This report contains the working experience of difference task in CBL, Shaymoli Branch have acquired knowledge on General Banking Activities.

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This report contains the working experience of difference task in CBL, Shaymoli Branch have acquired knowledge on General Banking Activities.


This report is originated of internship, which have done, as a requirement of BBA program. This report is done based on learning of 10 weeks internship in the City Bank Limited.

The City Bank Limited is one of the most disciplined banks with distinctive corporate culture. They believe in shared meaning, shared understanding and share sense making. They people can see and understand events, activities and situation in a distinctive way. They mould their manners and etiquette character individually to suit the purpose of the bank and needs of the customers whose are of paramount importance to the bank. The people of the bank see themselves as a tight knit team/ family that believe in working together for growth. The corporate culture they belong has not been imposed; it has rather been achieved through their corporate conduct.

This report contains the working experience of difference task in CBL, Shaymoli Branch have acquired knowledge on General Banking Activities.

General Banking department perform lot of vital banking activities. General Banking is the starting point of all the banking operation. It is the department which is mostly exposed to the maximum number of bank customers. General banking handles six different section: 1) Deposits 2) Account opening section 3) Bills and clearing 4) Remittance of funds 5) Credit section 6) Card section 7) Cash Section

The relationship between a banker in CBL and its customer begins with the opening of an account. Initially all the accounts are opened with the deposit of money by the customer. Deposits are the blood of a bank.CBL Shaymoli Branch performs the bill clearing function through Head office .CBL head office acts the agent of all CBL branches for clearing house of Bangladesh.

Remittance of fund is ancillary service of CBL.It aids to to remit from one place to another on behalf of its customers through a network of branches .There are two types of remittance – 1) inland/local remittance 2)forging remittance .The main instrument issued by CBL Shaymoli branch for local remittance of funds, pay order, Bank draft etc.

CBL shyamoli branch offers two types card one is VISAQ Electronic Debit Card and another is Credit Card. which the life easy end hassle – free. They also provide two types of loan which are city Solution and City Drive. City solution is any purpose loan drive is a car loan.

The cash section of any branch plays very significant role in banking department .Because it deals with most liquid assists. CBL Shaymoli Branch has well decorated cash section. This receives cash from depositors and pay in slip over the counter.

The other service of the City Bank provides ATM service that is ATM debit card.

At the end of the report a set recommendation is presented for improving their banking activities.

1.1 Origin of the report:

Generally by the word “Bank” we can easily understand that the financial institution which deals with money. Bank owners want to render efficient service to clients at every

Possible location at the maximum cost, Government wants banks to regulate the money market and as well as issue notes and currencies. The clients want their belongings safe as well deposit money from different locations, Recognizing the different needs of the different key party’s interest the banking business; the banks have evolved into different categorizes to meet these needs. That’s why there are different types of banks like- central Bank, Commercial Bank, Agriculture bank, Industrial bank, cooperative bank. But when we use the term “Bank” without ant prefix or restriction it refers to the Commercial bank. Commercial bank is an institution, which plays a major role in channeling to borrowers with productive investment opportunities to run the economy smoothly. That’s why commercial banks are the most important type of financial institution interest the terms of asset. So, the people of the society and the government are very much dependent on the commercial bank as well as the financial intermediary.

In 1983, banks were allowed in the private sector. Now banking sector is one of the fastest growing sectors of the country. During the last 30 years, banking sector in Bangladesh has grown and developed horizontally and vertically. Bank branches have been spread up to the rural areas. Bank services have multiplied. Number of bank has increased impressively. Now there are 48 scheduled commercial banks in the country with 6,596 branches. Besides these there are also four unscheduled bank.

1.2 Background of the Study

Knowledge and learning become perfect when it is associated with theory and practice. For any business student only curriculum activity is not enough for handling the real business situation, therefore, it is a requirement after the completion of BBA to involve with a business organization to prepare a interne report. So it is an opportunity for the students to know about the field of business through the internship program.

So Bachelor of business Administration is a specialized course. Stamford University Bangladesh organizes this four years specialized course to provide some efficient graduates in the business sector of the country .The whole course design is not limited within the theoretical boundary but it it also extend to the practical exposure through the internships program . The internship program is a require course for student who are completing Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Stamford University. It is a four credit hour program with duration of three months .Student who have completed all the courses are eligible for this program.

