Performance Evaluation of DACHSER BAGLADESH LIMITED

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Performance Evaluation of DACHSER BAGLADESH LIMITED

Chapter One


1.2 Objectives of the Study

  • To gain knowledge on a practical basis.
  • To know about the overall activities of a multinational company such as Dacher Bangladesh Ltd.
  • To find out the internal coordination among the departments of the company.
  • To know about the strategies & policies of the company regarding the services it has been providing.
  • To point out how this multinational company operates at home and abroad.

1.3 Methodology

In order to make the study meaningful and presentable, both the primary and secondary source of data is used to prepare this report.

1.3.1 Sources of Data

Primary Data:

At the time of preparing this report had got the opportunity to communicate directly with the executives to get adequate information related to this report. have collected most of the financial data from finance and accounts department.

Secondary Data:

As a multinational company Dachser Bangladesh Ltd has their own web side and

worldwide annual report. So I used those published data as a secondary source to

prepare this report.

  1. Annual report of DACHSER
  2. www .dachser .com

1.3 Limitations of the Study

  • Insufficiency of knowledge in preparing an intern reports
  • It was not possible for to collect some information relating to this study because the information was not provided by concerned authority due to the confidential nature of information.
  • Unavailability to communicate with the executives of the organization.
  • Lack of proper explanation of records and documents.
  • Lack of exposure to related works.

Chapter two

Organizational Profile

2.1 DACHSER History: At a glance

In 1930 Thomas Dachser founds the haulage company of the same name as a one-man operation. The head office is in Kempten. The main product shipped is cheese, which Dachser transports to the Rhineland. In order to utilize the cargo space on the return journey, he acquires industrial goods in the Rhineland for the region. In 1934 the family-owned company begins to expand; locations in Memmingen and Neuss open. By 1938, Dachser has twenty vehicles, most owned by the company, establishing itself as one of the leading freight forwarding companies in the region.

Swap bodies, barcodes and the Active Report supply chain event management tool – time and again, Dachser has made logistics history and has had a major influence on the sector with its innovations. Decades of experience and the daily interaction of many enthusiastic people across national and cultural boundaries have made Dachser one of Europe’s leading logistics providers. The seven eras of the family-owned company

From 1950, Dachser develops a full-coverage network in Germany. The logistics provider establishes and expands international freight services – by land, sea and air. The air freight business is launched on 2 October 1951. Dachser Air & Sea Logistics begins its successful run when it is granted an IATA licenses by the International Air Transport Association. In 1955 the partnership with the newly-founded Lufthansa airline is established with a contract. By the end of the 1950s, Dachser has some 1,100 employees and generates sales of over DEM 70 million.

2.2 Turning phase of DACHER:

Company founder Thomas Dachser dies in 1979. His daughters, Dr Christa Rohde-Dachser and Annemarie Simon take over the shares in the company, preserving the continuity of the family-owned company. In 1980, Dachser begins investing in the strategic development of its IT capabilities and new communications technologies. The logistics company becomes an exclusive member of the World Air Cargo Organization (WACO) in 1981. In 1982 the company introduces refrigerated goods services, known today as Dachser Food Logistics, which specializes in transporting temperature-sensitive foods.

2.3 Branches of the company:

In 1990 Dachser is the first western German freight forwarding company to provide service throughout eastern Germany. Dachser is also a trendsetter with the barcode, which the company introduces as a standard in 1993. The air and sea freight divisions merge in 1994 to form today’s Dachser Air & Sea Logistics, creating an independent business segment within the Dachser organization.

In 1999, Dachser expands its European network with the acquisition of Graveleau, a French logistics provider. Four years later, the company develops Active Report, a supply chain event management tool that automatically informs customers about irregularities in their shipment processes.

Dachser’s Global programme massively expands the company’s network of branches in Asia and Latin America. The logistics provider launches joint ventures in India, Thailand, Brazil and Chile. In 2011, Dachser achieves sales of EUR 3.2 billion with 17,500 employees. The company has 306 locations worldwide.

