Speed Automobile Pvt. Ltd: Business Description and Management Segment

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Speed Automobile Pvt. Ltd: Business Description and Management Segment

General Description of the Business:

The name of our automobile workshop is “SPEED AUTOMOBILE PVT.LTD”. Our main business is to service automobile & import the original parts of different kinds of vehicles from different countries so that we can give a better and strong service to our customers at a reasonable price. As a result, it will spread branches in various field of business & will bring a great revaluation in the history of automobile in Bangladesh very soon.

Automobile Background:

The history of automobiles in Bangladesh is not been so long and for that the competition is less then any other sector. But at present people have chosen to spend part of their increased income for their automobile. As a result, the need for reliable & convenient auto services has substantially risen as well. So the service of existing company is under the line of satisfaction. To see this we promised to render a better service to our customers as well as bring a new revaluation in the automobile sector of Bangladesh.

Company History:

Before the liberation automobile industry was centralized by the Pakistani ruler and after the establishment of Bangladesh few of the industries came to develop automobile servicing sector in Bangladesh in mid of 1972-1975 by the legendary interpreter Mr. Johurul Islam. So some friends come forward in recreate the history of automobiles in Bangladesh. The history of “Speed Automobile Pvt. Ltd.” is quite good and not so long. We wanted to makes us independent, free and speedy then the modern age & want to give the better service to the people of Bangladesh.

Company Vision:

Providing the population of Bangladesh with modern technology by offering quality full machine & proper service through multi distribution channels. We want make their life easier more comfortable and convenient. As a result, we will be the benchmark company in the automobile way to superior performance, demonstrated by quality, on time delivery and customer satisfaction. In a word, “Speed Automobile Pvt. Ltd.” Will be one of the leading brand of automobile in the south Asia by 2020 .

Management Segment:

Management is one of most important segment for a company. Our company has a well enriched management team with professionals. We also follow a well street management system in our company. Our company has been divided into six departments. Those are –

a) Research and development section

b) Quality control department

c) Design department

d) Production department

e) Electrical department &

f) Work force.

It must be mention that our company “Speed Automobile Pvt. Ltd.” registered as a private limited company under the company act (ACT 17) of 1994.

Organizational Structure:

In our management we always follow the democracy. Our management structure is like following:

Management Team – Key Personnel:

Key personnel The persons who are responsible for our managements is like the followings-

Ms. Shajida Afroj

Age 27, an MBA (Finance) is the prome partbner of our company. She is the General Manager of the company. She is very young energetic and dynamic person. She work as a full time manager of the company.

Aklima Akter

Age 24 BBA (Accounting) is also an active partner of our company. She is the Accounts Manager of the company. However, she does not have much experience in this sector but her academic qualification relating to accounting knowledge will help the company to achieve the efficiency and effectiveness in the operation.

Akter Shahriar

Age 27, MBA (Marketing) is also on active partner of our company. She is the Marketing Manager of the company. He got the experience to do marketing of mechanical goods in local market as well as foreign market.

Palash Chandra Dey.

Age 27, BBA (Human Resource Management) is a partner of our company. She is also the administrative consultant of the company. She is very much able to run any types of related project and efficient to make effective decision.

Md. Naikmur Rasel

Age 25, BBA (Management) is a partner of our company. She looks after the financial section of the project. She is very effective in her working. She was an active partner of all the small units of the family business for the last 3 years.

Ms. Seema Raosynee:

Age 25, B.Sc and Technical Manger of our company. She is responsible for controlling the overall production and supply chain management.

Asha Akter :

age 27, BBA, is our planning and organizing manager. She is highly qualified in academic results with her brilliant success. The company is benefited from her both in the implementation and

operational stages.

Samsun Arefin:

age 24, B.B.A, working as an executive in our company. She is responsible to handle the operation of the firm based on the instructions provided by the managers of respective department.

We have some qualified and experienced partners those are working our business management team and also the consultants and advisors. They are the person that we are regretful for their contribution for our business. Some of them are:

01. Amit Karmakar

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.

02. Md. Tanjeedur Rahman

Deputy General Manager.

03. Khandaker Darun Naeem

Senior Executive, Vat and Tax Department.

Technical Segment

Location Analysis:-

In order speed our business we have to locate our workshop in a suitable place from where we can easily transfer and it need a industry friendly weather too and so our workshop is located on Tejgaon industrial area. It is located over about 60 kathas of land.

The mailing address of our workshop is:

341 Tejgaon I/A,


Our services:

We always want to provide the consumer a good service with good equipments and 100% pure parts. The service we usually provide our clients is given below.

i) Yearly /Half yearly servicing

ii) Car painting

iii) Denting

iv) Engine wash

v) Oil change

vi) CNG conversion

vii) Adjusting / Readjusting / Repainting parts.

viii) Consultation

ix) Selling parts

x) Selling recondition vehicles.

xi) Vacuum steam wash


Dimension of Services:-

The Dimension of our service will pretty long. A customer can easily get our services from any where. We have a 2417 active call centre and calling there anyone can easily get free consultation from us. We have to link with highway police so that if any one need our-self in highways, they can get us. We also render free service within 4 months of first service. We also render on home service.

