1.1 Overview of the organization:
 At present Keari Limited has 40 engineers, 20 marketing executives, 10 administrative & other officers working with us. In addition, it has about 100 technical staffs of various categories and 50 general staffs. About 200 engineers/technical hands working with our contractors/sub contractors are also its strength. Indirect associations (suppliers/sellers/agents) of many people are mutually helpful/ beneficial. The apex body of the management is the Board of Directors Headed by Chairman. Managing Director (MD) is the Executive Head of the Organization. In addition, there are two working directors – Director Technical and the Director Administration. The company also has got two dedicated consultants. As usual, the projects are managed by the Project Director(s)/Manager(s), having experienced/skilled manpower under them. The company secretariat does the secretarial and the coordinating jobs on behalf of the Board. Marketing, Accounts & Administration departments are integral to the organization as that of others

1.1.1 Organizational Hierarchy:

Chairman:                                         Mir Quasem AliManaging Director:                          Engr. Md. Eskander Ali Khan

Executive Director:                           Dr. Mir Nasim Ali

Development Consultant:                 Md. Fakhrul Islam, PhD

Financial Consultant:                       Md. Shamsul Huda FCA

Director Technical:                           Engr.  Misbah Uddin Khan

Director Administration: Brigadier General (Retd) Engr A A M A Rob

Architectural Consultant:                Ahsanul Mulk

Director –                                           Mrs. Saida Akhtar

Director –                                           Mrs. Tasmina Fakhrul

1.2 Keari Limited (Real Estate)1.2.1 Completed Projects

1.  Name of the Project         : KEARI PLAZA
Type                                  : Commercial

Land Area                         : 10 Katha
No of Stories                      : Six Storied
Location/Address             : House # 83, Satmosjid Road
Road # 8/A, Dhanmondi Dhaka.-1209
2.  Name of the Project   : KEARI MANOR
Type                                  : Residential
Land Area                         : 10 Katha
No of Stories                      : Six Storied

No of Flats                        : Ten
Location/Address            : House # 45, Road # 12/A,
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

3.  Name of the Project         : KEARI PAANSHI
Type                                  : Residential
Land Area                        : 9.4 Katha
No of Stories                     : Six Storied
No of Flats                        : Fifteen

Location/Address            : House # 110, Road # 9/A
Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

4.  Name of the Project         : KEARI SPRING
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                        : 20 Katha
No of Stories                     : Six Storied
No of Flats                        : Twenty
Location/Address             : House # 92, Road # 11/A,
 Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209
5.  Name of the Project         : KEARI TAJ            
Type                                   : Residential
Land Area                          : 20 Katha
No of Stories                      : Six Storied
No of Flats                        : Twenty
Location/Address              : House # 14, Road # 6,
                                                 Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1209

6.  Name of the Project         : KEARI NEER
Type                                  : Residential
Land Area                         : 5 Katha
No of Stories                     : Six Storied
No of Flats                        : Fifteen
Location/Address              : House # 47
Ahmednagar,Paikpara, Mirpur, Dhaka

7. Name of the Project          : KEARI NOOR                    
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 4 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Ten
Location/Address          : House # 14, Road # 6
Housing Society.

8.  Name of the Project         : KEARI MOON
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                                     : 7 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Twenty
Location/Address          : House # 515/1,
Senpara Parbata, Mirpur. Dhaka.

9.  Name of the Project         : KEARI SHAN         
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                         : 5.2 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Five
Location/Address          : House # 6, Road # 23B
Gulshan-1, Dhaka.

10. Name of the Project        : KEARI NEWAZ     
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 5 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Ten
Location/Address          : House # 517/6, Lane –6
        Baridhara, DOHS. Dhaka.

11. Name of the Project        : KEARI BRASS N NEEDS            
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 5 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Ten
Location/Address          : House # 391, Lane 6,
Baridhara. DOHS. Dhaka.

12. Name of the Project        : KEARI MUNASA  
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                   : 5 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Ten.
Location/Address          : House 475, Lane # 8
Baridhara,DOHS, Dhaka.

13. Name of the Project        : KEARI KETON
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 10 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Fifteen
Location/Address          : House # 78 & 80, Block # B
Niketon, Gulshan.


14. Name of the Project          : KEARI ELYSIUM                      
Type                                            : Residential & Commercial
Land Area                          : 23 Khata
No of Stories                      : Nine Storied
No of Flats                        : Sixty

Location/Address                : 1 No Rashik Hazari Lane,
Chawk Bazar, Chittagong.

1.2.2 On Going Projects 
1.  Name of the Project        : KEARI DIAMOND
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 15.62
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Twenty Five
Location/Address           : 42/A, Indira road, Dhaka.