2.4 The company (as at 2011)

Company name: Dachser GmbH & Co.KG
Founded: 1930
Managing directors: Bernhard Simon (management spokesman and managing shareholder), Alfred Miller, Thomas Reuter, Michael Schilling, Prof. Dr. Dieter Truxius
Employees: 19,250 employees
Annual sales: EUR 3.8 billion
Locations worldwide: 310
Worldwide warehouse space: 1.48 million square meters
Annual shipments: 46.2 million
Annual tonnage: 35.5 million
Transport units: 9,648

Our Networks – The world is our home

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt,

Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania,


Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Singapore,

Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, USA, Venezuela,



Intelligent Logistics

2.5 General company information of DACHSER BANGLADESH limited:

DACHSER Bangladesh – is part of the world reputed German based freight forwarding and Logistics Company. The company has started its journey in Bangladesh on May, 2009. DACHSER is a well capable partner for worldwide air and sea freight logistics.

The company is well equipped to give our best service. The company in all respect assure to render an excellent logistics service and solution with a competitive price to your maximum satisfaction. Also DACHSER is taking responsibility for a better future.

Besides, air & Sea Logistics for RMG, special emphasis may be given on other products such as Tele Communication equipments, FMCG (Fast moving consumer Goods) etc.

To find ways to deal with Carriers/Airlines to obtain best buying rates. The company

  1. Develops new products and services together with the customer, product management, trade lane management.
  2. Product development has to be for the benefit of customers and for DACHSER jorganization.
  3. Explores & develops new business in respective to the industry vertical Collection and analysis of customer data.
  4. Introduces existing DACHSER Customers for the respective trade lane.


Sales & Marketing





Clearance Incharge

Saidur Rahman

Finance & Accounting

Moklachor Rahaman

Seafreight & Project


Mizanur Rahaman


Monsur Ahmed

DACHSER Bangladesh

Sea Ports: Chittagong & Mongla

Air Ports: Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet

Land Ports : Benapole, Burimari Darshana

ICD Locations: Dhaka


• Receiving, Put away and Inbound / Outbound shipments Management

• Picking & Packing Management

• Shipment Recording Systems

• Updating Cargo Movement In as per Packing List.

• Taking photographs of broken boxes if any while receiving the cargo in the warehouse.

• Box Marking in Warehouse

• Equipments Identifying.

• Providing all documents with pre-alert

• Positioning of Cargo in Warehouse Specific Location as per PO, LOT.

• Registering the box per SD/ DN/ Case Number and per box Weight

• Sorting out of cargo by our warehouse expertise staff – as per customer’s cargo Delivery Instruction. Indexing and Filing

• Information Interchange between customer for day to day operation and update Daily Cargo Status

• Attend Customers Query by e-mail.

• Effect Delivery Of The cargo in/ Cargo Out as per customer’s Instruction on the same day of receipts.

• Execute Emergency Delivery (if required) by on stand staff at any time after the warehouse is closed.

• Inventory Visibility Management

• Order Management /Processing (Inbound & Outbound)


2.8.1 Airfreight

Air export from Dhaka airport, Charter flight services & Air Import at DAC and CGP.

2.8.2 Sea freight/ Consolidation, LCL, FCL, Group age

Regular LCL & FCL shipments to / from Inter Asia, Middle East, Far East,

North European ports, Mediterranean Ports, USA East Coast / West Coast,

Canadian Ports, LCL Consolidation Service, Groupage, SEA / AIR Shipment,

Multimodal Transportation Service.

2.8.3 Contract Logistics

Transportation, Warehousing services, inventory control systems, Complete logistics solutions, distribution and various value added services.

2.8.4 Project Logistics

Heavy lift, low density & oversize cargo handling, road & water transportation, delivery at job site. 24 hour contracted services available for transportation all over country.

2.8.5 Warehouse Management

Dachser Warehousing enables you to avoid holding too much stock and gives you new levels of flexibility.

2.8.6 Transportation

DACHSER is the best for Transportation all Europe.

2.8.7 Distribution all over Bangladesh, Dismantle Operation, Support Services with Government Offices and Customs Clearing.

