Prospect & Problems of HRC Tea

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Prospect & Problems of HRC Tea

Executive Summary

HRC Tea is the one of the best product of HRC Family of companies. And also HRC Tea is the one of the best tea in Bangladesh in quality and service. In 18 years ago HRC Tea introduce in Bangladesh in the party of HRC Products Limited, Whose Chief Executive officer (CEO) is Mr. Sayed Hossain Chowdhury. HRC Tea is the best quality Tea in Bangladesh and which is producing in their two own garden. I want to see or seek the current market Share and Coverage of HRC Tea and which is the main problem or how much prospect in Bangladesh or in abroad. I think that HRC Tea have greater prospective or potentiality both in Bangladesh and in abroad. But this tea needs guideline to spread his/her market. In Bangladesh HRC Tea have greater potentiality with in a few years if the Company policy maker take care it effectively. I wish the best lick of HRC Tea.


HRC was constituted in March 1991 and is today a leading blue chip conglomerate of Bangladesh. Its diversified business interest includes Ship Owning/Chartering, Shipping Agency, Distribution, Leasing, Foreign Representation, Travel Trade, Tannery and Finished Leather Processing, Tea and Rubber Plantation owning, Tea Blending / Packaging for local market / export, Infant Formula and Cereals, Commodity, Real Estate, GLS Bulb manufacturing and Media publications. The group now consists of 16 diverse member companies independently driven by dedicated team of professionals with enviable track records. HRC through its associate companies also has substantial investment in General Insurance, Banking, Housing Finance and IT sectors.


I) HRC Syndicate Limited

Principal activities of this company are exports, foreign representation, constancy, leasing and general trading. It has established excellent network with leading Business Houses in Switzerland, Poland, CIS, The Netherlands, UK, UAE, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, PRC and Taiwan.

This company has internationally established itself ad one of the most reliable exporter of Bangladesh Bank Tea. The Government of Bangladesh had classified HRC as a CIP company for the last 9 consecutive years taking into accounts its export achievements since 1991/1992 financial year. During 1993/94, 1994/95, 1995/96, 1996/97, 1997/98 and 1998/99 Tea Auction season HRC was Bangladesh No. 1 Tea Exporter. HRC has been awarded with 7 National export trophies. The company received Gold trophies for its achievements during 1992/1993, 1993/1994, 1995/1996,1996/97 and 1997/1998. For they year 1994/1995 2001/02 it received National expects to receive more trophies for its export performance in they years to follow.

ii) Bangladesh Shipping Lines Limited (BDSHIP)

The company is engaged in the business of shipping agency and chartering. It regularly handles a good number of Liner and Tramp vessels consisting of container, combi, tanker, bulk and general cargo vessels in the ports of Chittagong and Mongla.

According to official Statistics from January 1991 to December 2001 BDSHIP has handled maximum number of vessels in Chittagong port. It currently acts as General Agents of following Foreign & Bangladeshi Ship owners:

– M/s. China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company of PRC

– M/s. CMA-CGM S.A. the French Line

– M/s. Compania Chilena de Navegacion Interoceanica S.A. (CCNI) of Chile

– M/s. Stolt-Nielsen Transpiration Group Ltd. of USA

The company also acts as agents of HRC Shipping Limited for its container feeder service on Chittagong/Singapore/Port Klang/Chittagong route. From July/01/95 BDSHIP has been representing as sole Bangladesh Member to the Muyltiport ship Agencies Network of London, UK.

(iii)HRC leather Complex Limited

This export oriented industrial unit (formally Hilton Leather Complex Ltd.) is located in Chittagong. It was purchased in the last quarter of 1990 and thereafter re-named and 1992. The tannery has installed capacity to process up to 4,50,000sq. it. of cow, sheep and goat raw hides into crust and finished leather.

(iv) Baridhi Shipping Lines Limited (BSLL)

This member company acts as general agents for shipping container giants EVERGREEN LINE and UNIGLORY LINE or Taiwan. It handless approx.1700 TEUS per month in the ports of Chittagong and Mongla.

The company also acts as gaents of HRC shipping Limited for its container feeder service on Chittagong/ Colombo/Haldia/ Chittagong route.

(v) Bangladesh Land Limited

In January 1993 the company purchased ‘Clevedon Tea Estate’ (CTE) located in Sylhet’s premier tea belt region. The plantation has annual production of approximately 425,000 KGS made tea on a total grant area of about 1500 acres.

In April, 1994 ‘Dildarpur Tea Estate’ (DTE) bordering ‘Clevedon’ was purchased, having total grant area of about 815 acres and annual production

Of approximately 145,000 KGS made tea. The factories in the Tea Estates have been fully modernized under BMRE Scheme and boast the state-of-the-art machinery available to he Tea Industry. The management practices the policy of upgrading its production facilities at regular intervals to maintain the highest quality of tea processing. Hence, both CTE and DTE under HRC ownership have been fetching top prices for its made tea in the Chittagong weekly tea auctions. The tea gardens are now within the top 5 tea estates out of Bangladesh’s total 159 tea gardens. During the tea auction seasons of 1998/99, 1999/00, 2000/01 and 2001/02, CTE ranked as the number tea garden of Bangladesh. Production yield per hector of both the estates is much above the national average of the country. In addition to massive field development works and planting of high yield variety Clone Tea, Bamboo plantation and Malaysian variety of Rubber had been undertaken by the estates where soil has been tested and found suitable for its cultivation.