2.   Name of the Project        : KEARI ZANNAT
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 5 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Ten
Location/Address          : House # 713, Road # 10
Baitul Aman Housing Society
Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

3.  Name of the Project         : KEARI PEARL
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 5 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Fifteen
Location/Address          :Plot#15 & 17, Road no. 14,
PCculture Housing Society,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

4.  Name of the Project         : KEARI CRESENT                               
Type                                           : Commercial
Land Area                      : 9 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
Location/Address          : Dhanmondi Jigatola

5.  Name of the Project         : KEARI HEMADREE
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                    : 3.93 Katha
No of Stories                            : Nine Storied
No of Flats                               : Seventeen
Location/Address        : Plot No 7 & 8, (old),
133 (New)

6.  Name of the Project         : KEARI GARDEN
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 10.5 Katha
No of Stories                              : Sixteen Storied
No of Flats                                 : Sixty
Location/Address          : 4,folder street, Wari,

7.  Name of the Project         : KEARI FADL
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 4.5 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Ten
Location/Address          : Plot No 2/B, Road No-10, Block- J,
Baridhara, Dhaka.

8.  Name of the Project         : KEARI NAZ                                   
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 7 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Fifteen
Location/Address          : Plot # 11, Road # 15,
Section # 3 Uttara, Dhaka.

9.  Name of the Project         : KEARI DALIA
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 5 Katha
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Ten


10. Name of the Project        : KEARI JOARDER
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 50 Katha
No of Stories                                 : Thirteen Storied
No of Flats                                    : One Hundred Two
Location/Address             : House # 3C, 3C/1, 3ka,
Kallayanpur, Dhaka

11. Name of the Project        : KEARI BURUJ
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 47.3 Katha
No of Stories                              : Fifteen Storied
No of Flats                                 : Two Hundred Fifty Two
Location/Address          : Kallanpur, Beside
Khaja Market Mirpur, Dhaka

12. Name of the Project        : KEARI NAGAR
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                       : 150 Katha
No of Stories                               : Six Storied
No of Flats                                  : Five Hundred Seventy Six
Location/Address           : House # 364, Khandoker Bari,
Khandoker Road ,Jurain, Dhaka.


13. Name of the Project        : KEARI MASWOOD          
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      :11.5 Khata
No of Stories                              : Nine Storied
No of Flats                                 : Thirty Two
Location/Address          : Road No-3, House No- 74/A,
Nasirabad Housing Society, Chittagong.


14. Name of the Project        : KEARI KHAN        
Type                                              : Residential
Land Area                         : 11.75 Khata
No of Stories                              : Sixteen Storied
No of Flats                                 : Sixty Five
Location/Address          : Holding No- 56/E, Jamal Khan,                                                                              Chittagong.

15. Name of the Project        : KEARI TAYEB                  
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      : 3.75 Khata
No of Stories                              : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Ten
Location/Address           : Plot No-21, Road No-03,
Block -K, Halishohor, Chittagong.

16. Name of the Project        : KEARI NAIMA      
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                      :  7.5 Khata
No of Storied                             : Six Storied
No of Flats                                 : Eighteen


17. Name of the Project        : KEARI SULTANA                           
Type                                          : Residential
Land Area                     : 10.19 Khata
No of Stories                             : Six Storied
No of Flats                                : Twenty
Location/Address                        : Plot No-16, Joynagar                                                                               HousingSociety, Chawak Bazar, Chittagong.

18. Name of the Project        : KEARI ROWSHAN                              
Type                                           : Residential
Land Area                       : 7.2 Khata
No of Stories                                : Nine Storied
No of Flats                                   : Sixteen
Location/Address              : South Khulshi,
1.2.3 Steps for Construction
a)  Land: At first, they need a land for construction. Without the land, there is no point even thinking about building a house.
b) Architecture design or plan: To get the approval from the ‘Capital City Development Authority’, the owner must make a design of the house he wants to build. It is because the authorities want to see that, the owner is not breaking any laws when he builds the house. E.g. he is maintaining enough distance from the adjacent house so the adjacent house gets enough light. The owner will not take up the road while building his house etc.
c) Approval from Capital City Development Authority: Once the capital city development sees that the building will not break any laws, he will give his approval for the building.
d) Piling: after getting the approval, the building work can now be started. At first, piling has to be done. Pile is a heavy column of wood, metal or concrete that is placed upright on the land. This is for the foundation of the land.
e) Foundation or Base: After the piling has been done, they have to dig up the ground and place even more rods and stones so they can build multiple stories high. Strong foundation ensures that the building will last longer and it can overcome floods, earthquakes and other disasters.
f) RCC or Brickwork: Now when the foundation has been completed, the brickwork can now be started. Brickwork means putting the bricks up to make the walls of the building.
g). Lintel/Sunshade: While putting up the brick walls, they  must put up the sun shades.  This is because, if they are not put up together, there is a risk that the sunshade will fall off later on.
h) Roof cast: Once the walls and the shades have been set up and dried, the roof cats has to be put. This is a very sensitive part. It has to be done uniquely; otherwise the roof will converge and fall below.
i) Electric wiring: Once the basic walls, roofs are set, they have a house structure. Now the electrical wirings, gas lines etc has to be installed. they like inside the walls wiring. This is the reason why, the walls and the wiring is done in approximately the same time.
j) Plaster: Once the walls and the roof has been dried, plastering of the walls take place. Plaster keeps the walls safe from heat, rain and dust. It stops the walls from sweating and absorbing water.
k) Floor finishing: After the plastering is complete, the floor has to be finished. They can put many things like stones, mosaic, tiles etc. Nowadays, the rich and the solvent put tiles while the middle class people still prefer the mosaic floor.
l) Bathroom fittings: After the floor, they can concentrate on the bathroom. The bathroom fittings need to be put up. They can put in showers, bath tubs, commodes or low pans etc. There are varieties of bathroom fittings found in Dhaka. There are also imported bathroom fittings.
m) Painting: After the plastering, now they decorate the house. They can paint their house in different colors or put up wall papers. Usually parents like to paint the daughters rooms pink while their son’s room blue. Usually, light colors are used for room painting, as it keeps the room light and cool.