2.8.8 Miscellaneous

Tailor-made logistics solutions for the entire supply chain and its management.


Exported Imported
Textiles/Readymade Garments Textile Fabrics & Machines
Finished Leather & Products Home Appliances
Jute Bags & Yarn Chemicals & Pharma
Tea Raw Materials
Frozen Shrimp Telecom Equipment
Perishables Poultry Feeds, Fertilizers & Agriculture product
Drugs & Medicines Machinery

Chapter Three

Vision & Mission Statement

Of the company

3.1 DACHSER Vision:

We strive to improve the logistics balance sheet of our customers. As one of the systems leading provider of the logistics industry we offer an intelligent combination of full-coverage freight networks and contract logistics, plus state-of-the-art technologies.

Top-quality service and performance to meet the most stringent demands in the supply chain.

3.2 DACHSER Mission:

By partnering, continuous anticipating and agility approach, we provide reliable, creative and best fit SOLUTIONS in an easy and innovative way for your Total Supply Chain. Our expertise and added value support contribute to the success of all stakeholders.

Dachser employees feel they belong to a global family. Openness, respect, tolerance and cultural empathy are indispensable features of this relationship. We welcome employees with an open mind towards other countries and cultures. It is, after all, our job as logistics services experts to span distances, remove barriers and provide the link between people and their needs.

This team spirit is upheld by a basic conviction: Profits can be achieved over the long term only if their optimization does not happen on the backs of employees, customers, natural resources, partners or ethnic groups worldwide. In other words: Being successful in business goes hand in hand with showing respect for people, their cultures and nature.

3.3 DACHSER Philosophy:

We create the world’s most intelligent combination and integration of logistical network services. We optimize the logistic balance sheet of our customers.

Our standard

Customers can act as ambassadors for a company. This is why quality gets top priority at Dachser. Our standards are high: We optimize your value chain. Reliability, security and transparency are the cornerstones of our services.

Many parts – one unified whole

Quality and excellent service are the keys to our success. This is made possible by our unique network of people and systems, which we have integrated worldwide into a unified whole. As a transnational company, we are experienced in integration – which is always adapted to the culture of the respective country. We ensure our quality and support our customers in their markets with knowledge, new technologies and a great willingness to learn. All over the world.

The strong corporate culture in our family-owned business

Our shared values form the basis of our corporate culture. They unite us across national borders. Our business concept and long-term strategies determine our actions. A shareholder-value mindset that is geared towards the short term is foreign to us. This ensures our company’s long-term viability and investment power.

Our employees are your employees

At Dachser, we put people first. Our employees are there for you. Their efficiency and enthusiasm make Dachser unique and vital. Each person who works with us strives to develop intelligent logistics solutions. Our employees view themselves as entrepreneurs within the enterprise and work to make Dachser a reliable partner.

3.4 DACHSER Values:

The fundamental values of our family-owned company include respect for humanity and the environment as well as the freedom to work independently and creatively. In this way, we encourage our employees to be self-starters and entrepreneurs within the enterprise. Within our project teams, an “atmosphere of cooperation” and “responsibility towards one another” become decisive factors for success.

3.4.1Entrepreneurship and the courage to innovate

Dachser demands and promotes corporate responsibility among its employees. With our team of creative employees – who we prefer to regard as co-entrepreneurs – we seize on opportunities to improve and design intelligent logistics.

3.4.2 Inclusive responsibility

We are committed to seeing ‘the big picture’, beyond our own field of activity. We think globally and take an interdisciplinary approach.

3.4.3 Sustainability

We are conscious of our economic, environmental and social responsibilities, and are committed to a sustainable corporate policy.

3.4.4 Loyalty and commitment

The ‘Dachser spirit’ is what binds shareholders, executive management, employees and customers.

3.4.5 Integrity and honesty

Our values are reflected by our actions, every day. We proudly reflect these values by doing the right thing. We are honest, dependable and trustworthy.

3.4.6 Openness and respect

We are curious about new knowledge, new experiences and other cultures. Mutual appreciation of and respect for different views are the basis for open dialogue and intercultural cohesion.

