A patent agent is not a lawyer although many agents are also lawyers. The role of a patent agent begins when an invention is first conceived. The patent agent assesses the invention, with insights to the field of invention from the inventor, by searching prior patents and other publications to determine if the invention is patentable. If the invention appears to be patentable, the patent agent works with the inventor to prepare a document called a patent specification which contains a description and drawings showing how the invention is made and operates. The specification is also drafted to contain claims which define, in words, the exclusive rights sought by the inventor for the invention.

Patent agents must have a technical background and good writing skills in order to describe the inventions they protect. Patent agents should have at least an undergraduate university degree (many have advanced degrees as well) in science or engineering. This background greatly facilitates communication with inventors and enhances the agent’s ability to understand and describe even the most technically challenging inventions.

Typically, patent agents specialize in specific technical fields such as electronics or information technology. For instance, a patent agent with a background in biotechnology will prepare patent applications arising from the genetic engineering field, while patent applications relating to a telephone exchange will be prepared by a patent agent who is an electronic engineer.

After a patent application is filed, the Patent Office examines the application assessing the patentability of the invention in light of prior art on the basis of the claims. In a process known as “prosecution” the patent agent represents their client advocating the patentable features of the invention with a view to having the application allowed and issue as a patent.

The patent registration process is the simplest process to register your invention in order to secure it from any sort of infringement or misused by the third party. A defensive patent protects the company from being sued. In this regard the expert consultants who hold rich expertise in the patent related matters offers step-by-step guidance to the businesses, assisting them with the overall process of registering a patent.

They are the one who professionally handle the patent related matters of the businesses, delivering services that best suits to the business requirements of the clients with the promise of better returns. They strive to develop a strict working code of conduct that allows them to extend commendable legal platform with the best legal services and customized assistance.

Here is the step by step guidance that the expert patent professionals offer to the businesses:

Patent search: These consultants grant an easy patent to the clients through effective searching tools or database. They carry out the search through the following major searches:

Patentability search: that ensures that the invention concern is either not disclosed or claimed or published or used.

Infringement search: they conduct an infringement search to ensure that the invention of the client is not infringed or is covered by an unexpired patent.

Validity search:They undertake a validity search to determine that is the patent is invalid or not.

Patent analysis: The next step on which the patent registration consultants offer efficient legal representation includes the step of patent analysis. They analyze the published patent application in order to watch any update in the field of patent. They are well off with the legal understanding in the realm of patent analysis, infringement, technology analysis, patent mapping and many more.

Patent application: They guide the clients with documents related to patent application process, guiding them with the application rule and the legal terms attached to it. They offer comprehensive guidance in the realm of title, field, objective, description, claims and other sought after application process steps.

Patent drafting: Their guidance on the techno legal patent drafting procedure allows the clients to represent their application well, following the desired format and including the beneficial claims.

Patent registration: These dedicated professional’s offers comprehensive legal representation to the clients, guiding them through the intricate legal process and letting them accomplish the task often easily. They know the complicated process well and thus guiding the clients at every step.

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