Notice by Landlord’s Advocate to Quit

Notice by Landlord’s Advocate to Quit


AB (Tenant)

Re:  Premises No. ….…………

Client …………………….

Dear Sir

Under instructions from my client, CD of etc., I hereby give you notice to leave and vacate the house and premises (or, etc.) which you now hold, possess and occupy under my said client as a monthly tenant under the English calendar (or from year to year) on the expiry of the current month of tenancy and deliver peaceful vacant possession thereof to my said client as (state the grounds of eviction). Please note also that on and from the said date, the lease hereto before subsisting shall cease and stand determined. So the relationship of landlord and tenant as between you and my client shall also cease. Therefore, on your failure to deliver peaceful vacant possession as herein demanded, my client shall bring a suit for ejectment against you making you liable also for mesne profits, damages and costs which please note.

Yours faithfully

Date                                                               EF Advocate for CD