Chapter Four

Business Segments of the company


The company has segmented its business activities into the following nine categories.



Foodstuffs are sensitive products. This area requires highly capable logistics services. With 80 years of experience in handling foodstuffs, Dachser is one of Europe’s leading specialists in temperature-controlled logistics. A dense European network and a service chain certified in accordance with the most stringent international quality standards makes us a qualified partner for the foodstuffs industry and food retailers.

Dachser Food Logistics offers solutions for non-frozen products in

  • the foodstuffs industry
  • food retailing
  • the restaurant industry


The temperature-controlled groupage network of Dachser Food Logistics includes more than 85 company-owned and partner locations in Europe. Precision-timed systems freight services regularly connect Germany with more than 20 countries, offering short shipment times.

In addition to groupage, Dachser Food Logistics also transports partial and full load shipments throughout Europe – either temperature-controlled or at ambient temperatures. Links to Dachser’s own air and sea freight network also ensure worldwide procurement and distribution for our customers.

In addition to the core competences of procurement and distribution, Dachser Food Logistics offers its customers efficient returns management and value-added services such as customs clearance and recalls processing.


Goods flows require smooth data flows across multiple systems. The Dachser EDI centre allows data to be exchanged independently of the customer’s ERP system. This allows customer-specific formats to be processed as well as all common standard formats, such as EANCOM or SAP R/3 IDOC.

Dachser customers can also capture their orders through the Internet. With the help of Dachser’s own online order tracking, all goods movements and the status information can be accessed at any time. In addition, the Active Report Supply Chain Event Management system proactively reports all irregularities that occur, providing additional transparency and security throughout the entire process.


At Dachser, multi-user warehouses are integrated into the transport network at almost all locations. This interlinking ensures the best possible use of synergies in the logistics chain.

Warehousing with paperless inventory management and process management is standard in all Dachser warehouses. All relevant stock retrieval strategies for foodstuffs can be pursued according to the customer’s wishes – including best-before date, batch number or FiFo. Dachser also offers value-added services such as display finishing, sleeving or RFID tagging, as well as customized outsourcing solutions.

This includes competent consulting services – from selection of the ideal location to implementation in ongoing operations.


A consistent worldwide flow of goods is not just Dachser’s vision – it’s a challenge we face every working day. As a capable partner for worldwide air and sea freight logistics, “connecting the world” has been the guiding principle behind our logistics activities since 1951. This principle has retained its validity in the age of globalization – in fact, it is taking on an ever-greater dimension.

The range of services includes a smoothly functioning, integrated and global value chain, as well as a diverse range of services up- and downstream of the intercontinental transport of goods. The goal is to improve the logistics balance sheet of our customers.

At 137 worldwide locations, 2,879 Dachser Air & Sea Logistics employees strive to produce intelligent and environmentally oriented logistics solutions. In 2010, Dachser Air & Sea Logistics moved 752,000 shipments.

Air and sea freight is an integral component of Dachser’s global logistics. By intelligently linking with our core competences, we provide our customers with integrated and cost-effective logistics solutions and put the focus on their worldwide procurement and distribution markets. Dachser uses proven Procures freight software in its Air & Sea Logistics business segment. This integrated import-processing system features a direct link with the customs systems of Germany and Switzerland, enabling customs clearance to be handled swiftly.

In the area of air freight, Dachser has direct contact with most airlines via the Traxon data network. Lufthansa-e-booking makes it possible to book shipments electronically directly from Procars.

In both areas of freight, customers also have access to Tracking & Tracing functions. This makes all current status information about your shipments available to you at all times.

The means for achieving this include:

  • Global freight consulting
  • Sea/Air freight services
  • Door-to-door services
  • High departure frequencies with fixed capacities
  • Value-added services
  • Customs clearance

The advantages for the customer :

  • A global network with regional proximity to customers
  • Global flexibility and transparency throughout the supply chain
  • Links to a strong pan-European overland network
  • Cost-effective services with uniform quality standards
  • High level of delivery-readiness thanks to high frequencies and capacities
  • Cost-neutral expansion of the delivery reach
  • Individual solutions to your project logistics needs


Dachser has been a dependable partner for worldwide air freight shipments since 1951. Today, a high departure frequency with fixed capacities and the use of strictly defined criteria to select air freight carriers ensure lasting quality and high-capacity connections with the entire world. Quickly, securely and efficiently.