1.3 Sister Concern of Keari Limited
1.3.1 Keari Poultry Hatchery & Process Ltd.

General Description
KEARI Poultry Hatchery is the first business diversification of KEARI Ltd. which was started in 2001. It is located about 100km away from Dhaka, at Trishal, Mymensing, in a pollution free area of the village Magurjhara. The salients points of the project are given below:
First Project
Project Area                : 15 Acre
Type of project            : Environment Control Breeding Farm & Hatchery.
Capital Investment      : Tk.10 Corers
Product                       : DOC (Day old chicks)
Production Capacity   :70,000/week, 36,40,000/anum
Distribution Network:       Distributed by company’s transport/under own arrangements through enlisted Agents.
Yearly Turnover          : Tk.8 Crores
Profitability                 : Is run profitably
Good will                    : Has earned the trust of the farm (Broiler) owners.

Expansion Unit – 1
Project area       : 5 Acre (In a near by area of First Project)
Type of project              : Environment Control Breeding Farm & Hatchery.
Expanded capacity: 45,000/week, 23, 40,000/anum
Implementation state: Already implemented.

Expansion Unit – 2
Another unit in a separate area on a land of about 40 bigha with a production capacity of 115,000 DOC per week has already been approved by the KEARI BOARD. Implementation process is in progress.

Poultry Slaughtering and Further Processing Plant
After the success in Poultry Hatchery Project, to meet the growing demand of ready and advanced poultry products, the company is considering the establishment of a modern slaughtering and further processing plant. Implementation will start as soon as the details are worked out and finalized.

Poultry Rearing House
To support the requirements of inputs for the planned Slaughtering House, own source of live birds is a necessity. To meet such requirements, establishment of a Rearing House with own DOCs (Day old chicks) is also under considerations, which other wise will ensure the use of own surplus DOCs whenever required and can be marketed (live chicks) in the local market also.

1.3.2 Keari Tours & Services Ltd.
General Description:
KEARI Tours and Services is the second diversified business activities of Keari Ltd. The Head Office of Tours and Services is in the Tourist Town of Cox’s Bazar with offices/establishments in the following places:

  • Dhaka
  • Chittagong
  • Rangamati
  • Teknaf
  • St Martin
The company built the country’s first ever ocean going Tourist vessel of international standard “KEARI SINDBAD”. “KEARI TOURS & SERVICES” was the pioneer in carrying Tourists in between Teknaf and St. Martin Island in an organized manner which enabled people from home and abroad to visit and enjoy the scenic beauty of Bay of Bengal and the Island. It is being run for last three years and has earned confidence and trust of the people.KEARI KARNAPHULLY
Immediately after the success with the ‘KEARI’ SINDBAD, another carrier named “KEARI KARNAPHULLY” has been launched at RANGAMATI in 2007, for the tourists to see the beautiful Kaptai–Rangamati Lake along with the scenic spots like SUVALONG, PADA TING TING, RAJBAN BIHAR in a risk free environment, (instead of using local/country Boats). This arrangement has also attracted the attention of Tour loving people.

Another ship “KEARI TARANGA” has been added with the fleet, to allow the tourists to have a look at the river side area from Chittagong to Kaptai, while traveling through the river Karnaphully. Hope fully this will be an added attraction to see and enjoy the beauty of nature from a different perspective.

They have a Restaurant of their won at St. Martin named “KEARI Marzan”. This is generally used to entertain (Serving meals/snacks) the tourists. This is well known to the tourists and liked by them.

These are another Restaurant at their Teknaf  Ghat/Jetty to provide services to the tourists who will be waiting for the ship or boarding it.

They have their own Jetty at Teknaf to have exclusive ‘Boarding site for Tourists/Passengers of their ship.

1.4 Financial Information
In last ten years, Keari Limited has an investment of about 2 Million US dollars. The yearly turnover is about 100 Million US dollars. The company strictly follows the principle of Islami Banking in dealing with the financial investments & transactions.

