Real beauty is not only the external attribute like physical beauty; but real beauty lies within, the inner beauty as well- Explain

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Real beauty is not only the external attribute like physical beauty; but real beauty lies within, the inner beauty as well- Explain.


People always like beauty. We can classify human beauty in two different classes. One is external beauty and the other is internal beauty. We call that person is has complete beauty who has a beautiful mind along with his beautiful physical attributes. Social psychology tells us that beauty in fact is not only skin deep. That is that beautiful people actually are nicer and friendlier. The argument goes as follows. Hopefully, we can all agree that we subconsciously assign positive characteristics such as intelligence and friendliness to beautiful people. Studies confirm this assumption. We then treat these people nicer than we treat others. Studies confirm this as well. The improvable hypothesis is that beautiful people are beautiful on the inside as well. As a result of having been beautiful and therefore kindly treated children they develop a positive self-image and treat others as they have learned others treat them. This continues into adulthood creating beautiful people that are friendlier and nicer than less beautiful people. Thus beautiful looking people become truly beautiful people by way of a self fulfilling prophecy. Our experience with beautiful people being nice fuels are expectation by way of a psychological phenomenon known as association that similar looking (and therefore also beautiful) people will also be nice. We in turn treat them nicer and they treat us nicely in return further developing their own good character.

Real beauty is not only the external attribute like physical beauty; real beauty lies within, the inner beauty as well. Like the beauty outside is differ from culture to culture in some culture pale skin is beautiful, or in contrast, tanned skin. In Japanese culture beauty is measure from the leant of hair like but what do you think about long hair in Europe or US culture. Some people likes healthy figure some likes zero figures. But when it’s come to the real beauty no matter what culture it is or what type of person he is, everybody likes a loving and caring person. Real beauty is what you are on inside and how good person you are. Beauty had been closely linked to truth and moral goodness.

Beauty is-

1. A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sigh (


To be a great person in eyes of other people a person has to poses great internal beauty and the external beauty is only an additional feature to it.


To prepare this report I took support from both primary and secondary source. I tried to present information that I have collected in an organized manner as per my course instructor instructed me on class.

Primary Source:

I did survey over those people who are basically University students. The sample size of my survey is 50.

Secondary Sources:

Published articles and journals: I have collected information from various articles and journals that are published in our country. I have collected those articles and journals from the library of North South University.


· Business Ethics: A European Perspective Crane, A. and Matten,

Websites: I have visited so many websites that contains information regarding the “Beauty is skin deep”.

Newspapers and Magazines: I took help from the weekly feature pages from different newspapers. I have also collected some information from different magazines like Times Magazine, Chondo Anondo, Shanonda etc.

Relevant Ethical Theories and applications

Ethical theories and principals are the fundamental things by which we can analyze our ethical situation and conflict of interest. But one person may tend to think in terms of one theory, while another may think in terms of another theory.

Ethical theory by Richard De George (1999:33-54) suggest that two extreme position can be imagined.

Ethical absolutism: Ethical absolutism said that there are eternal, universally applicable moral principal. Where, right and wrong are rationally determine. It is claims that morality is a objective context. If a rational person in the society says it ethical than it’s ethical no matter what the law says.

In other words Absolutism is an ethics that is unconditional, usually considered preordained by a higher power or “natural” law.

Application of Absolutism: Your electricity bill is BDT 5000 and you are giving 2500 to government. To give less amount of electricity bill you gave bribe to an officer of electricity office. We know that giving bribe and cheat with government is an unethical practice in the religion .So the reasonable person in the society will not accept it as a moral behavior and as long as it is a crime in law. So as the reasonable person and law say it unethical practice so it’s unethical. We should think more about our future. If we continue this tradition year after year it will be a big social problem to us. So, we should be united in this matter and promise together that we will give the actual bill to the government and will never compromise with corruption.

Ethical relativism: Ethical relativism claims that morality is context dependent and subjective. Relativism tends to believe that there are no universal rights or wrongs that can be rationally determined. Morality is culturally determined for this different culture has different ethics.

In simple words we can say- “Relativism is an ethic that is related to local customs, beliefs, or necessities.”