Service flow chart:-

To render the services we always follow this basic flowchart-

Marketing Segment

Current Scenario in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, most of people buy re-conditional car for their necessity, spreed automobile Ltd. Is one of the most famous company in Bangladesh. We provide various kinds of services to our customers. We repair car and provide the best qualities accessories. We import branded vehicles accessories, vehicles parts and many other things from other country like Japan, China. We provide best service but take less charges. As a result, our customers are increasing day by day. We achieve our customers faith current secretion. In Bangladesh, Automobile repairing company is very necessary for middle class people. Middle class people have limited money. They want to fulfill their demand and get best service to useless amount of money. Our target customers are middle class people. So our company always remembers their demand.

Situation Analysis:

Market is a set of actual and potential buyer situation analysis focuses on market and the current capability of the company to serve the market we can assure that the marketing strategy its better than any other autocare companies in Bangladesh because we are directly related to the customers. In today’s market we think Aftab Automobiles, Multibrand Automobile, Toyo Automobiles, Regency Autocare are our main competitors but we don’t focus on them we just only focus on our terms and strategies.

SWOT Analysis:

SWOT means Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats. Which are describing below-

Ø Strength: Strengths are internal capabilities that can help the company reach its objectives. Our main strengths are-

ii) Security

iii) Less charges

iv) Enthustic i) Innovative product


v) Fulfilling customer’s demand.

Ø Weakness:

Weakness is internal elements that may interfere with company’s ability to achieve its objectives.

i) Lack of brand awareness

ii) Physical Specifications

iii) Financial problem

iv) Lack of sufficient space.

v) Less publicity.

Ø Opportunities:

Opportunities are external elements that the company may be able to exploit its advantage.

i) Increasing demand for automobile workshop with multiple functions.

ii) Cost efficient technology.

iii) Providing various types of loan for developing automobile sectors from government.

Ø Threats

the company’s performance.

Increasing competition.

Downward pressure on pricing

Compressed Threats are current or emerging external elements that can potentially challenge product life cycle.

Market Strategy:

Every company has taken some strategy for development of a company. Spreed automobile ltd. has also some strategy for marketing. Marketing is one of the most important part in a company. If market strategy is strong any company will get their goal.

Target Market:

Target market of speed automobile ltd. is all class people have their own vehicles. To begin marketing, it is important to study the market. To do this, we need to find out about two sets of people.

I) The customers: We need to know who our customers are, where they are and what they need. In order to direct our marketing efforts to the right people I the right places and offer them exactly what they want, it is necessary that we find out everything about our potential customer.

Marketing Mix Analysis: Marketing mix analysis is an important part of marketing segment of nay company or business. One common way of looking at the market is to consider the marketing mix. Marketing mix considers following four things;

i) Product

ii) Place

iii) Price

iv) Promotion

Product: The customer must be provided with the right products or services. We provide various parts of automobile and also auto repair service to our customers. We ensure our customers about the high quality of parts and services. A well planning of the product can fulfill customers needs and also can be profitable met.

Place: The physical location of a dealership will have a critical effort on its success. The product should be provided in the right place on in a convenient manner for the customer

Price: The customer is offered a quality product at an acceptable price to him.

We also offers –

1. Discount and allowance pricing

In detail how we maintain our discount and allowance pricing is given below:

Our Company adjusts its basic price to reward customers for certain responses, such as early payment of bills, volume purchases, and off season bringing. These price adjustments called discounts and allowances can take many forms.


We can use many tools to accomplish sales promotion. Here are given some sales promotion tools that we will follow:

1. Consumer promotion tools:

The main consumer promotion tools include samples:

– Coupon

– Cash refunds

– Advertising specialties

– Price packs

2. Trade promotion tools:

It includes:

– Discount

– Allowance

3. Business promotion tools:

It includes many of the same tools include in the consumer & Trade Promotion.

So our different promotion tools are presented above and we use this promotion tools for our products.

Corporate social responsibility in marketing

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) also known as corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, responsible business, sustainable responsible business (SRB), or corporate social performance, is a form of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model.

Business would embrace and responsibility for the impact of their activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere. Furthermore, business would proactively promote the public interest by encouraging community growth and development, and voluntarily eliminating practices that harm the public sphere, regardless of legality.

We are not far away from people. Through out its journey it has engaged itself in many activities that helped people. As a part of their activities we are committed to do some better for the society because we know that society is our base and the society’s people are our power. We are truly stood for Providing the societies. Significant new capabilities successful careers to all. There are some programs for maintaining our corporate social resolvability. As short list is noticed bellow about our programs.

Ø To recruit and select human resource and provide them fair salary and other facilities .

Ø Providing foods and education s facilities to the poor.

Ø Stand behind the natural hazards affected people in the time of Natural calamities.