The financial associate/partners (Bank/Institutes) are as follows:

  • Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited. (IBBL)
  • Prime Bank Ltd
  • Shajalal Islami Bank Ltd
  • Al Arafa Islami Bank Ltd
  • Islamic Finance & Investment Ltd. (IFIL)
1.4.1 Capital Formation
The initial capital formation was 100 millions taka. It is divided by five boards of directors. The contribution and profit distribution are given bellow:
Name Contribution
Engr. Md. Eskander Ali Khan 20 million
Dr. Mir Nasim Ali 20 million
Mir Quasem Ali 20 million
Md. Shamsul Huda FCA 20 million
Md. Fakhrul Islam PhD 20 million
Analysis & Findings2.1 Porter’s five competitive forces that determine KEARI LIMITED
Suppliers have a great impact on this industry. They play a very important role. For KEARI LIMITED raw materials like brick, cement, rod, steel and processing equipment are needed. The suppliers generally supply these materials. They have the great bargaining power with the industry owners. They may create artificial crisis or may increase the value of the products. As a result, the industry owners may face problem
Real estate business is not so old rather it is new. Thus the demand for real- state in the market is low. So the buyers are in a great position to bargain with the industry owners like KEARI LIMITED.

KEARI LIMITED faces a lot of challenges from the local house building. Most of the people of Bangladesh are poor they can not afford to live in this type of apartment building, because of the economic problem: On the other hand, there is a large number of local houses building and they are also very cheap then KEARI LIMITED building as a result, real estate industry faces a great challenge from them.
Potential Entrants
Bangladesh economy is free market economy. One can easily enter or exit in the business. As a result any one who has the financial capabilities he can start the business. It may create threat to the KEARI LIMITED. It may hamper or looses the potential market of the real state business.
Industry competitors
Today real estate is very much popular to the people. The man, who has the ability to make a house, he is taking an apartment. The number of businesses is increasing day by day. As a result, the competition also increases day by day.
2.2 Political, Economical, Social and Technological Analysis (PEST Analysis)
By discussing PEST analysis, get the following headings:
Political factors
Political affiliation or political interference can affect the real estate industry. Hartal, strike may create barriers to the construction activities or may create problems to the suppliers to supply the raw materials. Sometimes Electric Connection, Plan Approval, Registration are delayed by the political view of Government.
Economic factor
Real estate businesses need a large amount of money at a time to continue and maintain. Economic condition is a great factor here, the investment in this area is heavy in nature.
Social Factors
Social factors that influence the real estate business are discussed below:
a) Public preference
Once upon a time, people were not aware about it. Today people are very much conscious about it. They prefer to live in apartment buildings rather than to live in an own- made building.

b) Sound environment
Apartment building provides a sound environment to the residences both for the Children and adults. It ensures security for both the physical resources and human resources.
Technological factors
People are living in the ago of science. Science has captured in all the fields of our life. Apartment industry is the one result of technological improvement. It ensure proper electricity, water and gas supply, intercom connection entertainment facilities both for children and adults by providing park or pool, physical exercise space and many other facilities As a result, people arc getting highest advantages in this area.
2.3 Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis
By Discussing SWOT analysis, we may get the following observation about the KEARI LIMITED.
Strength of KEARI Limited is given as follows:

