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There are many sports. For our easier understanding, we
may classifies the games as follows-

Domestic games.

Foreign games.  

? Domestic


is our national game. It’s another name is ‘Kabaddi’. 24 players are divided
into two games. Though ha-du-du is our national game, it is originated from
India. It is 4000 years old game. Ha-du-du is not only played by us but also
other countries of the world like to play this game professionally such as
India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Canada. It is recognized as
our national game in 1972. We have a Kabaddi Federation. It is formed after the
war in 1971. In the SAFF Games of 1985, it is declared as the main sporting
event which is held in Bangladesh. In 1980 Bangladesh became the runner’s up in
the first Asian Kabaddi championship It games held in 1985 Kabaddi team won the
“BRONZE MEDAL” at the 2006 Asian games.

Caption: Kabaddi playing in village.


is a regional game. Generally it is played by our rural children. A piece of
brick is kept on the middle of court. That brick is termed as Mangsho. The
opposite team tries to steal it, if they become able they a point. Otherwise,
the other team gets the point. The team who gets maximum point is the



gulti is a game of hunting birds by the villager boys. It is not seen in the
urban area. It is also played as a target practice game. The instrument of this
game is wood, rubber-tire, and marble (made of mud). 7 to 15 years aged boys
are like to play this game. While playing this game they get boundless



Dung-guli is another regional game played by the boys.
It is played in the open field. 12 to 15 inched stick and 2 to 2.5 inched guli
is needed to play this game. Stick is taken from the tree branches. The shape
of guli made like a pencil. This game is played using more than one player.
This game may be of 2 types – ‘Goran & Gotpil’. The players try to send the
guli as far as possible by hitting it hard with the stick. Who sent the guli to
the largest distance; he is declared to be the winner. Sometimes anyone may get
inured due to the hit of guli. Though, they play it with lot of enjoyment and

On the action


flying is not only popular in Bangladesh, but also in China, Japan, India and
some other countries of Asia. It is very interesting game. We try to cut down
the kite of others which is called “Katakuti” or “patch”. One needs thread,
kite and a cylinder to fly the kite. ‘Manja’, a special kind of thread is made
by the player himself. Kite flying is a festive occasion. It is called
“Shang-kranti”. It is a tradition to the people of old town. Every people from
children to older person became a child, while flying a kite.

Caption: Fly in the sky.


Girls one of the favorite game is kut kut. Normally girls
of school and college play this game. Though, it seems to be very easy, this
game is not easy at all. To play this game a small piece of brick and a court
is needed. It is a tough game to play because the player has to say ‘kut kut’
non-stop; without taking breathe and have to chase each court one after one
using one leg. Still we see village girls playing this game.

Caption: Tough Job  


Latim is another popular game of children. Normally
two types of latim is found –

Made of plastic.

Latim is made by automatic machine. It is thrown with
a special kind of rope called ‘Letti’. Everyone tries to spin their one; whose
latim spins for more time declared to be the winner.

Caption: Spins boundlessly


Ludu is a board game played in our country. Almost
people of every country like to play this game. To start this game one has to
score “chakka”. There is a destination point of every player. At least 2
players are necessary to play this game. The player who is able to reach the
winning point at first is the winner and therefore second, third and fourth.
Most often children and women used to play this game.

Caption: They are busy!


upon a time it is very much popular to the girls of village. Actually this is
played by the girls at the childhood, when they don’t know what marriage is!
But they gave marriages of their dolls. Village living girls play this game and
it is their favorite game. Our mother, grand mother and elder sister helps us
to make doll. Little girl gets a soft pleasure while playing this game. They
create full family of doll. It was very interesting indeed. Still now village
girl play this game.

Caption: Marriage of doll.


is a famous game which is played in every part of Bangladesh. A tennis ball and
seven small pieces of brick are needed for this game. Two teams divided into
equal players play this game. The team which gets maximum points is the winner
of the game. It is a very interesting game. In most of the cases, we find this game
playing in the rural area.

interesting games to play.


is a game of low privileged boys. This practice is mainly seen in a village or
in a slum. While playing this game they forget about the time. When it becomes
evening they stop playing and go to home. For being late, they get punishment
from their parents, though they don’t stop playing this game.  Because it is like a addiction. In local
words, it is also said ‘Guti’.


is not only a game,but also a physical exercise. Most often girls used to play
this game. A rope is used to jump over it continuously. The winner situation
depends on how many times they have skipped over the rope. Thus, first, second
and third is determined. Though it is a game of girls, many elder people take
this as a physical exercise. It is a very compete ting game. 

Caption: Don’t loose control.



is like a game of athletics i.e. high jump. The player who is good in high jump
can do well in this sporting event. Two people sit on the field and create
height by hand. Two players who can’t chase the height, sits to make height.
Thus the games is played,

Caption: Reach the Everest


Golla-chut is a popular and attractive game to both
boys and girls of village. Two teams divided into equal players to play this
game. The team which starts playing at the first selects a “king” from them. If
the team of king able to reach in their destination without the touch of the
opposite side, they will be the winner. This game is played in the region of
Dhaka, Faridpur, Madaripur, Barisal, Khulna, and Jessore.


Foreign Games

games like cricket, football are very much popular in our country. Along with
these games we also play tennis, volleyball, handball, badminton basketball


is now most popular games in the world. The rules and regulation of cricket
playing is maintained by ICC. There are several versions of cricket -Test match,
ODI and new invention twenty-20. There are 10 test playing nation South Africa,
Australia, India, Sri Lanka, England, Pakistan, New Zealand, West Indies,
Bangladesh, and Zimbabwe, Kenya and other countries also play ODI. Twenty-20
format have given a new dimension such as IPL, ICL in India. The quality of our
domestic cricket is not so developed. Though we won against many giant teams
like Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan, our performance
is not is too much consistent. We are in 9th position in ICC test and ODI
ranking. Although cricket is a foreign game, we are cricket loving nation.


came from Great Britain. Football is one of the best games in the world. After,
every four years world cup held in different country. Now Italy is the champion
of world cup. It will be held in South Africa in 2010. In the race of FIFA ranking,
Bangladesh is in 172nd position. Now days it is not too much popular in our
country, though a new committee trying to save the football of our country.
They have declared to make a football academy for the development of football.
Girls are also started to play football in the school from 2008.


first handball playing started in Germany in 1890. In 1982 international
organization was formed. In 1964 handball introduced as an Asian Games.
Bangladesh started to play handball in 6th June, 1982. Though we are
playing handball since 1982, it is not too much popular in our country. In
school level, there ere girls and boys team in our country but we have no
recognition internationally.


do not have any international recognition in playing this game. But we have a
badminton federation. Though, we are not doing well in this game. Most often
young people of our country play this game at winter night. It can be played as
a single game or as a double player. The winning point is considered15, but the
new point is 21. Somebody maintain this rules, somebody not.Because, satisfaction
is main thing of playing this game in winter.

Badminton playing at night.


far we know, playing of Kho-Kho started in the region of West India. It is
quite popular in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra. In 1976, a diploma
course is started in N.S.I.S. centre of Bangaluru. Every year we sent players
for training. Now we have many experienced coach. Under them our team has done
some brilliant performance in international area. If we take necessary steps we
can maintain our regular performance.


has started to emerge as a growing chess nation. Bangladesh has three
international Grand Masters and many international Fide Masters. Niaz Murshed
was the first GM from Bangladesh while Ziaur Rahman recently obtained his third
GM norm to become the second GM from Bangladesh. Reefat Bin Sattar became the
country’s third GM in 2005. In the competition of world chess 2008, we have
done a brilliant performance.

Caption: Chess board.



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