In the Interne program the attached to The City Bank Limited for two months, days starting from June 6 ,2009 to August 13 ,2009 . During this period have learned about the banks and the facilities that are providing by them. Only theoretical knowledge without any practical experience makes a person sterile. On the other hand a person having practical experience but no theoretical exposure keeps him blind. The internships program is designed to overcome such position . Bank is a service oriented organization .So the orientation has been made as an integral part of the BBA degree. The outcome of the report is the result of in\immense supportive effort with a large group of personnel of the bank along with the trainers, banking experts and my respected supervision teacher.

The assigned topic is “General Banking a Study on The City Bank Limited, Shaymoli Branch” which is assigned by my supervisor in the department. On the basis of working experience in the internship period the prepared this report and tried level best to relate the theoretical knowledge with the practical work situation.

1.3 Objective of the Report

Internship program is a realistic and practical subject to understand the situation nearly. It is a career development activity help a student to build their career. The internship program provides me the following things:

  • To see the general banking activities of Shaymoli Branch of CBL.
  • To find the relationship between academic education and the real practical field.
  • To know how private sector bank growing rapidly with profitably.
  • To develop my knowledge about banking system that helps me to build career as banker in future.

1. 4. Methodology

1.4.1 Types of Study

It will be a descriptive type of study. The methodology of this report is totally different from conventional reports. The emphasized on the practical observation. Almost the entire report consists of my practical observation.

1.4.2 Sources of Data

The report is fully exploratory in nature. Data have been collected from both primary and secondary sources.

  • Primary sources of data

· Face to face conversation with the bank officers and staffs.

· Informal conversation with the clients.

· Exposure on different desk of the bank

  • Secondary sources of data

· Different manuals of The City Bank Limited.

· Different circulars of The City Bank Limited.

· Unpublished data.

· Different textbooks.

· News papers.

· Different websites.

· Bangladesh Economic Review-2008.

1.4.3 Methods of Data Collection

The data have been used in this study are basically collected informally. This is totally an explorative study. As a result, data are collected by studying and reviewing the statement, circular and manuals of the branch and the bank. The relevant data was collected by informal discussion with the bank officials regarding the business and retail banking of the branch to describe the present situation of retail banking.

1.5 Limitations

Like any other study the limitations of this study is not out of questions. But the following factors seem to me as the some points of weakness of this study, despite all out co-ordination from the bank officials.

  • One of the notable limitations of this report is bank’s policy of not disclosing some data and information for obvious reasons, which could be very much useful.
  • Entrance to every nock and corner of the bank was not possible for me.
  • The main constraint of the study is inadequate access to information.
  • Another problem is that creates a lot of confusions regarding verification of data
  • The clients were too busy to provide much time for interview.
  • Web site of CBL was not updated.

Chapter -3: Organization profile

3.1 History & origin of City Bank

City Bank is one of the oldest private Commercial Banks operating in Bangladesh. It is a top bank among the oldest five Commercial Banks in the country which started their operations in 1983. The Bank started its journey on 27th March 1983 through opening its first branch at B. B. Avenue Branch in the capital, Dhaka city. It was the visionary entrepreneurship of around 13 local businessmen who braved the immense uncertainties and risks with courage and zeal that made the establishment and forward march of the bank possible. Those sponsor directors commenced the journey with only Taka 3.4 crore worth of Capital, which now is a respectable Taka 330.77 crore as capital and reserve.

City Bank is among the very few local banks which do not follow the traditional, decentralized, geographically managed, branch based business or profit model. Instead the bank manages its business and operation vertically from the head office through 4 distinct business divisions namely

1.Corporate and Investment Banking;

2.Retail Banking (including Cards);

3.SME Banking; and

4.Treasury and Market Risks.

Under a real-time online banking platform, these 4 business divisions are supported at the back by a robust service delivery or operations setup and also a smart IT Backbone. Such centralized business segment based business and operating model ensure specialized treatment and services to the bank’s different customer segments.

The bank currently has 83 online branches spread across the length and breadth of the country that include a full fledged Islami Banking branch. Besides these traditional delivery points, the bank is also very active in the alternative delivery area. It currently has 25 ATMs of its own; and ATM sharing arrangement with a partner bank that has 225 ATMs in place; SMS Banking; Interest Banking and so on. Soon its Customer Call Center is going to start operation. The bank has a plan to end the current year with 50 own ATMs.