  • Highly qualified company management.
  • Regular monitoring forms top-level management.
  • Committed to client and other stakeholder.
  • Flexible payment method.
  • Efficient and dedicated employee.
  • Comfortable working environment.
  • Maintaining Standard quality of product.
  • Choosing standard, modern and unique design of Apartment.
  • It ensures a good environment for the people.
  • By a minimum effort people can be the owner of a flat.
  • Better communication with the customers.
Weakness of KEARI Limited are given as follows:.
  • It sometimes Delay to Handover apartment to the customer.
  • The promotion Of Keari Limited is very weak.
  • It requires a vast amount of money.
  • It creates stagnation in the economy
  • It is more suitable for the middle classes people.
  • It is only suitable for single family not for combined family
Population is increasing day by day on the other side; the local land is not increasing. Real estate industry is a promising industry. It is increasing day by day. If it can be made in a professional planned manner then it can solve the housing problem of our country. It can create opportunities in future, if government gives assistant to this industry. Proper initiative is needed to take. We   can   change   the   general   people   perception   about   Suitability conformability, and security of housing.
Real estate industry is a new business. The industry Owners can not create the acceptance on the consumers mind; it will loose its entity. It may face the following threats
  • Political affiliation in the industry
  • Industry competitors may create problems among themselves
  • If potential consumers less than the industry owners
2.4 Marketing Prospects of Keari Limited
2.4.1 Future Strategy 
Most of the Real Estate companies have changed their business strategies over the years. Keari Limited also changed their strategies. Some are mentioned below:
1.   The Apartment sizes are being reduced. They are opting for smaller flats rather than the spacious ones. Nowadays, most of the flats are 1500 to 2000 sft. in size.
3.   Most of the developers have found out that most of their clients are retired government employees and their apartment price fall within 40 lacs.
4.    The Fitting/ fixing/ structural stability is also designed in the most economic way. People want fittings that will last a long time. So, they want durable fittings.
4.  Bank loan arrangement is becoming more flexible and customized. Most of the clients take bank loan when buying a flat. So, this facility is very important.
6.  Easy installment system also is provided for the customers. This will attract more customers.
2.4.2 Policy for Facing Competitors
The Real Estate Industry in Bangladesh is facing strong competition from other developers. They usually adopt the following points to overcome competition.
1.  Loan facilities are provided and they arrange all the documents for the clients.
2.  They are reducing their booking money. This way more people book the flats and the flats are sold faster.
3. Providing discount for a particular period: If the clients pay all the money within a certain period of time, they receive a discount. This will encourage faster pay.
3. Providing special quality fittings / fixtures in kitchen and toiletries: companies are giving free fittings as a gift to the clients. This will satisfy the clients and make them feel good about the real estate company. This way, if they ever buy another flat, they will buy from the same company.
5. Beautifying the entrance of the building: When the entrance of a house looks good, everything looks good. No matter how bad the interior is, ‘First impression is the last impression’.
6.   The developers usually make the adjacent road to the apartment while making the apartment: This way the clients re satisfied that they have a nice road in front of them. Communication is easier and they can go places faster.
2.4.3 When one will get House Loan
There are few people in Bangladesh who are able to buy a flat or build a building in his own plot in any town of the country with their own money. But even though they have the money, they are not willing to invest the whole amount in building the house. Rather they will take a loan and repay the money in small installments. They feel that it is a mush safer option.
Some people take loans to avoid the complexities of taxes. If they show that they took loan to build their house, they get some tax advantages. In Bangladesh, mainly two institutions supply loans to build houses and buy flats.
  • House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC) and
  • Delta Brace Housing Finance Corporation (DBH)
  • IDLC of Bangladesh Limited
House Building Finance Corporation (HBFC)
This Institution situated in its own large luxurious building at Purana Polton of Dhaka has been giving loans for house building and buying flats for the general people for many years. But the process of taking loan from this Institution is very complex. From different sources, we found out that, the Institution gives maximum of twenty lac Taka loan against the plot which has a fifteen feet wide road beside it and maximum of fifteen lac taka loan against the plot which has a road which is less than fifteen feet wide.
But in the developed area like Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Uttara, the loan amount is thirty lac taka. The size of the plot should be 5,500 square feet along with a wide road beside it.