(vi) HRC Properties Limited

The Company owns a number of prime commercial properties in Chittagong, Khulna and Dhaka. These are in turn leased / rented out to HRC family companies. The group’s Corporate HQ is earmarked for future construction in one of its properties located in Sangshad Avenue (over looking the House of Parliament) at Dhaka.

viii) HRC Travels Limited

Since January 1995 HRC represents EVA Airways Corporation of Taiwan as its Office Line Sole Agent for the territory of Bangladesh. The travel agency operates in the capital city of Dhaka and the port city of Chittagong.

(x) HRC Shipping Limited

The company purchased it’s 1st container feeder vessels M. V. Banga Biraj (now re-named as MV. Banga Lanka 528 TEUS) on December 31, 1997 to operate under Bangladesh flag between Chittagong/Mongla port and the international container transshipment port of Singapore. The 2nd feeder vessel M. V. Banga Birol (607 TEUS) came into service during July/1998. HRC’s 3rd and 4th container feeder vessel M. V. Bangla Bijoy (452 TEUS) and M.V. Banga Bonik (456 TEUS ) was launched on March 08, 2000 and October 2, 2000 respectively. TJie 5th vessel M.V. Banga Biraj (669 TEUS) was the 6th container feeder to join HRC fleet on November 09, 2001. The 7th container vessel M.V. Banga Borat (846 TEUS) was taken delivery on March 25, 2002.

HRC feeder network now operates on Chittagong / Singapore / Port Klang / Chittagong and Chittagong / Colombo / Haldia / Chittagong routes. Its will soon extends its service to the Indian port of Tuticorin. HRC has purchased slots from Shipping Corporation of India (SCI ) on its weekly container service from India to PRC. Service route covers Nava Shiva / Colombo / Singapore / Bussan / Shanghai / Hong Kong / Colombo/ Nava Shiva ports.

HRC is now the largest private sector ship owner / perator of Bangladesh. It has planned to increase its container vessel fleet to 8 by June 2002.

From February 2000 the Italian National Shipping Line M/s. LLOYD TRIEST1NO DE NAVIGAZIONE S.P.A. appointed HRC to be its general agents for the territory Of Bangladesh.

(XI) HRC Lighting limited,

This highly precision industry is located at the HRC industrial Estate, Savar. After successfully completing trial production run, it had gone into commercial production of Incandescent Light Bulbs (GLS) from October 1998 to meet growing local demand. Installed capacity is 16 million pcs per annum product launched in the market under brand name ‘HRC has been received very well due to its better lamination and long life. There are plans to produce Tube Lights (TL) and Energy Saving Lights in the near future.

xii) Arkan Express Limited

This company was purchased in December 1996. It owns a prime plot of land at Agrabad commercial Area, Chittagong. HRC has in its drawing board a steel unobstructed multi-storied office building to the constructed on this land, providing unobstructed view of the river Karaaphuli and the berths at Chittagong port. The company owns and operates a fleet of modern prime movers &Trailers. The equipment are engaged go primarily assist efficient handling of HRC’s vessels & containers at Chittagong port, due to inadequate number of equipment available with the Chittagong port Authority.

xiii) Hamid Properties Limited

HRC purchased this company in December 1993 engaged in real-estate business. It has recently finalized design / plans for developing a 12 storied modern office building in one of its own land located in Kawran Bazaar commercial area of Dhaka. Ground breaking will be in April 2002 and completion is expected by December 2003.

xiv) HRC Bangladesh Limited

This company is the investment wing of HRC and has sponsored / promoted a number of public companies along with other leading Commercial institutions of the country. National Housing Finance & Investment Limited is a leading company in the field of Housing Finance. Premium Securities limited is a member of the Dhaka Stock Exchange and engaged in stock brooking. Brilliant Hera limited is a Sri Lanka joint venture for diamond cutting & Polishing, the first of its kind to be set up in Bangladesh. One Bank Limited is a 3rd generation fully licensed private sector commercial bank presently operating with 6 branches.

xv) HRC Freight Limited

It provides solution in freight Management and offers comprehensive consolidation and freight forwarding services, which includes service storage, transportation and multi-country consolidation. The company acts ad agents to the following NVOCC principles:

a) Flash Line 2000 UK Limited, UK.

b) American Independent Lines, USA.

c) Dhow Express Corporation, Korea.

d) Oughtred &Harrison Ltd., UK.

e) Nuri Sea & Air co., Korea.

f) Sun Duck Shipping Co., Korea.

g) RTW (Round the World) Corporation, Taiwan.

Company also specializes in transporting project and oversized cargo with its fleet of heavy-duty prime movers and trailers.

xvi) HRC Media Limited

It is the publisher of the National Bengali Weekly TROTICHITRA’ (Meaning ‘Blue print’). There are future plans to publish national Dailies in English and Bengali Language.

The Company is also shareholder director of M/s. Holiday Publication Limited which is the chequered publisher for 37 years of the national weekend English newspaper ‘Holiday’.