Our portfolio of services includes:

· Consolidation

· Direct and charter freight services

· Express and courier services

· Project transport

When time is of the essence, Dachser’s Global Sky Express worldwide courier, express and parcel service sets the pace. From the handover of goods to their delivery, Dachserhandles the entire freight process.

Air freight Rates to Major points Ex-Dhaka

EU Destinations Average Rates T-Time
+500 KGS
USD 2.20 Per KG +++ 3-4 DAYS
USA/ Canada Destinations Average Rates T-Time
+500 KGS
USD 3.20 Per KG +++ 4.-5 DAYS
Latin America Average Rates T-Time
+500 KGS
USD 5.00 Per KG +++ 5-6 DAYS


Dachser offers intelligent logistics solutions for intercontinental sea freight. Strict criteria for selecting sea freight carriers ensure a consistently high level of quality for all of our services – worldwide.

These include:

  • Consolidated freight services (LCL)
  • Container freight services (FCL)
  • Project shipments
  • Company-owned container freight stations
  • Our own NVOCC and globally standardized terms and conditions via Dachser Ocean Container Line.

Export sailing list

Here is the current sailing list (calendar weeks 19 to 24). Please note that there are different packing stations according to the chosen destination

Feeder Vessel Service Ex-Chittagong :

Nos. of Feeder Operators : 11

Number of Feeder Vessels : 30

Feeder Vessel Frequency : 4-5 Vessels daily

Transshipment Ports : Singapore , Colombo, Tanjun Palapas, Port Klang

Transit Time : 5 -6 Days Ex-Ctg.

Ex-Chittagong to North Europe Calling Ports

  • Hamburg
  • Rotterdam
  • Antwerp,
  • Le Havre,
  • Felix tow,
  • Southampton
  • Transit Time : 26- 28 days Ex-Chittagong

Ex-Chittagong to Mediterranean Calling Ports

  • Genoa
  • Laspezia
  • Leghorn
  • Fos
  • Naples
  • Marsielles
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Trieste
  • Taranto
  • Venice
  • Transit Time: 24-26 days Ex-Chittagong

Ex-Chittagong to USA East and West Coast Calling Ports

East Coas

  • New York
  • Norfolk
  • Savannah
  • Halifex
  • Charleston
  • Boston
  • Balrtimore
  • Transit Time : 28-30 days Ex-Chittagong

West Coast

  • Los Angeles
  • Seattle
  • Long Beach
  • Oakland
  • Transit Time : 28-30 days Ex-Chittagong


Logistics management for an entire cement plant, transport of gigantic tyres to Rio or of a solar home to Washington – Dachser offers customized solutions for nearly any logistics requirement

Europe is growing, and the task of supplying markets is now more demanding than ever. The ability to meet customer requirements rapidly and on time is becoming more and more crucial. We offer you the ideal transport solution for every destination, regardless of where in Europe your groupage shipment needs to be delivered.

For core European countries, you can select the extensive services of the entargo family of products, with the Dachser quality you know and trust. In addition, groupline offers smooth transport logistics for groupage shipments that need to be delivered beyond the borders of the entargo countries.


Dachser Warehousing enables you to avoid holding too much stock and gives you new levels of flexibility. We manage your warehousing activities as part of a fully-integrated supply chain solution. That saves you time and money and helps you to sustainably optimize the quality of your logistics processes.

Dachser integrates warehousing services into the supply chain for procurement and distribution. We offer various order picking processes and warehousing strategies, such as FIFO, LIFO and best-before date.