City Bank is the first bank in Bangladesh to have issued Dual Currency Credit Card. The bank is a principal member of VISA international and it issues both Local Currency (Taka) and Foreign Currency (US Dollar) card limits in a single plastic. VISA Debit Card is another popular product which the bank is pushing hard in order to ease out the queues at the branch created by its astounding base of some 400,000 retail customers. The launch of VISA Prepaid Card for the travel sector is currently underway.

City Bank prides itself in offering a very personalized and friendly customer service. It has in place a customized service excellence model called GAP (Graceful-Appropriate-Pleasing) that focuses on ensuring happy customers through setting benchmarks for the bank’s employees’ attitude, behavior, readiness level, accuracy and timelines of service quality.

City Bank is one of the largest corporate banks in the country with a current business model that heavily encourages and supports the growth of the bank in Retail and SME Banking. The bank is very much on its way to opening many independent SME centers across the country within a short time. The bank is also very active in the workers’ foreign remittance business. It has strong tie-ups with major exchange companies in the Middle East, Europe, Far East & USA, from where thousands of individual remittances come to the country every month for disbursements through the bank’s large network of 83 online branches.

The current senior management leaders of the bank consist of mostly people form the multinational banks with superior management skills and knowledge in their respective “specialized” areas. The bank this year, is celebrating its 25th year of journey with the clear ambition of becoming the no.1 private commercial bank in the country in 3 years time. The newly launched logo and the pay-off line of the bank are just one initial step towards reaching that point.

3.1.1 Logo meaning of City Bank

On 5th July 2008, The City Bank Limited changed its brand name into, simply, City Bank. Bank’s new logo along with a brand philosophy line or pay-off line were unveiled that day at a ceremony held at Radisson Water Garden Hotel, Dhaka, Humble Advisor to the Ministry of Finance & Planning, Dr A B Mirza Azizul Islam did this honor to the bank by launching it. We give here a simple note on the philosophy that went behind the creation of this logo:

On 5th July 2008, The City Bank Limited changed its brand name into, simply, City Bank. Bank’s new logo along with a brand philosophy line or pay-off line were unveiled that day at a ceremony held at Radisson Water Garden Hotel, Dhaka, Humble Advisor to the Ministry of Finance & Planning, Dr A B Mirza Azizul Islam did this honor to the bank by launching it. We give here a simple note on the philosophy that went behind the creation of this logo:

It’s a simple logo. Its beauty is in its simplicity of arrangement which is also bold. Since it is simple, it connects with people easily.

· The red and silver shape may mean a chess board. Chessboard stands for wisdom & vision. Since we are 25 years old, we are expert, wise & experienced. Chess is the game of the smart people who knows all the moves. Our game is to deal with your money matters and – as wise & experienced bankers, we are experts in that.

· The red and silver shape may also mean something dynamic. It may mean the checkered flag of Formula One Racing. Then it signifies speed and agility & fast pace.

· The red and silver shape may also mean a kite. It’s a beautiful colorful kite, nose up, going to reach for the sky. In that case, it means the bank is soaring high into the skies of many possibilities in order to make customers’ financial dreams come true

· The red and silver shape may also mean it’s a flying chessboard. It’s a chess-board that has taken wings and is flying. In that case it indicates to what extent this bank can go to serve customers better

The logo has a dynamic shape. Such dynamism stands for modernity, the 21st century. That signifies, this is going to be a techno-savvy bank, a state-of-the-art tech-powered modern bank

The color ‘red’ stands for emotion, passion, strength, vitality, action, confidence & courage.

The color silver symbolizes riches, just as gold does. Silver is glamorous & distinguished. Silver is the traditional 25th anniversary color or Silver Jubilee color. Another thing is: “Pieces of silver” means money or coin. And our pay-off line is “Making Sense of Money”.

Now the pay-off line “Making Sense of Money”.

No money, no bank. We all know how important money can be for any of us. Money is a need all by itself. It is the most precious thing. Money is the port key to any destination. It is everything between a person and his / her dreams & hopes. So, the money which is almost synonymous to life, must make sense. And for your money to make sense, it must be handled by an expert. That is where we come in. We say, we make sense of your money. Because, at City, we are wise men of banking. With 25 years of experience, we know how to make your money more meaningful for you, how to lend you money in times of your needs or how to grow your money safely for you.

