1. Departmental Examination-The departmental examination for Engineers in the employment of the Board shall consist of two parts, namely; Part-I and Part II.
  2. Part I examination-(l) The part I examination shall consist of professional examination and shall be conducted orally, separately, for Civil, Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.
  • The examination shall be such as to show whether the examine-
  • is acquainted with the processes for preparing materials for works and with the models of construction in use in Bangladesh;
  • has good knowledge of the local resources and of the best mode of applying them;
  • is capable of managing the workers under him; (d) has professional efficiency ;
  • has knowledge in preparation of estimates and carrying out departmental works ;


  • is acquainted with rules and procedures and conversant with the forms in use in the


Note-Such theoretical points as would in ordinary practice be solved by resort to ordinary books of reference shall from the subject-matter of examination

  • A Committee headed by one Superintending Engineer and consisting of other two senior Executive Engineers shall be constituted by the Director of Personnel with the approval of the Member, Operation and Development, for conducting the Part I examination.
  • The Committee shall examine’ the candidates and record their proceedings in Form No. 23. The Committee shall declare each examine as “qualified” or “not qualified”;. The result of the examination shall be declared by a general circular.
  1. Part IT examination-The Part II examination shall be a written examination and shall consist of two papers of 120 marks each, pass marks for each paper shall be 50 % of the total marks. It shall be necessary to secure 50 % marks in each paper of this part. Time allowed shall be 3 hours for each paper. Reference books shall be permitted during the examination.
  2. Syllabus-The Syllabus for the examination shall be as laid down in Form No. 24.
  3. Holding of examination-The examinations shall be held twice yearly, normally in February and August. The effective date for qualifying in an examination shall be the date following the date on which the examination completed.
  4. The examinees-(l) All Assistant Engineers shall pass the departmental examination in Part I within 3 years from the date of their appointment as Assistant Engineers. In special cases, where owing to the exigencies of service or such other reasons as are beyond his control and officer has not been able to pass such examination within the period specified above he may, at the discretion of the Member concerned, be granted extension up to a maximum of one year.
  • In the event of his failure to pass the Part I examination within the period specified in sub-rule (1) an employee-shall be liable to be discharged from service.
  • The Assistant. Engineers including those promoted from the lower ranks shall be required to pass the departmental examination in Part II before they are allowed to cross the efficiency bar and are considered .for further promotion.
  • The increments withheld for failure to cross the efficiency bar for failure in the examination under sub-rule (3) may, with the sanction of the Board, be allowed with retrospective effect after the examination has been passed.
  1. The examiners, question setters and their remuneration-(I) A panel of examiners for all examination in Part I and Part II shall be prepared and maintained by the Director of Personnel, ill consultation with the Members, to be nominated in the Board from time to time. It shall be the subject to review after every two years.

[ Vide clause (20) of rule 2]
(2) The question setter of a paper and the examiner thereof may be on and the same person. If different paper setters are appointed to set questions for different sections of the same paper, the remuneration, where admissible shall be equally divided. The remuneration shall be as follows, namely:-