Ø Make donation to some Organization like school, college, orphanage, Madrasha and charity Hospital etc.

Ø Contribute to the social cultural programs and activities and also the development activities.

Ø Offer Job to the qualified but poor people.

Ø Providing Sufficient facilities to our holder ensure their safety and security

Financial Segment

Cost of project

Land & Site development 4,00,00,000 4,00,00,000
Building 7,00,00,000 7,00,00,000
Civil work 20,00,000 20,00,000
Machinery & Equipment 5,00,00,000 5,00,00,000
Local Machinery 10,00,000 10,00,000
Preliminary & Start up expenses 12,00,000 12,00,000
Office Furniture 6,00,000 6,00,000
Total Fixed Cost 10,00,00,000
IDCP 10,00,000
Working Capital 2,90,00,000
Total project Cost 13,00,00,000

Land and site development:

Particulars Amount (TK) Total
Cost of land
premium payable
Cost of levelling and development 75.00.000 75.000.000
cost of grates 25.00.000 25.00.000

Building and civil work.

Particulars Amount (TK) Total
Plant and equipment 40.00.000 40.00.000
service 25.00.000 25.00.000
Service 15.00.000 15.00.000
Drainage 10.00.000 10.00.000

Plant and machinery cost:

Particulars Amount (TK) Total
Cost of imported materials
Cost of indigence’s Machinery
Cost of stores and spares 50.00.000 50.00.000

Pre-operative Expenses.

Particulars Amount (TK) Total
Establishment Expenses 25.00.000 25.00.000
Rent Rates 15.00.000 15.00.000
|Traveling Expenses 50.00.000 50.00.000
Start up exprenses 10.00.000 10.00.000

Means of Financing:

The total cost of the project will be [Tk. 13,00,00,000/-]. From which the partner will invest in the project [Tk. 5,20,00,000/-]and the rest of the amount that is [Tk. 780,00,000/-] will be taken from the Dutch Bangla Bank, Dhanmondi Branch.

Means of Finance at a glance:

Means of Finance Taka
Long term loan
Equality supplied by the our
debt equlity tation 60.40
Interest Ratio long term 20%
Loan period Long term 10 years
Instalanct prid Loan term yearly

Cost of Service

Particulars Amount (TK) Total
Material cost
Utilities cost 20.00.000 20.00.000
Labour cost 30.00.000 30.00.000
Factory over head cost 50.00.000 50.00.000

Material Cost:

Particulars Amount (TK) Total
Cost of experiences
Cost of Fuel 99.50.000 99.50.000
Cost of Engiene

Utilities Cost:

Particulars Amount (TK) Total
Power cost 45.00.000 45.00.000
Water cost 10.00.000 10.00.000
Fuel cost 5.00.000 5.00.000

Labor Cost

Particulars Amount (TK) Total
Cost of manpower employed
Supervisor (200´8000) 16.00.000
Gaurd Salary (50´4000) 20.00.000
Labour (1600´2000) 30.00.000

Factory Over Head Cost:

Particulars Amount (TK) Total
Cost of Repairs 5.00.000 5.00.000
Cost of Maintance 15.00.000 15.00.000
Cost of Rent 5.00.000 5.000.000
Cost of Taxes 10.00.000 10.00.000
Cost of insurance on factory assests 15.00.000 15.00.000

Income Statement: For the year ended, 31 December, 2011.

Particulars Amount (Tk.) Total
Service Revenue

Less: Cost of production Service

Labor cost

Utilities cost

Overhead cost

Total Service Cost

Gross profit

Less: Administrative expenses service expenses

Total operating expenses operating profit

Less: Financial expenses Depreciation

Earning Before Tax

Less: Provision for taxation (25%)

Profit after tax









1,00,00,000/- 1,00,00,000/-

Profitability Projection

For the year ended 31 December 2011 to 2013

Particulars year-1 (2011) year- (2012) Year-3 (2013)
Service Revenue less cost of service
Labur cost 30.00.000 30.50.00 40.56.000
Utilies cost 20.00.000 27.36.500 86.000
Our had cost 50.00.000 1.082.8000
Total Service Cost
Gross Profit
Less Administrative expreass 50.00.000 75.50.560 80.50.580
Service Expensess 50.00.000 80.40.456 90.50.665
Total Operational cost experance
Operation Profit 92898755
Less: Financial Expencess 40.00.000 40.45.436 50.54.634
Depreciation 60.00.000 70.63.954 80.36.459
Earning Before tax
Less Prevision for taxasion (25%)
Profit after tax


Bangladesh is a developing country. Most of the people in our country can not afford new cars. So they want to buy reconditioned car.

We hope that our business plan about to given automobile service named as Speed automobile Pvt. Ltd. will be one of the best servicing company not only our country but also all over the world . Become our main purpose of this company is not to make profit. Actually we want to give better service to the people of our society. In this plan there is some lacking but we are trying our best to do it well. Our plan in a new one for our country, so we hope that we can success in the field of automobile service.


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