The Corporate Head Quarters of HRC Group is located at 4/F TCB Bhaban, 1 Karwan Bazaar Commercial Area, Dhaka—1215.


This is located in Sangshad Avenue (over looking the House of Parliament) and boasts a modern display centre of HRC’s range of products. The Marketing Department of GLS Bulbs and Packet tea operates out of these premises.


HRC owns this rather attractive office building having total floor space of 49,000 sft. on four (4) floors. It is located in the heart of Agrabad Commercial Area. The tannery premises are located in the Industrial belt of Kalurghat.


This office is in the center of khulna town. It also has guesthouse provision for company visitors in view of rather poor hotel facilities in this part of the country.


This is a liaison office-cum-depot primarily responsible for HRC’s distribution business in the Northern Region of the country.


The office is responsible for day to day management ofHRC’s two (2) tea estates and rubber plantations.


This is a liaison office-cum-depot for HRC’s product distribution in Sylhet Division.


This is a liaison office-cum-depot for HRC’s product distribution in Comilla district.


HRC Industrial Estate is located near to the National monument on an area of approx. 25 acres of land. Phase 1 of the development works has been completed and two (2) industrial units are in commercial production.

Organization Structure

HRC is a group of Companies. CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Mr. Syeed Hossain Chowdhury heads Whole Company. HRC Product Limited is the member of HRC Family of Companies and Tea Department is one of the Department out of three department of HRC Product Limited. HRC Product Limited is considered the biggest department under HRC Product Limited. There are around 250 People in this department. Marketing Head is Deputy General Manager- Marketing (D.G.M.) Mr. Abu Sayed Raza. The Organogram is look like mentioned beneath.

Origin of HRC Tea

Tea pack will deal here periodically with a range of issues concerning the tradition, culture and technology of tea around the world. We shall start by telling you about a few aspects of the Japanese “tea ceremony”.

The Tea Ceremony

This famous ceremony actually arose I China, and was brought to Japan around 700 AD by Zen Buddhist monks. Every temple has a well-kept garden, with a building made of natural materials, such as wood, bamboo and paper: this is the tearoom, set aside especially for the famous ceremony. Before entering the room, the guests must wash their mouths and hands in the running water flowing from a small stone fountain near the entrance. The house has only one, bare room, where the Tea Master prepare the drink according to a well defined ritual pattern, and dilutes a powdered and bitter tea (matcha) in water, mixing it with a bamboo whisk.

Traditionally, very sweet cookies are eaten to make up for the bitterness of the tea. Courses are also held to teach how to perform tea ceremonies; small but nourishing quantities of food are served during the first lesson. The cooking tradition stemming from the tea ceremony is called chakaiseki ryoni.

The classic tea ceremony lasts several hours, and provides participants with an opportunity to find spiritual peace and harmony- the actual tea drinking is of secondary importance, In Japan, about one million people regularly attend tea ceremonies.


After packing from the garden all the tea leafs are being kept on the fermenting house. To complete the fermenting with it required 5 to 8 hours (aprox.) and after them then fermenting tea’s brings through different dryer and fermenting tea’s coming out as dryer mill after processing of different dryer’s. From here the tea graduals run through another dryer which segmentation and graduals into different grade of tea. Though whole the process is coming through different processing machine but physical knows how of the graduals of different stages is very important are final good product outputs.

Figure: Garden of HRC


Category of HRC Tea

HRC have 4 Category of Tea. Which is the bellow—

Category of HRC Tea
Broken Orange PECO (BOP)

1) Orthodox

Orthodox is the primary stage of Tea. Orthodox is collecting from to garden. And which have not consumer without processing. The local customer or labor of tea garden or farmers are normally it use without processing.

2) Broken

It is the other most important category of HRC Tea. It is the better quality than the orthodox. This category is selling under Bazaar pack. 250 gm, 500 gm, 100 gm, and 2000 gm pack tea is called the Bazaar pack. Now, HRC have not emphasized this category tea because of consumer pack 10 gm, 50 gm, 100 gm and 400 gm.

3) Dust

Dust is the better quality of in HRC or any other tea brand in Bangladesh. Dusts have some categories. Which are the bellows —

a) PECO Dust (PD)

Pack size: 500 gm, and lOOGgm.

b) Hotel Dust (HD) Pack:

Pack size: 400 gm, 500 gm, and 1000 gm, 2000 gm.

c) Red Dust (RD)

Pack size: 500 gm, and 1000 gm.

d) Charamoni Dust (CD)

Pack size : 500 gm and 1000 gm.

e) Super Churamoni Dust (Super CD)

Pack size: 500 gm and 1000 gm.

