Political Parties Act, 1962


Political Parties Act (III of 1962)

S. 8(2):
‘Political party’—meaning of

The respondent in the present case was
originally a Muslim Leaguer but during the last General Election joined the
Combined Opposition Parties and with its support returned to the Provincial
Legislature. After election he again joined the Muslim League Party in the
Assembly and the question arose m the present case which was brought to unseat
him from the Legislature was whether in view of section 8(2) of the
Political Parties Act he was not disqualified from being a member of the
Assembly on the ground that he left Combined Opposition Parties at whose
instance he was returned to Provincial Assembly and joined another Party in the
Legislature .d thereby incurred the penalty imposed by subsection (2) of
section 8 of the Act.

Held: Since the Combined Opposition Parties
be said to be a political party the respondent does not come within the
mischief of section 8(2) Act.

Hussain Vs. Raja Muhamad Abdullah (1966) 18 DLR (WP) 65.