3.2 Vision of the city bank


City bank’s main vision is that to be the leading bank in the country with best practices and highest social commitment.

To achieve the desired goal, there will be pursuit of excellence at all stages with a climate of continuous improvement, because, in City Bank, they believe, the line of excellence is never ending. Bank’s strategic plans and networking will strengthen its competitive edge over others in rapidly changing competitive environments. Its personalized quality services to the customers with the trend of constant improvement will be cornerstone to achieve our operational success.

3.3 Misson of the City Bank


  • To contribute to the socioeconomic development of the country.
  • To attain highest level of customer satisfaction through extension of services by dedicated and motivated team of professional.
  • To maintain continuous growth of market share ensuring quality
  • To maximize bank’s profits by ensuring its steady growth
  • To maintain the high moral and ethical standards
  • To ensure participative management system and empowerment of Human Resources.
  • To ensure an enabling environment where innovativeness and performance is rewarded.

3.4: functional Department of City bank

City bank basically four functional departments. These are:

3.4.1 Corporate Banking

3.4.2 Retail Banking

3.4.3 SME Banking

3.4.4 Treasury Banking

3.4.1 Corporate Banking

· Working Capital Finance

· Trade Finance

· Short / Mid- term Finance

· Project Finance

· Islamic Finance

· Structured Finance

· Cash Management

· Investment Banking

· Schedule of Charges

3.4.2 Retail Banking

· Deposit

· Loan

· Debit Card

· Credit Card

· I-Banking

· Schedule of Charges

3.4.3 SME Banking

· City Muldhan

· City Sheba

· City Shulov

· City Munafa

3.4.4 Treasury

· Overnight Deposit

· Term deposit

· Foreign Exchange

· Local Currency Spot & Forward

· Derivatives

3.5 Overall Functions of the City Bank Ltd:

CBL always considers client service the most vital factor to ever-increasing competition and challenge in the Banking sector and as such places on it utmost importance. With that end in view the bank continued its personalized approach with speed, precision, accuracy.

3.5.1 Human Resource:

Skilled work force is an essential pre-requisite for development of any service-oriented organization. CBL puts all out emphasis for the development of professional work force to meet the challenge of modern banking. Science there is no alternative to training for was busy throughout the year to import training on different aspects of banking.

3.5.2 Comparative of Advance of local office:

General banking department is considered as the direct customer service center. The clients and customers ands build their impression whether they are going for further dealings with the bank or not on the basis of their service. Functions of CBL, local office is discussed below:

3.5.3 Functions:

· Establishing Banker Customer relationship

· Remitting customer’s money from on place to another

· Collecting bills for customers

· Taking deposit and honoring cheque drawn over local offices

3.6: Growth and development of CBL

The City bank Ltd. has been operating since 1983 with an authorized capital of TK. 1.75 billion under the entrepreneurship of twelve prominent and learning business man of the country. The noble invention behind starting the business this bank was to bring about qualitative changes in spare of banking and financial management. Today city bank serves it’s customers at home and aboard with 85 branches spread over the country and about the 300 overseas correspondents covering all major cities business centre of the world.

The services encompass wide diversified areas of trade, commerce and industry, which tailored to the specific needs of the customers and are distinguished by an expectation level of prompt and personal attention. Over the years bank has expanded the spectrums of its services. The extensive and over growing domestic network provides and caries various products and services to the doors steps of million.

The City bank Ltd. has already introduced some new banking products like the Retail Banking System – City Ichchapuron, City Onayash, City Projono, Visa electron debit cards, Duel currency credit cards, Online banking system which has created attraction among the clients. The bank is going to introduce real time internet, SMS and phone banking systems with all modern delivery channels at an early date.

For significant performance, the bank has earned national and international reorganization. The CBL is one of the 12 banks of Bangladesh among the 500 banks in Asia for its asset, deposit and profit as evaluated “ASIA WEEK” in the year 2000. Other than that, The CBL received the “TOP TEN COMPANY” awards from the prime minister of the people’s republic of Bangladesh.