4) Faring

Faring has 1 category which name is PECO faring (PF)


No.Caption MarketNo. Of OutletSales PersonHRCIspahaniTazzFinleyTetlyPranOthersRemarks    Con.Baz.Con.BazCon.Con.BazCon.Baz.Con.Baz.Con.Baz 1Kazipara (mirpur)58Kasam745194 125  21      2Lalmatia (mirpur)92Kasam16064178 146  30 1    3Minpur-11103Kasam1382178361644733 67 2 26651 4Mirpur-1083Halim8531423102  10 3 2  5Mirpur-1369Halim465949215  4   127 6Mirpur-14101Halim127161109 129  6 1  10 327Kafrul69Halim8181721912510 33 1 34  87Rupnagor88Jahid Hossain662021612259  7 1 132 9Mirpur-286Jahid Hossain60113561024013960   107 10Muslim Bazaar105Jahid Hossain1503730346258  39 3    11Duaripara97Jahid Hossain163520216461502 54   37 12Kakoli90Zahirul58352904616317 18   74 13Bonani92Zahirul16681724893 44   129 14Mohakhali114ahirul153122347187131890  33030 15Gulshan-1135Zahirul276101303169174158011   6122 16Gulshan-2150Zakirul1644930917915247 1 213 17Badda120Zakirul267192309542651262 2 135 18Aftabnogar161Zakirul26720539392198 142223  5 19Bonosree114Rafiq9083151126827 52   335 20Gonan98Rafiq125212381715711 42    1 21Noyabazaar131Monr964749813418512 24 1 1  22Sutnapur109Monir13552264109  33   191 23Sodorghat109Monir809596843562 22   15020 24Moulovibazaar160Jafor1734669720236  52   341 25Anandobazaar135Jafor1022551283200  9 1 4458 Total2669 330218757852119445011341478192203657428


No.Caption MarketNo. Of OutletSases PersonHRCIspahanlTazzFinleyTetlyPranOthersRemarks    Con.Baz.Con.BazCon.Con.BazCon.Baz.Con.Baz.Con.Baz 1Kazipara (mirpur)58Kasam30455 31  14      2Lalmatia (mirpur)92Kasam661483 61  18 1    3Minpur-11103Kasam46188818531 25 282  4Mirpur-1083Halim49371142  5 81   5Mirpur-1369Halim3817231171 4  39  6Mirpur-14101Halim732353 51  9 1 1  327Kafnal69Halim454595361 14 12   87Rapnogor88Jahid Hossain234701226  15 154  9Mirpur-286Jahid Hossain204734595232  66  10Muslim Bazaar105Jahid Hossain71792690  22 2    11Duaripara97Jahid Hossain3526717494 18  54  12Kakoli90Zahirul306735507 13  22  13Bonani92Zahirul563572542 32  29  14Mohakhali114ahirul5619312826453  184  15Gulshan-1135Zahirul73189234808910  714  16Gulshan-2150Zakirul62131228512410 123  17Badda120Zakirul6322887511131 151  18Aftabnogar161Zakirul82211391677 41514 4  19Bonosree114Rafiq32410048312 32  51  20Gonan98Rafiq356777428 19   1  21Noyabazaar131Monr58510614575 6 11   22Sutnapur109Monir64573147  21  121  23Sodorghat109Monir3448912801 12  321  24Moulovibazaar160Jafor7720139583  33  141  25Anandobazaar135Jafor5491161967  6 2165  Total2669 127226121022001419642446912514673

Market Position of HRC and Different Tea

We know that their present market scenario measures a company’s position. Here we can see that the current Scenario of HRC Tea is not good or not health. Their market share and Coverage is not sufficient which they are expected.

In this graph we can see that the present market scenery of Tea Company. I am start survey Aug 15, 2009 and finished at the date Oct, 06 2009 and visit 25 caption Market in Dhaka city. Which have in the table. I am also visit 2669 Outlet with in the Caption Market with their (HRC) Assistant Sales officer fir seek the current stock of different tea Company to their (retailer) Outlet for measure the Market Share and Coverage of different tea in Bangladesh.

Here, I want to explain my survey, which is in the table.

Position in share

In this survey Report we see that the market share of consumer pack (10 gm, 50gin, 100 gm, 200 gm 400 gm) and per pack (500 gm, 1000 gm)

HRC 19%

Ispahan 45%

Tazza 26%

Finely 1%

Tetley 5%

Pran 1%

Others 4% (Scylon, Magholia, Fresh, union Shah-Wallace, Khondker and some local tea)

Summary: Market Share of Different Tea

Total Stock Consumer Bazaar Total Share %
(Kg.) (Kg.) Consumer Bazaar
HRC 3302 1857 5159 19 51
Jjspahani 7852 1194 9046 45 33
Tazza 4501 26
Finley 134 147 281 1 4
Tetly 819 2 821 5 1
Pran 20 3 23 1 1
Others 657 428 1085 4 12
Total 17285 3631 20916 83 17

The Market Share of Consumer Pack (10gm. 50 gm. 100gm. 200gm. & 400gm) of different Tea in Dhaka City.

The Market Share of Bazaar Pack (500 gm. & 1000gm) of different Tea in Dhaka City.

Share of Ispanani

We know that Ispahani is the leader tea Company in Bangladesh. Their market share is 45%, which is the half of total tea in Bangladesh.

Share of Tazza

We can see that the Tazza is the challenger of Ispahani tea. Their market hare is 26% of total Market Share. I think they are not strong challengers of Ispahani.

Share of HRC

We also see that my Internship Company HRC products Limited (Tea) position is number 3 in consumer pack. They are also challenger competitors of Ispahani. But in Bazaar pack (500 gm, 1000 gm) HRC is the leader Company in Bangladesh. Their Market Share more than half of total market in here. In Bazaar pack HRC market Share is 51% where Ispahani is 33%.

