Notice by Attorney to Creditors and Debtors to Deceased’s Estate

Notice by Attorney to Creditors and Debtors to Deceased’s Estate

Re: Estate of AB deceased

Notice is hereby given that all persons having any claim or claims as against the estate of the late AB of, etc., who died at, etc., on the ………… day of ………, and probate of whose will (or, letters of administration to whose estate) having effect throughout the whole of India (or throughout the State, ………), was (or were), granted by the High Court of Judicature at ………… (or by the Court of etc.), on the ……… day of ………, to CD of, etc., the executor named in the said will (or the administrator of the estate) of the said deceased, are required to send full particulars thereof together with proof within one month from the date hereof to the undersigned attorney for the said executor (or administrator) at his office at, etc., after which time the executor (or administrator) will proceed to administer the assets having regard only to the claims of which he shall then have received notice, and no claim sent subsequently will be recognised.

And all persons indebted to or holding any securities or property belonging to the said deceased are hereby required forthwith to pay the amounts owing by them, or to deliver up the said securities or the property, as the case may be, to the said executor (or administrator) at the office of the said attorney, EF at his address aforesaid.



Attorney for the Executor (or Administrator)