Up to twenty lac taka loan, the rate of interest is 15% (interest + capital) that is monthly installment of 1183 taka per lakh. For a loan of Up to fifteen lac taka, the rate is 13% that is monthly installment is 1103 Taka per lakh. But time and installment number for the loan money will be decided by laws of the Corporation and on advancement of the construction work.
In case of loan from the corporation the client has to collect an application form from the office and submit 2 Taka per thousand along with the application. Moreover, they have to submit their main ownership document, a mortgage free certificate of twelve years, SA and CAS account book, tax receipt, site plan, route map drawn in hand, two copies approved design, two copies attested photo graphs and other papers and documents. When they have done all this, they can get the loan.
Delta Brace Housing Finance Corporation (DBH)
In the private sector of giving house-building loan, this institution is the leading company. Though the rate of interest of this Institution is more than “House Building Finance Corporation”, many people take loan from here because they get it easily, the loan amount is more and the number of installments allowed is higher. This Institution supplies loans for building one’s own building, buying apartment, enlarging house, rebuilding building or flat, housing plot and buying offices or chambers for the professionals.
On the basis of repaying of loan, it gives 70% loan of the price of the flat or 80% loan of the building cost. Maximum amount of unique loan is 20 lakh taka. Maximum time for repaying of loan in DBH is fifteen years. But this limitation is decided on negotiation after consideration of the debtors’ retirement age and some other factors. Up to twenty lac taka loan, the rate of interest is 15.25% and over the twenty lac taka loan, the rate is 15.75%
At 15.15% rate, monthly installment is Tk.1443 per lakh and at 15.75% rate, the installment is Tk. 1478 per lakh for fifteen years. Moreover the loan can be taken in multiple trances.
To take loan from the Corporation, the customer has to collect an application form and pay 0.8% taka as fees. In case of an employee, one has to submit his/her appointment letter, present salary etc. In case of businessman, he has to submit paper of income tax, details of profit and loss audited by a chartered accountant. After submitting the application form, the applicant is informed about it. The application money is returned unless the application is granted. If his loan request is approved, the debtor gets his loan within a maximum of twenty days.
IDLC of Bangladesh Limited
This Institution started to give loan in house building sector from 1997. 50% of the total price of apartment or a maximum of fifty lac Taka is supplied from here to the borrower. The time of repayment is considered according to the age of the client. He can repay the loan till he is sixty years old. The client has to submit with the form of IDLC Tk. 3000 as fees. As security one can submit his / her flat against the loan which one has taken. The interest rate of this company is 17.5%. After looking through the applications, the authority selects the person whom they think to be worthy and gives the loan within three months. It can be noted here that, the company does not give any loan for buying land property.
2.4.4 General Terms & Condition for Sale of Apartment 
Application for reservation of apartments shall be made on the prescribed application form properly signed by the applicants with the ‘Down Payment’. The company has the right to accept or reelect any application.
After receipt of the application Form and Down Payment, the applicant will be requested to confirm the reservation by making the down payment within a specific period. On receiving the down payment the company will issue an allotment letter and payment schedule. Allotment is made generally on ‘First come first serve basis’. Preference however may be given to clients paying the full amount in one installment.
Allotment transfer
Until full payment of all installments are made and possession obtained the buyer shall not transfer and/or sell the unit allotted to a third party.
Mode of payments
All payments shall be made by Cross Cheque, Bank Draft, or Pay Order to related companies. Against which respective receipts will be issued. The company will not take responsibility for any cash payment made without proper receipt. Foreigners and non­resident Bangladeshis may pay in foreign exchange through Bank. Conversation into Taka will be done at prevailing Bangladesh Bank exchange rate.
Schedule of payment
The buyer must strictly adhere to the installment schedule to ensure timely completion of the construction work. Delay in payments beyond the due date will make the allotted liable to pay a charge of 4% per month on the amount of payment delayed.
Cancellation of allotment
Once the apartment is booked and payment is made for that apartment, cannot be cancelled. If one fails to pay the installment in time, the company reserves the right to cancel the allotment and the deposited money will be forfeited.
Documentation charges and Government Taxes
The buyer shall bear all costs relating to transfer, registration, VAT. Gain tax and any other Govt. taxes.
Incidental costs
Connection fees, security deposit and incidental expenses/charges relating to gas, water sewerage, and power connection are not included in the price of the apartment. The buyers shall reimburse all the expenses incurred by the Company on these accounts to the company proportionate to their shares.
Company’s Right