In this survey we also see that in 25 routes of Dhaka City there have 17,285-tg consumer pack in 2669 outlet. And also see that there has 363 kg. Bazaar jacks in 2669 outlet.

In this 17,285-kg of consumer pack HRC have 3302-kg consumer varieties and 7,852 kg Ispahani and 4501 kg Tazza and rest are others.

In Bazaar (500 gm, and 1000 gm) pack there have total 3631 kg in 25 routes and 2669 outlet of Dhaka City. This 3631-kg Bazaar pack HRC has 1857 Kg, Ispahani have 1194 kg, and rest is others.

Position in coverage

In this survey report we see that the market Coverage of consumer pack (10 gm, 50 gm, 1 00 gm, 200 gm and 400 gm) and Bazaar pack (500 gm and 1000 gm) is the bellow.

Coverage Of Ispahani

Here we see that the coverage of Ispahani have 2102 Outlet in consumer pack with in the total 2669 outlet. And Bazaar Ispahani Coverage is 200 outlets with in the 2669 total outlet.

The Coverage of Ispahani Consumer pack is 79% and Bazaar pack is 8% of .669 outlets. Which is so much better than any other brand in Bangladesh? So we can say that Ispahani also leader of coverage in tea market.

Coverage of HRC

HRC Coverage HRC have 1272 outlet in consumer pack with in the total 669 outlet. And Bazaar pack HRC Coverage is 261 outlets out of 2669 outlet, he Coverage of HRC Consumer pack is 48% and Bazaar pack is 10%. Both consumer position of 2nd position of tea market in Bangladesh.

Coverage of Tazza

Tazza Coverage have 1419 outlet in total 2669 outlet of consumer pack. It is total coverage of Tazza because Tazza has not Bazaar varieties. If Tazza is 2nd in consumer pack but in both coverage Tazza have lower than the HRC.

Coverage Of Tetley

Tetley is the other good tea company in Bangladesh. Their coverage is not. They have 469 outlets out of 2669 outlet.

Summary: Market Coverage of Different Tea.

Total Stock Consumer Outlet Bazaar Outlet Total Coverage %
Consumer Bazaar
HRC 1272 261 48 10
Ispahani 2102 200 79 8
Tazza 1419 53
Finley 64 24 2 1
Tetly 469 1 18 1
Pran 25 1 1 1
Others 146 73 6 3
Total 2669 2669

The Market Coverage of Consumer Pack (10gm. 50gm. 100gm. 100gm. 200gm. & 400gm) of different Tea in Dhaka City.

The Market Coverage of Bazaar Pack (500gm. & 1000gm) of different Tea in Dhaka City.

Mentioned hereby that the coverage of HRC is better than any other brand or same in narrow lane area.

But in caption Market area the coverage and share of HRC is very much poor than the Tazza and Ispahani.

I think its are possible by low customer demand of HRC Tea. Every retailer said that there has no person who hare want his own for HRC Tea. They (retailer) always push the HRC Tea not sale with customer demand. So I can say that the push strategy of HRC is better but there have no pull strategy.

Push strategy

Demand Demand


Demand Demand

Figure: Pull VS Push Strategy

Push strategy increase sale slowly but pull strategy create customer demand every know that. So I think HRC should get some pull strategy for increase their market share and Coverage.

Their market share and coverage is not good. Their policy maker should identify their problem effectively. I think their management should be future oriented, which is essential for them. They should expenditure for advertisement, which is essential for publicity of every product.

Demand of Different Brand

In both consumer and Bazaar pack HRC position is number 2 in total Market Share and Market Coverage. Because the sum of consumer and bazaar pack (3302 +1857) =5159 kg which is higher than the Tazza. Because Tazza have not any Bazaar pack. They have only consumer pack.

In this sense we can say that .HRC is the main competitor or challenger of Ispahani, but not individually (only consumer pack). Though the demand of HRC is very much low than the Tazza. I think the demand of Ispahani is better than any other brand. Then the demand is Tazza, which is LEVER Brothers Company Bangladesh limited.

On the other hand the demand of Ispahani more than the any other Company in Bangladesh. And they have strong brand image, which they build day by day. In this goodwill or brand image increase Ispahani demand and which is help to increase sale. They have strong branded image but they always try to aware, the consumer or customer for their best. We know that the have attractive advertisement of Ispahani in both Electronic and Print media.

And we also know that Ispahani sponsored in ATN Bangla News. Present competitive market there has no alternative of publicity. I think HRC market Share and Coverage increase smoothly if they continue widely TV advertisement as soon as possible.

Major Competitors Company of HRC

Every Company has some competitors. A company is growing with various competitors. Every company should identify their competitors if he/she growing smoothly. So HRC Tea also identify their competitors. Which is the bellow—?

1. Ispahani

Ispahani is the main competitors of HRC Tea. The maximum share is capturing in Ispahani Tea. The growing of HRC Tea is not sufficient for Ispahani. The brand image and quality and their channel of distribution is the cause of harmful for HRC Tea.

HRC have 5 Categories of consumer pack. Such as 10 gm. 50 gm., 100 gm., 200 gm. and 400 gm. Ispahani also have 5 categories of consumer pack. On the other hand HRC have 2 bazaar pack. Such as 500 gm. and 1000 gm. And sameway Ispahani have 2 categories of bazaar pack, 500 gm and 1000 gm. On the other hand the price of Ispahani Tea’s every category is same to HRC Tea.