Application of Relativism: Alcohol is legal on Non-muslim countries. But, in a muslim country like Bangladesh alcohol is totally illegal. So, when a American comes to Bangladesh he cannot drink it openly here. He should be very careful about this matter. Every person has to be very conscious when he is living in another region except his own region. He should learn very well about that region’s culture and then act according to them.

Traditional ethical theories:

Traditional ethical theories generally offer a certain rule or principle which one cal applies in a given situation. These theories are normative because they start with an assumption about the nature of the world and more specific assumptions about the nature of the human beings.

Traditional theories can divide in to two groups:

· Consequentialist theories

· Non-Consequentialist theories

Consequentialist theories: This theory moral judgment is depends on the outcome of a certain action. If the outcome of the action is desirable then the action is morally right and if the outcome of the action is not desirable than the action is morally wrong.

There are two Consequentialist theories

· Egoism

· Utilitarianism

Egoism: Egoism is one of the oldest philosophical ideas discusses by ancient Greek philosophers like Plato.

Following the theory of egoism an action is morally right if the decision maker freely decides in order to pursue either their short-term desire or long term interests.

The justification for egoism lies in the underlying concept of man: as man has only limited insight in to the consequences of his action, the only suitable strategy to achieve a good life is to pursue his own desire or interest. Adam Smith (1973) argued that in the economic system, this pursuit of individual self-interest was acceptable because it produce a morally desirable outcome in the society though the invisible hand of marketplace.

Application of Egoism: If anyone pay less telephone bill by giving bribe to the assigned officer he will be definitely benefitted. But, it is a short term benefit, in long run if he does not pay those payments government does not have the money to run the country and total economic condition of the country will collapse and as citizen of the country he will be affected more. Then again he need to pay tax properly to help the government and this time it will be harder for him to pay this tax as the economic condition not good.

Utilitarianism: The philosophy of utilitarianism is one of the most commonly accepted ethical theories in Anglo Saxon world. It is linked to the name of the British philosopher and economists Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) and John Stuart Mill (1806-73).

According to utilitarianism, an action is morally right if it result in the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people affected by the action.

Application of Utilitarianism: We can remember the terrorist act at Nine-Eleven on 2001. Thousands of people killed at that day. From that day, USA started their mission to destroy terrorist party Al-kayeda for the betterment of American people and for the betterment of all peace loving people in the world. They were successfully destroyed Al-kayeda and killed their leader Usama Bin Laden. When people heard that Laden is killed, they become happy. In utilitarianism anything morally right if it result in the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people affected by the action. So, USA government did the right job according to the Utilitarianism theory.


The questionnaire survey was conducted among 50 people by random sampling. The questionnaire was clearly specific and straight forward which was mostly qualitative in nature. The questions have been adorned based on their responses, given below.

1. If you are requested to choose one person from two people who is your choice?

a) Who has a great smiling face but doesn’t have helping mentality

b) Who doesn’t smiles a lot but have the helping mentality

Motive of the question: The motive of the question is to find out whether people choose the external beauty or the internal beauty.

Result of the question: 75% of the responded said they will choose that person who has the helping mentality and rest 25% will choose that person who has only good smiling face.

Analysis of the result: From the response of the respondent we can easily understand that people like smiling face but the thing they wants more from other people is helping heart inside.

2. The people you don’t like are basically internally ugly?

a)Yes b) No c) Depends

Motive of the question: The aim of the question was to know the significance of beautiful mind to a person. I wanted to find value of beautiful heart by this question. And I also wanted to know how they feel about internally ugly people.

Result of the question: 65% of respondents said yes to this question. 10% said no, 25% said depends to this question.

Analysis of the result: It is really very important to be beautiful person internally. If anyone is beautiful externally only most of the people might not be interested to make long lasting relationship to him.

3. Do you think nice physical appearance is a criterion of choosing new friend?

a) Yes b) No c) Sometimes

Motive of the question: The ultimate goal of asking this question was how important is the external beauty to make good relationship to other person.

Result of the question: 30% people said yes to this question. 65% said no to this question and only 5% said sometimes to this question.

