Child labor is one of the biggest problems around the world because it puts children in danger. It is basically utilizing that under aged children in any form forcing them to work which abuse, harms or violet them. This abuse may be physical, mental or sexual denying the children of their rights of basic education. This problem is increasing in many countries that are because of poverty and other issues, but poverty is the most reason for causing child labor. (1 2 3 Help Me. Internet resources.)

There are many different causes of “bad” child labor around the world. Parents are one of the causes for child labor especially illiterate parents. Some parents are not able to work so they force their children to work instead of them. Hence, children are more easily employed because they get less money paid than adults and they are easier to get abused. Other cause that is the seedbed of child labor and the biggest cause for child labor is Poverty. In some poor countries, the government doesn’t help poor families by providing education, health care or find for them work to get money. So, in this case parents are forced to send their children to work and get money to their parents. Ignorance for the rights of child to be educated and not to be abused, so there are some parents that are rich but they spend their money on drinking, buying drugs… they force their children to work. Otherwise, the children can be beaten or can be abused by their parents so children are forced to leave the home. And when they leave home also they are forced to work because they lost the protection and they need to get me to survive alone in this hard life. (“Child Labour”. OVC Support. Internet resources.)

Most societies expect children to do form of work. So, children are expected to play a part in family work from an early age. This will lead to harmful effects of child labor including low pay. Employers think that abusing children is easier than adults, so children are often paid much less for work done than adults. Long hours, some children are expected to work excessive hours that will result by physical harm. Also, one of the effects of child labor is losing education and taking their rights. Working children will lead for physical harm in many ways, because of long hours of working the body of the child cannot hold hard work as man therefore they will suffer from physical harms. Also, Children working in factories that contain big machines may cause the children to cut their hands or hurt themselves. Children that work in the street are also at risk of physical violence from police officers. Also, they may face in the street strangers or thieves that would steal their money. Children that work in street may get sick because of the bad weather and they don’t have money to buy clothes. Also, children that work in factories that contain toxic gases may lead for bad diseases for children. children that work in any place but especially in factories and street may be abused sexually. Physical, sexual or emotional abuse can leave severe impact on the child for years. It can cause several problems in the in the physical and emotional development of the child. Some other common psychological effect of child abuse is behavior problem attention problem, or drug abuse. These all psychological abuse for child will lead to be a bad person in future when he/she grows up. They will make bad things because when they were children their rights were taken from them and they were abused. Therefore, they will hurt other people abuse them, steal, taking drugs, poor relationship with the opposite sex, and do bad things that with done for them when they were children. (Buzzle. Internet resources.)

Exploitative child labor is a huge problem affecting the world today. Some people think it impossible to end exploitative child labor. There are possible solutions, though. One step towards eradicating child labor is creating international laws that countries can adopt in order to stop child labor. Governments can play a key role in eliminating child labor by passing laws that ban child labor under a certain age. But in some countries these laws aren’t enforced. So, government must work more to enforce these laws so that it can make a positive impact on decreasing child labor. Sometimes, child labor is caused because parents do not have steady jobs or enough income. Therefore, governments must support these poor countries in order to decrease the number of children working in streets. Children need to learn and write. Also, governments must make education free and compulsory up until the minimum legal age for employment. Hence, governments of all countries must take harsh measure against child trafficking. Replacing child worker by adult workers is a solution for child labor. (…/globalsolutions.htm)

Child labor is a complex problem that requires comprehensive, multifaceted solution. The most important solution is to give children their right to be educated, protected, and to ask actual child labor what they think the best solution would be, since it is they who would actually be affected. Child labor is a repulsive problem that must be faced to save the future of those children. (…/globalsolutions.htm)


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