The turnovers of Ispahani Tea are so much better than others. The demand of Ispahani is so much high than any other brands. Sales of HRC Tea is not increase quickly for the demand of Ispahani Tea.

2) Tazza

The other most powerful competitor of HRC Tea. The demand of Tazza is better than HRC. Tazza is a product of Uniliver . This brand name is helping to increase sales and market share.

In Bangladesh Ispahani is the Leader Tea company and Tazza is their challenger. Tazza is main and closely competitor of HRC Tea.

If HRC increase its market share and coverage I think they should and attack Tazza not Ispahani. The brand image of Uniliver is helping to capture Tazza’smarket Share. HRC should handle Tazza carefully wants their markets share.


The other Tea in Bangladesh whose name is Tetley. It’s an ACI product. Tetley’s Market shares and coverage is not same of HRC Tea. It’s a new brand of Tea. Tettley can not harm go HRC Tea. So HRC should careful about it but not a matter of thinking.

4) Finely

Other brand of Tea in Bangladesh. But their market share is not good. They have few market share and coverage. HRC should not think about it.


Other brand of Tea in Bangladesh. They have not also big market share. Somewhat their brands are found. They have not harmed HRC Tea in current position. Pran is not a cause of thinking of HRC Tea.

6)SeyIon Tea

It’s a product of Abul Khayer Group. Their market share is not good but in recent their coverage are good than before. The new advertisement of Seylon is helping to increase market share and coverage quickly.

Their promotional activities are better than other brands. Their market share is increase day by day. Seylon is a cause of thinking of HRC Tea. Because Seylon is harm HRC Tea than other brands. Seylon provide 50-gm. pack free with 400-gm. pack. And who have bought 2kg tea they provide 250-gm. pack and provide a Starship condense milk accompanying with 6kg. Tea. So, in a short time Seylon is a cause of harm for other Tea specially HRC Tea.

8) Khondokar Tea

It’s an other brand of Tea in Bangladesh. It’s a local tea. There have not enough market shares. Somewhat its are seen.

9) Fresh

It’s the other brand of Tea in Bangladesh. Their market share also not good. Their bazaar pack’s are seen somewhat.

10) Dankan

The big tea producer in Bangladesh. Their Tea is export mainly. The biggest exporter in Bangladesh is Dankan Tea.

The other competitor brand of Tea is Bawani, National Tea, onion Sah-Wallace Tea. There are all competition tea brand of HRC Tea in Bangladesh.

Marketing Mix of HRC Tea

Product Quality

HRC Tea is one of the best quality products in Bangladesh. There have strong quality product, which serve their customer continuously. HRC collect orthodox Tea from their own tea garden. Their have 2-quality tea garden which is not available other tea company. Dildarpur garden is the best tea garden of HRC and also in Bangladesh. The best quality product of HRC is Clevedon tea. HRC is the number one tea for auction. They get high price when its are auction.

So, I can say that there has no claim about quality of HRC Tea. Somewhat have claim but that’s not every time are not harmful for sale. The sale of HRC Tea is not same of in quality. Because of its low demand and unawareness. If the management creates awareness HRC Tea is going to market leader or challenger so fast.

So, I think HRC should emphasize the customer demand and aware them for sale of best quality HRC Tea.

We know that product quality is depending on many various factors. Which is the bellow—

1) Product Varieties

Product varieties are depending on company’s policy making. Every company has not product varieties. But HRC has various categories of product. HRC have 2 categories of product. Which is

a) Consumer pack

b) Bazaar pack

a) Consumer pack

Consumer pack is the one of the most important categories of HRC Tea. Consumer pack or consumer varieties means the tea pack which weight is the bellow –

10 gm. 50gm. lOOgm. 200kg. and 400gm. Pack tea is called the consumer pack. The consumer pack of HRC tea is high much quality product. Sometime its are better quality of Ispahani and Tazza Tea. So HRC emphases their consumer pack for sale. They provide various promotional programs for sale consumer product.

I think it they have increase their market share and coverage of consumer pack should emphasize the promotional activities. Such as start attractive advertisement in electronic media or print media. Because their product awareness is so much poor than their quality of product.

b) Bazaar Varieties

The another varieties of HRC Tea are Bazaar pack. Bazaar pack means which pack’s weight is 500 gm. and 1000gm.

Tie market share and coverage of HRC Tea in Bazaar variety is very much good than other Tea company.

HRCis the leader in Bazaar varieties. But HRC not emphasizes Bazaar pack in consumer pack. In tea stall the HRC Bazaar pack’s demand is very much than other tea company except local brand.

2) Quality of product

Product quality is the part of product concept of marketing concept. Quality is first of HRC Tea. Quality tea helps to increase share and coverage. Quality product needs awareness to the customer for increase demand. HRC Tea is on of the best quality tea in Bangladesh. But tea customer or consumer does not know about the quality of HRC Tea.

In today’s competitive situation every company try to awareness the customer for increase sale. But HRC does not try it appropriately. But HRC should know that there has no alternative way to awareness the product except publicity.

