Narcotics Control Act, 1990


Control Act [XX of 1990]

Section 2(kha), 10(ga) & 3(kha) of the Second Schedule–

contention that unless the aforesaid provisions of laws are made to coexist by
giving harmonious interpretation or the said offending provisions of the
Narcotics Control Act are removed by amendment, members of the petitioner
association as manufacturers of homeopathic medicine and drugs will be
seriously affected is not real or justified.

Homeopathic Medicine Manufacturers Associa­tion vs Bangladesh and others 55 DLR


Section 19(1) & Serial (T) or (U)–of the Table–

In the
absence of any law declaring Phensidyl contraband, presence of Chlorpheniramine
maleate and/or codeine phosphate in Phensidyl will not make it contraband as a
schedule narcotic– Therefore, carrying or possession of the Phensidyl seized is
not a punishable offence.

Badal Kumar
Paul vs State 55 DLR 218.


Narcotics Control Act, 1990

Narcotics Control Act

[XX of 1990]


Sections 9 &

In the absence of any proof that the quantity of heroin
exceeds 25 grams the condemned-prisoner is liable to be sentenced under (a) of
item I of Table appended to section 19(1) of the Act. It appears for the last 2
years 9 months he is under the agony of death sentence in the deadly condemned
cell as a condemned-prisoner. Considering that aspect of the case and the
quantity of the heroin does not exceed 25 grams, ends of justice would be
served if the sentence of death be commuted to 5 years rigorous imprisonment.

State vs Innocent N Egbunine 50 DLR 460.

Section 19(1),
clause 1(a) —

Although the
prosecution failed to prove heroin above 25 grams in this case, yet it will not
call for a total exoneration from the charge of carrying heroin the accused as
it has been proved carried some element of heroin and so she is liable to be
charged under Clause 1(a) of the Table of Section 19(1) of the Act. Since she
begged mercy of the Court, ends of justice will be met if sentence of jail for
the period which she has already undergone is imposed instead of life

Eliadah McCord vs State 48 DLR 495.

Sections 36 & 42—

There are provisions in this Act itself a little distinctive
from section 103 CrPC. As such, in case of search of any house of a person
suspected of committing any offence under the Act the provisions of section 103
CrPC are not required to be fully complied with.

Ashok Kumar Saha vs State 46 DLR 229.


Narcotics Control Act, 1990


Narcotics Control Act, 1990


Section 19(3)- Offence of possession
of ganja plants held not proved when the prosecution led no evidence as to the
land where from the ganja plants recovered belongs to the convict petitioner.

Convict-petitioner was convicted for
the offence under section
19(3) the narcotics Control Act, 1990 and the conviction and sentence were also affirmed by the
Sessions Judge in Appeal. The learned
judge Of the High court
Division set aside
the order of conviction and sentence in
view of
absense of evidence on record showing that
the land wherefrom the ganja plants were recovered actually belongs to the

Shamsher All (Md.) Vs. The State 12
MLR (2007)
(HC) 38.