The company may make minor changes in the specification, design and/or layout of the Apartment / project, should these become necessary.
For any reason beyond the control of the company, Acts of God or otherwise the Company if compelled to abandon the project, the buyer shall be refunded with all deposited money within 90 days. In such situations the buyer will not be entitled to claim any kind of compensation or interest on the money deposited.
Completion of the project
The completion period of the construction of the projects can be affected by unavoidable circumstances beyond the control of the company, like natural calamity, political disturbances, strikes, civil commotion’s, non-availability of materials, non-payment of installments in time by the buyers and any other force major.
Hand Over
The possession of each apartment and parking space shall be duly handed over to the allotted on completion and on full payment of installments and other charges and dues. Prior to this the possession of the apartment will remain with the company.
Owner’s Company- operative society
The buyer must become a member of the owner’s co-operative society, which will be formed by the buyers of apartments. All common facilities will be managed by the Co­operative society and the members will abide by the rules framed by the Co-operative in the common interest. Each allotted must pay a monthly fees/deposit o the co-operative funds as decided by the Society.
Note: Until full payment is made and possession obtained the buyer shall not do any extra work/modification work within the apartment complex on their own. Until full payment is made and possession obtained the buyer shall not mortgage the property with Banks/Building Society
2.5 Property Valuation of Keari Limited
2.5.1 Features of the Apartments of Keari Limited
Common Facilities
  • Reception lounge
  • Lift
  • Lilt lobby and stair case
  • Driver’s rest room
  • Guard room
  • Prayer room
  • Toilet
Each Apartment generally contain the following things
  • Foyer
  • 4 Bed rooms
  • Master bed with attached bath & dressing room
  • Children bed with attached bath & dressing room
  • Children bed with attached bath. & veranda
  • Guest room
  • Living with veranda
  • Dining space with veranda
  • Family lounge with veranda
  • Kitchen with store, veranda & washing space
  • Maid bed with attached toilet
  • Common bath
Standard Features and Amenities of the Project
Safety Features
  • Lightening arrestor shall be provided at the top of the building for         protectiveness.
  • The project will be designed to resist earthquakes up to 7.0 Richter scale.
  • The project will be designed to withstand wind velocity up to 200 Km/h
  • Termite control will be provided to the building.
Common Features
  • Quality lift from reputed international manufacturer Stand-by, generator for
  • Lift and water pump
  • Two emergency lights in each apartment (Living and Master bed).
  • Common space/stair lighting Security lights
  • Transformer for adequate power supply
Structure of the building
  • RC.C frame structure with footing, column, beam, slab etc.
  • Brick partition wall(internal wall-5″, external walls-10″)
  • Reinforced concrete roo
Features and amenities of apartment
  • Teak wood for main entrance door with Door-chain, Check Viewer, Apt. # in brass & Door lock.
  • Bathroom doors shall be solid timber with enamel paint
  • Veneered flash door for all other doors
  • Chinese door lock for all doors
  • Sliding aluminum window frame of 4″ section (BTA)
  • Windows fitted with 5 mm tinted glass
  • All windows with flat bar grill for safety.
  • Off white situ mosaic in the  rooms
  • Grey situ mosaic in maid room
  • Plastic paint for internal wall and ceiling
  • Distemper paint for side wall
  • Cement paint in external wall
  • Enamel paint in grill
  • Bathroom
  • Foreign made wall tiles for all bath rooms (as per company standard)
  • BISF/RAK standard sanitary fittings & fixtures for all bath rooms.
  • Mirror, soap holder, towel rail, head shower for all bathrooms
  • Off white situ mosaic for floor and tiles up to 7 feet height for wall
  • Double burner gas outlet over concrete platform with mosaic on top
  • Stainless steel counter top sink (single bowl)
  • One mixture for sink
  • Suitably placed exhaust fan
Electrical facilities
  • Concealed all electric wiring, phone, gas and water lines
  • Provision for TV antenna and telephone lines in living and master bed.
  • Power point provision for window type air-conditioner in living, master bed and one bed.
  • Quality local electric swatch and socket
  • Electrical distribution box with circuit breakers
  • Separate electric meter for each apartment.
Servant Toilet
  • BISF squatting pan, shower and water tap with bibcock.
  • Grey situ mosaic on floor and walls up to 6 feet height.
Other common facilities
Gas Supply
Gas supply pipe line with one outlet in kitchen for double burner from Titas Gas Company shall be provided.Water Reservoir
Under ground and roof water reservoirs for drinking water from WASA, supply with water lifting pumps and electric motors shall be provided.
2.5.2 Number of Buildings 
In Dhaka & Chittagong Keari Limited has 25 completed projects and 20 on going projects .
2.5.3 Rate & Payment System
Basically the payment system is based on installment. At first the customer must have pay the booking money and 25% of total value is payment as premium installment. Rest of the payment are made on installment based on the date if handover.
The rate of flats is depending on the location of the apartments. Charts of the rate of apartments are given bellow.