At last we can say that only quality product can not increase sale except publicity in today’s competitive business field. So, HRC should maintain quality of product accompanying the publicity of product.

3) Design

The other most important factors of product are needed for maintain quality. Product design is help for increase sales. HRC have good design pack, which is help to increase sales. The attractive product design is attract customer. If a customer choice the design of pack he/she buy the product. I think the packet design of HRC product is good than other brand. The 10-gm. Because its are attract customer in their eye for hang front size of outlet and also attract for its price. So I can say that the product design is good of HRC.

4) Features of product

The other most important factors of increase sales of a product. The features of HRC Tea are good than some brand. The features of HRC Tea are same of Ispahani and some time better of Tazza. The features of HRC Tea is the bellow—-

1) High quality product

2) Various categories of product

3) Various size of pack

4) The Tea is coming from their own garden

5) The good quality packet

6) Good color of packaging

7) Quality prove by BSTI

8) Timely distributing product

9) Delivery timely. :

10) Better order collect process

11) There have own transport service to delivery product.

12) Sufficient supply of product

13) Number one garden tea in Bangladesh

14) Export quality tea

15) Expert, energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic sales person for sale product.

5) Brand name

Perhaps the most distinctive skills of professional marketers are their ability to create, maintain, product and enhance brands.

We know that brand as; a name term, sign, symbol design or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods or services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate from these of competitors.

A brand name is a complex that can convey up to 6 levels of meaning.

1) Attributes

2) Benefits

3) Values

4) Culture

5) Personality

6) User.

The brand name is basing the image of a product. HRC the family name have strong brand image in market. They’re some various products of HRC families (which are discussing before). So, we can say that HRC Tea is the part of strong brand product under HRC families. As a result HRC Tea can spread their market with in a short time by the use of HRC families. Manufacturers and service companies who brand their product must choose with brand names to use. 4 strategies are available for brand name.

1) Individual name

2) Blanket family name

3) Separate family name

4) Corporate name combined with individual product names.

HRC use the number 4 strategies. They introduce their new brand under the corporate name combined with individual product name. Such as —

Products benefits

Service category

High imagery qualities

Easy to spell, pronounce, recognize


Not carry poor meaning

HRC use this terms to introduce new product or brand.

6) Packaging

Most physical product has to be packaged and labeled. Many markets have called packaging a 5th p along with product price place and promotion. We define packaging as all the activities of designing and producing the container for a product. The container is called the package. Orthodox of HRC Tea is called primary package Broken of HRC Tea is called secondary package and finally Dust and Faring is called the shipping package. Well-designed packages can create convenience and promotional value. So, we can say the various packaging help for convenience and promotion of HRC Tea, which is helping for sales.

7) Sizes

The other most important factors’ of product quality are size of products or size of product package. There have various size of HRC Tea package, Which is the bellow-

Figure: Category of Packet

Every customer / consumer have not demand every pack. Several customized several pack. For this reason HRC introduces several packs of several customers need.

These are the all about of conduct quality of HRC Tea.

Pricing Policy

Every company product has pricing policy. HRC Tea has also price policy. There have several prices for several packs. Here shown the price list of several pack of HRC Tea.

We know that there have some characteristics of pricing policy. Which is the bellow—


The most important pricing policy is price. Every Company has price list of their product. HRC also have price list. Which is the bellow—

The price list of HRC is same to Ispahani. But they (HRC) provide some promotional program and that’s can less their product list price than Ispahani. As for example, HRC provide a Danish condensed milk if a retailer but 3kg consumer pack at a time period or buy 10 kg, Bazaar packs. The price of Danish is 27 tk. As a result the per pack price is decrease 9 tk. Then the list price and which is helping for increase sale and share.


The other most important factors of pricing policy of HRC Tea. HRC give discounts 9tk per kg. If retailer want 1kg tea for his /her inability to buy 3kg at a time. That depends on the distributor. But they have not provided discount sales. Their discount is being the past of Danish Program; these advantages are only for the retailer not customer or consumer.

