( Ordinance NO. XXVI Of 1977 )

[ 27th June, 1977 ]

স্থানীয় সরকার (পৌরসভা) অাইন, ২০০৯ (২০০৯ সনের ৫৮ নং অাইন) দ্বারা রহিত করা হইয়াছে।





By-laws for articles of food and drink82. A Paurashava may by by-laws-

(a) prohibit the manufacture, sale or preparation, or the exposure for sale, of any specified article of food or drink in any place or premises not licensed by the Paurashava;

(b) prohibit the import into the municipality for sale, or the sale, or the hawking for sale, of any specified article of food or drink by persons not so licensed;

(c) prohibit the hawking of specified articles of food and drink in such parts of the municipality as may be specified;

(d) regulate the time and manner of transport within the municipality of any specified article of food or drink;

(e) regulate the grant and withdrawal of licenses under this section and the levying of fees therefore; and

(f) provide for the seizure and disposal of any animal, poultry or fish intended for food which is diseased, or any article of food or drink which is noxious.

Milk supply83. (1) Except under a licence granted by the Paurashava and in conformity with the conditions of such licence, no person shall, within the municipality, keep milch cattle for the sale of milk, or sell milk, or export or import milk for sale, or manufacture butter, ghee, or any other milk or dairy product, nor shall any premises be used for any such purpose.

(2) A Paurashava may, in the prescribed manner, and with the previous sanction of the Prescribed Authority, frame and enforce a Milk Supply Scheme, which may, among other matters, provide for the establishment of milkmen’s colonies, the prohibition of the keeping of milch cattle in the municipality or any part thereof, and the adoption of such other measures as may be necessary for ensuring an adequate supply of pure milk to the public.

Public markets84. (1) A Paurashava may establish and maintain public markets, or may provide places for use as public markets, for the sale of articles of food and drink and of animals, and secure the proper management and sanitation of such markets.

(2) A Paurashava may, in respect of public market, provide by by-laws-

(a) the fees to be charged for the use of or for the right to expose goods in the market;

(b) the fees to be levied on vehicles and animals bringing goods therein for sale;

(c) the fees to be charged for the use of shops, stalls, pens, or stamps;

(d) the fees to be charged in respect of animals brought for sale or sold; and

(e) the fees to be charged from brokers, commission agents, weighmen and other persons practising their calling therein.

Private markets85. (1) No private market for the sale of articles of food or drink or for the sale of animals shall be established or maintained within a municipality except under a licence granted by the Paurashava and in conformity with the conditions of such licence.

(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of sub-section (1), the owner of every private market within a municipality for the sale of articles of food or drink or for the sale of animals, maintained immediately before the coming into force of this Ordinance, shall, within three months, apply for a licence to the Paurashava and until the licence is granted shall continue to maintain the same.

(3) A Paurashava may levy such fees in respect of private markets as the by-laws may provide.

(4) If a Paurashava is satisfied that in public interest any private market should be discontinued or taken over by the Paurashava, it may direct that the market should be discontinued, or that, subject to the payment of such compensation as would have been payable if it had been acquired under the Land Acquisition Act, 1894 (I of 1894), the market should be taken over by the Paurashava.

(5) A Paurashava may, by notice, require the owner of any private market to construct such works, provide such conveniences, and make such arrangements for the maintenance of the market, and within such period, as may be specified in the notice.

Slaughter-houses86. A Paurashava shall provide and maintain at such site or sites within or without the limits of the municipality as the Prescribed Authority may approve one or more slaughter-houses for the slaughter of animals for sale or of any specified description of animals.