Analysis of the result: It is clear, that physical appearance is important to make a good relationship to others for very few number of people. So, physical appearance is not that much important to make a good relationship like friendship to others.

4. Which people does our society need if we try to make an idol society?

a) Intelligent b) Dedicated c) Good looking

Motive of the question: As a part of the society we should think about the well being of the society. That is why the question asked. This question might help us to find the most important part of our society.

Result of the question: 35% people said intelligent, 60% said dedicated and the rest 5% said good looking.

Analysis of the result: Again we found that inner beauty is more important than external beauty. We understood how important those persons are to our society who has internal beauty.

5. Do you think working properly in the office is the best gift to your boss to get a promotion?

a) Yes b) No c) May be something else

Motive of the question: This question aimed to find out the ethical position of the respondent.

Result of the question: 70% people said yes to this question, 20% no and the rest 10% said may be something else.

Analysis of the result: It means people still believe in good reward for good work.

6. Who is the real hero?

a) Freedom fighter b) Film star c) Model

Motive of the question: This question is the real comparison of the importance of internal beauty and external beauty.

Result of the question: 80% respondent said freedom fighters and the rest 15% said film stars and 5% said models.

Analysis of the result: Real heroes are respected wherever he goes. He doesn’t needs to show off. Film stars and models are the symbol of externally beauty here and the freedom fighter is the symbol internal beauty.

7. What would be the first criterion among the following options when you choose your life partner?

a) Caring b) Good looking c) Intelligen

Motive of the question: The main objective to ask this question is to find out the main factor to choose the best person in his or her eyes.

Result of the question: About 45% people said caring, 35% said good looking and 20% said intelligent to this question.

Analysis of the result: It means if his or her life partner is good looking is good but it is best if he is caring to me and others.

8. Which person do you choose if you are requested to become exactly like him?

a) That person who is honored because of his honesty

b) The person who is honored because of his physical beauty

c) The person who is honored because of his money.

Motive of the question: The ultimate goal to ask this question is to find out the ethical position of the respondent.

Result of the question: 50% people said option (a), 30% said (b) and 20% said (c).

Analysis of the result: This response indicates that our society is still teaching us that “Honesty is the best policy”.

9. Who is really happy from the following?

a) Never committed to crime and has limited money

b) Did crime and earned lots of money

Motive of the question: By asking this question I have tried to find out the real happiness of a person.

Result of the question: 70% said option (a) and 30% said option (b).

Analysis of the result: Happiness is not a thing to show off. Its on individuals mind. Money is not all to be a happy person. Inner satisfaction is the main thing here.

10. What do you expect from a good looking person?

a) Well manner b) Arrogance c) Not sure

Motive of the question: The question was aimed to find out the dependency of external beauty to internal beauty.

Result of the question: 55% said well manner, 30% said arrogance and 15% said not sure in response to this question.

Analysis of the result: If anyone is a good looking person he should have internal beauty as well. Otherwise he might not be a complete beautiful person.

Real examples

From my experience I can say that beauty is only skin deep. But, I have a lot of confusion also. Confusion, I focus that couples like who loves each-other more than two, three, four even five years more. So, after this certain time pass-away how can one forget each-other very swiftly. Where going on one’s love, egoism etc. so, beauty is not in skin deep also it lost sometime from someone without perfect reason when one love other without beauty.

My father is not a smart man but my mother loves him a lot and they lead their life happily together. I think and can realize that it’s not the beauty rather than simplicity, understanding, sacrificing, and intelligence are most important issues which make them happy in their married life.

Without god favor or one get a good luck nobody get the real beauty whatever it skin deep or out.


Beauty of a person is classified into two different categories. One is internal and another is external. Among them a person must possess external beauty. A person has very limited control over his external beauty. But, he might earn a huge control over his internal beauty. Possessing external beauty is good but not necessary; but possessing internal beauty is must to become a beautiful person. The analysis of the survey confirms this opinion. To be a great person in eyes of other people a person has to poses great internal beauty and the external beauty is only an additional feature to it. We have learned from the different questions responses of our survey that how important the internal beauty is. We need to follow the different ethical theory in our daily life. This theories and principles will show the correct way to follow.


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