Location Price per square feet(Tk)
Mohammadpur,  Shaymoli 4,000-6,000
Uttora 4,500-6,500
Dhanmondi 12,000-16,000
Gulshan, Bonani 12,000-18,000
Baridhara 15,000-20,000
Jurain, Jatrabari 3,200-4,000
Mirpur 3,500-4,500
2.5.4 Contribution to the National Economy
Real Estate business influences our national economy by ensuring profits to the promoters and thus provides tax option for the government.
Real Estate to solve the problem of Housing and Resident:
For the facilities of modern life and better life pattern, all the people are moving into Dhaka City for jobs, education, leading a family, medical treatment etc.  Real Estates business provides easy accommodation for them.
Securing and shifting to modern life
Real estate business improves our life pattern and increases our standard of living. By providing housing facilities in a developed area, it ensures that most people have a home of their own.
Real estate to solve our unemployment problem
Real Estate business provides employment opportunities for our unemployed people. People are directly and indirectly benefited with various employment opportunities by the Real Estate business.
Real estate reforms Social life
Real Estate business also assists people to develop better social life by providing playgrounds, community centers, parks and other social recreation facilities for the inhabitants of the apartment.
Real estate business provides employment opportunities for our unemployed people. People are directly and indirectly benefited with various employment opportunities by this business. The development of the locality and extension local markets generates huge employment facilities for local unemployed people.
In Bangladesh’s city life, Real Estate plays an important role by providing easy accommodation facilities with safety, shelter and better life pattern.
It also uplifts the social status of civil people. We can not ignore its huge contribution in national economy, reducing the unemployment problem, environment protection and building a safer, civil society. So, Real Estate contributes huge amount to the national economy.
Rationality of Selecting ‘Real Estate Sectors’ as an object of   Investigation
At present the birth rate in Bangladesh is still increasing while the death rate is decreasing. Thus, the population is increasing day by day. The rate of population increase is not matched by the rate of housing increase. Population grows at a much faster rate than the housing.
It is a fact that the Real Estate business now is a booming business. At present, in the urban area, it is no longer possible to provide accommodation facilities for all the urban dwellers. This is because lands are not increasing at the same rate as people. To meet the demand, high rise buildings are a must. We have to expand vertically rather than horizontally. In this regard, Real Estate promoters are very useful for us. They are making apartments that are ten to twelve stories high.
Bangladesh -is the poorest of all the south Asian countries. The severe crisis of land for residence and the higher purchase value of land always frustrate the middle class, let alone the poor people.
The real estate business promoters are facilitating their risk avoidance by keeping themselves free by buying lands directly from the owner. The real estate agents know which land is good for construction and which is not. They find the better land and build in those.
To make one’s own house by himself, he has to take up a lot of hassle. He has top contact with the engineers, the civil workers, the technicians etc. He also has to always be there and look after the building all day long. In addition to this, the owner has to bribe the local gangsters and keep them away and stop them causing any trouble. The real estate industry gives us a tension free life. We know that the developers will eventually make the building and hand over the flats to us.
Now, we have to see whether this industry has a positive impact on the society with respect to contribution to the society, government and the economical development. It should be investigated whether they are providing facilities to the general public in addition to looking after their own profit. To cover all of the functions of Real Estate business a comprehensive research program seems rationale and very important.
It is very necessary at present to know about the construction cost, sale price, site selection, and land purchase, promotion policy of Real Estate business both for the prospective Real Estate developers and for the clients as well. For this, we need to do research in the future.
2.6 Findings
  • The pricing strategy of Keari Limited is viable for average income group
  • The company has made both small & big size apartment
  • The company provide prayer room facilities for every Projects
  • The residential projects of the company is totally free from commercial use
  • The management is very much strict to maintain the building code
  • The company does not focus on lower income group.
  • Sometimes they has delay the handover time
  • The design of the apartments are not attractive in comparison to the other companies at most of the cases
  • Till today the company has not stand as a unique brand
  • The Management of KEARI Ltd are so much reliable in society
  • Price of the product (apartments) is flexible to different level of customers.
  • Handover times of apartments are just in time.
  • KEARI Ltd. has lots of projects.
Recommendation & Conclusion
3.1 Recommendations 
The apartment or housing company should improve their services else the good companies will prosper and the bad companies will die away. The companies should fulfill the government regulations and look after the customers’ goodwill. This will increase the goodwill of the company.
  • Laws   should   be   formulated   in such a way that the apartment   companies’ give necessary services to the clients. If the service is not up to the mark, the companies’ license shall be cancelled.
  • Before buying an apartment, the buyer should examine all the stated facilities that the company has promised to give.
  • Before singing the contract, the buyer should see whether the apartment is going to be properly built or not. The customers should be able to examine the building procedures for themselves.
  • At the moment, housing is for the rich people. Apartments should also be focused on the middle class people as well. The hand over must be on the stated time. As delay can cause problem for the buyer.
  • Apartment complexes should have emergency exit facilities for security reason. Bangladesh has many natural disasters, like the earthquake, flood etc.
  • Apartment should have reception facilities. Reception facilities are very important for security reasons. The guests will have to write down their name before going in.
  • There should be close-circuit cameras in the entrance of the apartment. As burglaries have increased in Dhaka city in the recent times, this facility is a must.
  • Adequate recreational facilities for the children should be ensured.
  • Adequate water supply facilities and air ventilation system should be ensured.
  • Natural flow of sunlight should be there. It should be adequate for all the inhabitants.
  • Multistoried apartments should have lift facilities.
  • Apartment companies should be honest to their commitments. They should provide fittings as they had committed. This will reduce short circuits and fire in the apartment.
  • Payment procedure should be simplified in case of installments. This way more people can be interested in taking the facilities.
  • Apartment complexes should have adequate parking facilities for the owner as well as the guests who will visit there.
  • There must be a stipulated time for handing over the ownership of the apartments and this process should be done within the suitable framework of law.
3.2 Conclusion
The real estate business is a booming business in our country. This industry needs to grow in order to have economic development. This sector is able to increase the standard of living of the common people.
The demand for these companies is increasing day by day. Their goodwill and quality is known to us all. They provide quality at an affordable price. They provide man his most desirable thing-his house.  There is no way that this industry will fail.
From the businessman’s point of view, this industry provides them with huge profit. As all the flats are being sold out always, they can take up a higher profit margin. They are also secured from loss always. As there are always people in Dhaka looking for flats, no flat will go unsold ever.
In this study we found out that, all the people, whether middle class or higher class is becoming interested in buying flats day by day. Plots are very scarce to find. Their alternative to plots is apartment houses. So, the demand for apartment houses will always stay.
The study also reveals that the sales prices of apartment are increasing rapidly. This industry is going away from the commoners reach very quickly. Only the rich and the prosperous will be the clients of these companies.
The government should take initiatives to provide facilities to poor people by providing flats at a lower rate. This should narrow down the gap between the rich and the poor.
Due to the sky-rocketing demand for these houses, the builders are having a treat. They don’t follow rules and regulation, they make lower quality apartments, yet, it is being sold anyways. More companies should enter the industry or government should take steps to stoop these dishonest businessmen.
The clients face many different problems as well. The builders rarely handover the flats when it’s due. They always find excuses to delay the project. They can even delay the projects for more than one year. Most of the customers usually take bank loans to pay for the flat. So, it becomes a huge burden on the customers’ shoulders, as they have to repay the loans in the banks every month and also stay in a rented house. Other problems include, builders asking for more money half way down the project. The customers are bound to pay else the flat won’t be given to them anymore. These extra amounts also cause distress to the clients.
To sum it all up, we can say that the real estate industry is a blessing for us. It is trying to solve the housing problems that we have and its trying to increase our standards of living. It provides people with safety, security and a brighter future.
Though there are lots of problems, most of the builders are honest and fair. The customers are happy with their performance and the after sales services that they provide. The real estate developers should continue their functions more honestly and sincerely.Bibliography
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