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“Simplifying Customer Service by Grameen Phone & Measurement of Customer Satisfaction”


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What is your overall satisfaction with Grameen Phone services?


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Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following:
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Product Quality
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Call center Bill 121
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Customer Service
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Customers’ Perception on Call Center Experience (May’07 & June’ 07)


64% Customers are not satisfied with the cost required for 121 Hotline Service (10% Negative change in satisfaction). 64% customers are not satisfied for waiting on queue (10% Negative change).


Customer Loyalty Perception


38% Customers want to migrate to other GP product.

88 % Customers are satisfied with Customer Service (2% positive change).

Customer Loyalty is 88%.

Five Factor Analysis of Customer perceptions

Ø Speed,

Ø Quality,

Ø Flexibility,

Ø Dependability,

Ø Cost on Customer Experience

From CMD Touch Point (Measurement on a scale)


Customer expectation reflection:

Preferred Media For Marketing Products
Other Operator Service Quality



New Products & Services as per expectation

Overall satisfaction:


Identification of Problems that affect the quality of customer service provided by 121 Hotline:

From my sample survey, I have identified there some problem exists in rendering quality service through hotline.

These problems may include:

1. Lack of inter- unit interaction.

2. Lack of training and development.

3. Inappropriate schedule of work for hotline members.

4. Absence of initiatives to improve the working tools used in hotline postpaid.

5. Very small working place.

6. Lack of team spirit among the members.

Out of these problems, LACK OF INTER-UNIT INTERACTION is the most serve one affecting the service quality of hotline unit.

In the later part, I have presented two real facts explaining how inter unit dependency is important in providing customer service through hotline and at the end I have made some recommendations in order to resolve this major problem and other problems as mentioned above.

Recommendations to resolve the problems of Customer Service at Call Center:

Here I have made some recommendations to improve the call center by more inter-unit interaction under CMD. As a result the customer service will be improved and customer will get positive experiences from postpaid helpline services. The recommendations are-

Ø Routine inter-unit meeting should be held every week on the overall customer service related problems to find ways to resolve these problems more quickly and in a better way.

Ø Hotline team should be provided with training on the fundamental/basic activities of all units, so the dependency on other units can be reduced to a great extent.

Ø The communication among the units must be frequent, so all the units will get follow-up on the current problems regularly.

Ø The training and counseling unit must be re-arranged in order to improve the quality of training. So, the level of job knowledge of both the new and existing employees will be improved.

Ø If any unit concerned with offering a particular service faces any difficulty in rendering that service, that unit must give full-fledged information to Post-paid unit in advance, so that customers can be served with proper explanation regarding that service.

Here there are some other recommendations to remove the other problems as I have mentioned before-

Ø Human Capital Management of Customer Management Division must make new policies to facilitate the proper utilization of manpower.

Ø Technical unit of Grameen Phone must come up with new and advanced software tools to facilitate the rendering of customer service in a better way.

Ø The workplace of Helpline is very congested. So the space must be broadened or even Helpline should be replaced to a new place if necessary.

Ø Job rotation for every employee must be done on a regular basis to improve the overall efficiency of Customer Management Division.

Ø All of the employees should be encouraged to work as a team to take Grameen Phone one step further in achieving its ultimate goal. To do this GrameenPhone must give more emphasis on group achievement than it does right now.

As a corporate rule, in order to achieve the business objective of the company, individual divisions should have their own objectives to support this. The divisional objectives are far different compared to each other, according to their nature of job and functional role. No doubt it is a great big teamwork that makes the business objective happens. And considering GP’s success we can confidently say that we have such a winning team to be proud of.

GP customer management division functions are evolving around its own objectives, which are of continuous nature. The objectives of Customer Management Division are:

Ø To maintain, develop and ensure quality customer service

Ø To act per customer’s feedback

Ø More Involve & Evolve

Ø Ensuring after sales service at free of cost

Ø Maintaining service channel throughout the country

Ø Maintains cross functional team work to lead the company

As a result, it has been a year of great success for Customer Management division as well as for Grameen Phone. Our subscriber base is near about 1.30 cores. In the context of international industry this is quite an early achievement reaching such results. Such success goes to CMD for their best quality customer service.

Now, they have bigger challenge to face in the near future of reaching higher number of subscriber bases and establishing its support system. In order to face such challenges, the employee needs to be real smart professionals with great self-motivation and proactive attitude. And above all, they need teamwork. They believe, “we are the best bunch of professionals here in our GP Team. It is our contribution to the company that will make GP a brighter star in the country or even more”.