Brand Name Packing Size Trade Price

per PC, In TkTrade Price per K.G. In Tk.HetailPrice per PC. In TkRetail Price per K.G. In Tk.01HRC Clevedon Tea200 CM PKT55.00275.0062.00310.0002HRCClevedonTea200 Cm JAR55.00275.0062.00310.0003HRC Clevedon Tea10GM Poly2.80280.003.00300.0004HRC Clevedon Tea50 GM Poly12.45249.0014.00280.0005HRC Clevedon Tea100 GM Poly23.40234.0026.00260.0006HRC Clevedon Tea200 GM Poly46.00230.0051.00255.0007HRC Clevedon Tea400 GM Poly88.80222.0098.00245.0008HRC Clevedon Teti500 GM Poly109.00218.00120.00240.0009HRC Clone Tea200 GM JAR60.00300.0070.00350.0010HRC Clone Tea200 GM Poly52.00260.0060.00300.00IIHRC Clone Tea400 GM Poly100.00250.00112.00280.0012HRC Premier Tea50 GM Poly11,60232.0013.00260.0013HRC Premier Tea,100 GM Poly21.70217.0024.00240.0014HRC Premier Tea200 CM Poly42.80214.0047.00235.0015HRC Premier Tea400 GM Poly83.20208.0092.00230.0016HRC Garden Tea500 GM Poly100.00200.00110.00220.0017HRC Premier BOP250 QM Poly49.50198.0054.00216.0018HRC Premier BOP500 GM Poly97.50195.00107.00214.0019HRC Premier BOP1 000 GM Poly194.00194.00212.00212.0020HRC Premier RD500 GM Poly100.00200. 00^109.00218.0021HRC Premier RDIOOOGM Poly198.00198.00216.00216.0022HRC DildarpurCD500 GM Polv106.00212.00116.00232.0023HRC Dildarpur CDIOOOGM Poly211.00211.00231.00231.0024HRC CD250 GM Poly5500220.0060.00240.0025HRC CD500 GM Poly108.50217.00118.00236.0026HRC CDIOOOGM Poly216.00216.00236.00236.0027HRC Super50 GM Polv11.35227.0012.50250.0028HRC SuperIOOGM Poly21.30213.0023.00230.0029HRC Super250 GM Poly49.25197,0055.00220.0030HRC Super500 GM Pol>97.50195.00105.00210.0031HRC Premier PD500 GM Poly99.00198.00108.00216.0032HRC Premier PDIOOOGM Poly196.00196.00213.00213.0033HRC Premier PF500 GM Polv97.00194.00106.00212.0034HRC Premier PFIOOOGM Poly193.00193.00210.00210.0035HRC Hotel Dust400 GM Poly80.40201.0088.00220.0036HRC Hotel Dust500 GM Poly99.50199.00109.00218.0037HRC Hotel Dust1 000 GM Poly197.00197.00215.00215.0038HRC Dildarpur BOP500 GM Poly95.00190.00105.00210.0039HRC Dildarpur BOP1 000 GM Poly189.00189.00209.00209.0040HRC Dildarpur PF500 GM Poly95.00190.00105.00210.0041HRC Dildarpur PF1 000 GM Poly189.00189.00209.00209.0042HRC Dildarpur Dust500 GM Poly95.00190.00105.00210.0043HRC Dildarpur Dust1 000 GM Poly189.00189.00209.00209.00


The other most important factors of pricing policy of HRC Tea. HRC offered some prize for sale of product in a point Bazaar. They provide attractive prize for the bears of sale, which have sale better or higher he/she, get highest prizes. They start program one after another.

Credit terms

In modern business credit is the important past of business. Every company is not sale credit but many of them are sale in credit terms.

HRC don’t sale in credit business whether the distributor is not sale credit. In minimum time HRC sale their product in cash system. Although credit terms is the most important business situation.

Here we see that the 10 gm. per pack is 3.20TK for retailer but they (retailer) are sale it 3.50 which is same of Ispahani Tea. For this reason customer cannot want to buy HRC Tea. Because the demand and awareness of Ispahani is so much high than HRC Tea.

On the other 400 gm. Poly pack is buy the retailer 98Tk. Which is also the same of Ispahani Tea. For this way price of every pack is same of Ispahani, which is decreasing sale of HRC Tea. So, I think HRC should less their price or provide consumer benefit. Such as gift or prize especially for the consumer / customer. Because the brand image of Ispahani is very much high than any other brand. For choice any one packs of HRC and Ispahani customer / consumer obviously choose the Ispahani Tea not HRC Tea. Whether HRC are not provided gift or prize.

Promotional program

Promotion is one of the best activities of increase sales of any brand or any product. Promotional activities can increase of sale or decrease of sale for a product. Promotion may be———-

Discount Prize

But basically we know that the modern promotional activities mean the attractive advertisement in print media or electronics media. A good advertisement can increase sale of awareness in a short time. Which is not possible other ways.

In this sector HRC Tea position is so much poor than other brand of Tea. The market share and coverage is not same to their quality product for the cause of no attractive TV or print media advertisement. This is the time when HRC should start an attractive advertisement as soon as possible. A good or attractive advertisement increases their market share very much quickly in this competitive market situation. These have no alternative way of promotional activities for increase sale and aware the brand. If HRC want to go ahead they should start attractive advertisement as soon as possible.

We know that whether the advertisement of RC Cola, and have not in TV media their market share would not good than the current. On the other hand the coverage of Seylon” is possible for their promotional activities. Though they have not capture market share or increase sale in a long run time in short term they are gaining than other brands. In a long term Seylon can not harm the HRC Tec but shortly they are harm HRC Tea to their market share and coverage. So, I can say that every company should have good promotional program to handle their competitors.

HRC have some promotional program, which is helping to their sales. Which are the bellows. HRC provide Danish Condensed Milk. If a retailer buys 6 kg (10,50,100,200,40) gm. consumer pack or 10 kg. Bazaar pack (500 gm. and 3000 gm.) In Oct. they start another attractive promotional program which is for 3 month and its are on the point basis. So, at last I can say that this promotional program is not sufficient for increase sale and increase market share for HRC Tea. Which is the cause of problem. If HRC Tea overcome this problem they can capture market share and increase their market share very fast, which is the prospect of HRC Tea. We know that in a particular company success is depending on promotional activities. Every company should heaviest promotional activities for awareness or increase demand of a particular brand. There have some Characteristics of promotion. Which is the bellow —