Supreme Court



High Court
Division is an integral part of the Supreme Court having plenary power­—Parliament
being a legislative body is devoid of constituent power to amend the provisions
of the Constitution in derogation of the basic conception so as to destroy the

Anwar Hussain
Chowdhury vs Bangladesh 41 DLR (AD) 165.


—Function of
the Supreme Court—Court to interpret law to make its decision to be binding on
the subordinate Courts—But Supreme Court cannot usurp the powers and functions
of the legislature in making law or those of the Administration or other
authorities—If the Court deviates from the same, it will be judicial despotism
of the worst type—The Court is not above law or the Constitution.

Hoque vs GM Agrani Bank 42 DLR 60.


Court’s observations on the malversation of the District Administration. Where
the country is governed by a constitu­tional government, minimum norm that is
expected of the persons participating in the Administration is to keep harmony
in their dealings inter se.

vs Mahfuzus Sobhan 42 DLR (AD) 78.