Specification Act, 20

(Act No. 7 of 27)

[June 5, 25]

Law made for giving authority to make payments and specifications from the Joint Fund for the execution of the fiscal year ending June 7.

Since it is expedient and necessary to authorize payment and specification from the joint fund for the execution of the fiscal year ending June 7;

Therefore, the law is hereby made as follows: –

Short title and introduction

  1. (3) This Act shall be called Specification Act, 20.

(2) It shall come into force on 1st July, 24th, according to 1Ashar, 127th Bengal.

Payment of Rs. 122,3,23,3 (three lakh twenty thousand three hundred forty crore one hundred twenty one thousand) from the combined funds for the financial year 20-24.

  1. Contrary to the procedure set forth in column 2 of this Act for the expenditure of all expenditures which may be incurred during the fiscal year ending on the 1st June, 261,28,3,3 (three lakhs twenty thousand three hundred forty one hundred thousand one hundred thousand). Excessive amounts of money will be payable and expendable from the linked funds.


  1. The amount allowed for payment and expenditure from the funds connected by this Act shall be fixed on the 1st of June, 2010, for the purposes of the purpose stated in column 2 of the Act, in addition to the amount specified in column 3.