For the greatest possible efficiency, the warehouse and process design is tailored to each customer’s requirements. We combine various storage systems to suit the structure of the product and the orders. These systems include pallet shelves, modular shelving and cantilever racking – with manual or automated operation – that are combined to create a coherent total solution. This allows us to provide the right conditions for each customer, including

  • hygienic handling of foods
  • temperature control (heating and cooling)
  • dangerous goods warehousing
  • tracking of serial and batch numbers

From simple storage to fully-automated high-shelf warehouses, and from small or medium-sized companies to large companies, industries or retailers – Dachser Warehousing has the right solution for all of your requirements.

We exploit the efficiency of standardized processes and uniform IT systems at all locations, and adapt them to the needs of the individual customer. Flexible consolidation of multiple customers’ goods in multi-user warehouses effectively utilizes capacities to their fullest. Special projects for specific customers (dedicated warehouses) round out our range of services.

Dachser Warehousing facts and figures

  • 88 branches with warehouses
  • 18 European countries, North Africa and China
  • Pallet spaces for 1,500,000 europallets
  • 75000 sqft (Location: Uttara and Tejgaon)


Your goods are in safe hands with Dachser – thanks to the MIKADO Warehouse Management System. MIKADO supports and controls processes at the distribution centres with features such as paperless order picking. It also provides the EDI centre with all business events relevant for the conversion and transmission of order, movement and inventory data.

The data are scanned at the interfaces, and the information is immediately sent to the system. All mobile data entry devices in the distribution centres are connected to the Dachser systems via wireless links. Scanned information and the human voice can be used to communicate with Dachser systems. This leaves employees’ hands free to perform order picking tasks. Pick-by-Voice is used wherever the structure of orders makes it worthwhile.

If warehouse staff notice a defect in the goods, such as damaged packaging, a digital camera records the discrepancy. This additional information is also sent to the central archiving system.

Orders processed with MIKADO are sent directly to DOMINO, and are thus integrated electronically into the forwarding processes. This ensures seamless interaction between the two key service areas – warehousing and transport – and at the same time, eliminates errors and guarantees maximum levels of efficiency and integration.


DACHSER Warehouse Management System (WMS Online) is a web based system to manage all activities in a warehouse.

Chapter Five

Departmental Analysis of the Company

The whole organization is segmented into seven departments. Details about the activities of each department are given below.

  • Sales & Marketing Department
  • Customer Service Department
  • Operation department
  • Quality Department
  • HR Department
  • IT Department
  • Finance and accounts Department

5.1 Sales & Marketing Department:

There is a Manager of Sales &Marketing department. There is a Sales Major Accounts Manager, a Sales Coordinator, some Indoor Sales Executives and some Outdoor Sales Executives do work under the manager of Sales & Marketing department.

Sales and marketing department doing the following things:

· Translate the Monthly News Letter into Bengali

· Monitoring the ship2score campaign: It means clients data entry, evaluation, keeping updates with the Sales people of all the territories, point accumulation and redemption claim letter management.

· Organize the Client database.

· Prepared offer letters for clients.

· Some times give discounts to the big customers.

· Sometimes send gift to the customers who make good business to the company.

Sales Growth Rate in Bangladesh:

Year 2009 2010
Sales Growth rate 27% 35%

5.2 Customer Service Department:

There is a Customer Service Manager of Customer Service Department. There are two Assistant Manager and some Executives work under the Manager of Customer Service Department.

Customer Service Department doing the following things:

  • Any kind of query from the customers they give the answer.
  • When customer wants to know about their product location they will give the answer.
  • If the product delivery is delay for some reason they will explain it to the customer.

5.3 Operation department:

There is a Manager of Operation department. There is two Assistant Manager, one Supervisor, Some Export & Import Executives and lots of pick up man under the Manager of Operation department.

Operation department doing the following things:

  • Identify the Airway and shipping Bill Errors.
  • Airport Operation and sea port
  • Biman Security
  • Biman Foreign Carriers
  • Customs Clearance
  • Airlines
  • Scanning
  • Shipment load to the airline container

Documentation Required for Export Shipment:

1. Invoice

2. Custom Clearances (for sample)

3. Master airway Bill

4. Gates pass from Biman Security Inspectors

5. Certificate of Origin (other than Sample)

5.4 Quality Department:

There is a Manager TQM and two TQM Executives work under this department.

