Separation Agreement between Husband and Wife

Separation Agreement between Husband and Wife


An agreement is made the…………….. day of…………….1999 between AB of etc. (hereinafter called the HUSBAND) of the one part and CD of etc. his WIFE (hereinafter called the WIFE) of the other part.

WHEREAS unhappy disputes and differences have arisen between the HUSBAND and WIFE and they are now living separate and apart from each other.

Now it is hereby agreed as follows:

1. The HUSBAND and the WIFE shall continue to live separate and apart from each other and neither of them shall molest, annoy or interfere with the other.

2. The HUSBAND shall pay to the WIFE during her life for the maintenance of herself and her children hereinafter named the monthly sum of Rs. ……… first of such payments to be made on the …………. day of ………………

3. The WIFE shall have the custody of the children namely, DB, EB and FB, now aged seven, five and four years respectively and shall out of the said sum maintain herself and also maintain (and educate) the said children until they shall respectively attain the age of (eighteen) years and shall keep the HUSBAND indemnified from and against all claims and demands in respect of such children.

4. The WIFE shall be at liberty forthwith to remove from……….. all her wearing apparel, jewellery and personal effects and also such of the furniture and other household goods and effects at …………. aforesaid as belong to her as her separate property upon which the HUSBAND shall have no claim hereafter.

5. The WIFE shall pay and discharge all debts and liabilities incurred by her after the date hereof and keep the HUSBAND indemnified therefrom and the HUSBAND may deduct from the said sum any amount paid by him for debts or liabilities incurred by the WIFE after the date hereof for which the HUSBAND may be held liable and any sums paid by him to any authority for the maintenance of the WIFE or for the maintenance (and education) of the said children until the said children shall respectively attain the age aforesaid.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have executed these presents on the day, month and year first above-written.

Signed and delivered by

AB in the presence of:

Signed and delivered by

CD the wife of AB in the presence of: