger case he can build in your favor.

In addition to hiring a molestation attorney, you should also look into the services of a private detective to gather further information. Many lawyers will suggest or supply one in such cases, but if not, it is in your best interest to utilize this resource. They may be able to uncover valuable information that can completely overturn any claims made against you. False accusers are often adults seeking revenge and using the child as their means, which means a private investigator may overhear a confession or other pertinent information regarding contrived stories.

Don’t take any allegations of sexual abuse against you lightly. People have been wrongly imprisoned for years and their lives destroyed due to false accusations. Even if completely fabricated, a lawyer can help you quell charges before they leak into the community and sully your name. If case dismissal is not possible, a molestation attorney can help eliminate bail requirements, reduce prison sentencingFree Web Content, and negotiate alternatives to jail time (such as counseling).