Quality department doing the following things:

  • They check quality of service which employee are given to the customers.
  • Companies just get the ISO-9001 to 2008 certificate because of the performance of this department.
  • They audit the record of the service which is given to the client to measure the quality of service.

5.5 HR Department:

There is a Manager of HR department and one Senior Executives and one Executives work with the manager.

HR department doing the following things:

  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Salary and compensation
  • Evaluate the performance of the employee

5.6 IT Department:

There is an IT Manager and one Senior Executives work with the manager of IT department.

IT department doing the following things:

  • The total work depends on the software system. They look after the system
  • When any IT related problem occur they just solve the problem
  • When any computer is not working or it is affected by virus they will solve the problem

5.7 Finance and accounts Department:

There is a Finance Manager of Finance and accounts Department. There is two Assistant Manager two Finance Executives and

Some Credit Control Executives and two Accounts Executives work under the Manager of Finance and accounts Department.

Finance and accounts Department doing the following things:

  • Billing
  • Verification of Client’s Monthly Bill
  • Billing Amount Verification between ledger and tally accounts
  • Prepare the Export Summary for every month

Chapter Six

Financial Analysis of the company

6.1 The Billing Process:

Upload the downloaded edited data

Into the ERP System

Rating & Invoicing
Find the CN

Not Update

Yes No



Print final


Find the CN

& Rates

Yes No

6.2 Financial Ratio Analysis:

Financial Ratio is an index that relates two accounting numbers and is obtained by dividing one number by the other. The commonly used financial ratios are of essentially two kinds. They are Balance sheet ratios and income state & income statement Balance sheet ratios.

Liquidity ratio
Activity Ratio
Coverage Ratio
Profitability ratio
Financial leverage ratio

Financial Data

Ratio Data Name 2010 2009
Current asset (in € millions) 634 2,789
Current Liability (in € millions) 1,262 2,837
Total debt(in € millions) 5919 4740
Net profit after tax(in € millions) 351 289
Net Sales(in € millions) 4,274 4187
Total operating income(in € millions) 480 587
Equity(in € millions) 2,443 2,080
Total Asset(in € millions) 8,137 7,695
No of Current Share 376,339,096 370,988,519
Market price per Share (in € cents) 1975.05 2149.9
Earning per Share(in € cents) 92.9 76.7
Long term Debt(in € millions) 1582 1925
Total Capitalization =

Long term debt + Equity(in € millions)

4025 4005


Current Ratio= Current asset/ Current Liabilities

= 634/1,262 (in € millions)

= 0.502

Debt-to-Equity Ratio= Total Debt/ Shareholder’s Equity

= 5919/2,443 (in € millions)

= 2.422841

Debt-to-Total Asset Ratio= Total Debt/ Total Asset

= 5919/8,137 (in € millions)

= 0.727418

Total Capitalization Ratio= Long Term Debt/ Total Capitalization

= 1582/4025 (in € millions)

= 0.39304

Operating Income Ratio= Total Operating Income/ Net Sales

= 480/4,274 (in € millions)

= 0.1123 = 11.23%

Return on Asset= Net Profit after Tax/ Total Asset

= 351/8,137 (in € millions)

= 0.04314 = 4.3%

Return on Equity= Profit Margin* Total asset turnover*Equity multiplier

= Net Income/sales* Sales/Total asset*Total Asset/common equity

= 351/4274*4274/8134*8134/2443

= 0.081*0.5254*3.329

= 0.1436

= 14.36%

Profit Margin = Net Income/sales

= 351/4274

= 0.081

Total asset turnover = Sales/Total asset


Equity multiplier =Total Asset/common equity



Earning Per Share= Net Profit after Tax/ No of Current Shares Outstanding

= 351/376,339,096


Price Earning Ratio= Market price per Share/ Earning per Share

=1975.05/92.9 (in € cents)


Net Income Ratio= Net Profit after Tax/ Net Sales

= 351/4,274 </strong