3.6.1. Branches Of CBL:There are 83 branches of CBL across the country ,Dhaka zone’s , Branches are given below :

B.B. Avenue Branch 12 B.B. Avenue Dhaka-l000PO. Box-3756, Cable:OTYAVENUE Phone: 9566744,9552278,9552279 Fax: 88-02-9552278 Bhairab Bazar Branch 129 Kalibari Road Bhairab Bazar, Kishorgonj-2350 Phone: 71567 Bow Bazar Branch P.O. Deotala Golla Nababgonj, Dhaka-1320 Phone: 06224-85296
Dhaka Chamber Branch Chamber Bhaban 65-06 Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-l000 Phone: 9563897 9571 Dhanmondi Branch Road # 27(Old),32(New) ,House# 312, Suvastu Zenim Plaza (2nd floor), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1205 Phone: 9124475 8143825 0191321763 DSE Nikunja Branch Lotus-Kamal Tower One 57 Zoar Shahara CIA Nikunja-2, New Airport Road, Dhaka-1229 Phone: 8964013
Foreign Exchange Branch 27 Dilkusha CIA, Dhaka-1000 Phone: 9564315,9559388 Gulshan Branch 49,Gulshan South (Near Market-l)Gulshan RIA, Dhaka-1212 Phone: 8825310. 8825206 Fax: 88-02-882531 Imamgonj Branch 44-45/2 Imamgonj, Dhaka-1100 PO.Box.SADAR-1112, Cable: OTYIMAM Phone: 7316498,7318201,7313581 Fax: 88-02-7318201
Islami Banking Branch Ismail Mansion 9/H Motijheel C/A, Dhaka Phone: 7171884, 7177038 Islampur Road Branch 108 Islampur Road, Dhaka-1100 Cable: aTYISLAM Phone: 7391920, 7392402 Fax: 88-02-7392402 Johnson Road Branch Aziz Center (1st Roor)31, Johnson Road, Dhaka-1100 Cable: CITYDHN Phone: 7115439,7123432
Kaliganj Branch P.O. Shubhadda Keranigonj, Dhaka-1310 Phone: 7772857 Kawran Bazar Branch 8, Panthapath (UTe), Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215 Phone: 8113547,8119362 Madhadi Branch Bank Road, Madhabdi Bazar Narsingdhi-1604 Phone: 06257-56222 Mob: 01711404113
Manikganj Branch 106/2 Shaheed Ralique Sarak Manikgonj-1800 Phone: 61616 Mirpur Branch 1 Dar-us-Salam Road (1st Floor) Section-l, Mirpur, Dhaka-1218 Phone: 9002891 Mouchak Branch 80/A Siddeswari Circular Road Malibagh, Dhaka-1217 Phone: 9357717,8317536
Mymensingh Branch 20 Chom Bazar, Mymensingh-2200 Phone: 54493 Narsinghdi Branch Hoding:l92 (Bazar), SarwardiPmk, Narsingdi

Cable: CITYBANK Phone: 62505

Netaiganj Branch 217 B. K. Road Netaigonj Narayangonj-1400 Phone: 9713621
New Market Branch House # 5, Road # 2 Novera Square, Dhanmondi RIA, Dhaka-1205 Phone: 8614070,8615180 Cell : 01711404150 Nowabganj Branch P.O. Nababgonj Dhaka-1320 Phone: 06225-88079 Nowabpur Branch 219-220 Nawabpur Road Dhaka-1100 Phone: 9558087
Posta Branch 35 Shaista Khan Road Dhaka-1211 Phone: 8612019,8629460 Pragati Sarani Branch Ga-30/G, Pragati Sarani Shahjadpur, Gulshan, Dhaka Phone: 8824575
Principal Office
Jiban Bima Tower 10 Dilkusha CIA,Dhaka. PO.Box -3381,Cable-BANKCITY
Phone: 9565915,9553137,9553147 PABX 9565925-34
Rekabi Bazar Branch Rekabi Bazar, Mirkadin Munshigonj-1501 Phone: 02525 62526 Sadarghat Branch 78 Loyal Street (Patuatuly) Sadarghat, Dhaka-1100 Phone: 7122714 Shaymoli Branch 23/6 Khilji Road Shaymoli, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207 Phone: 8150369, 0171-404153
Tan Bazar Branch 52 S. M. Maleh Road, Tan Bazar, Narayangonj-1400.

Cable-CITYBANK Phone: 9715261 9716454

Tangail Branch 1869/77 Main Road Habib Super Market, Tangail-1900, P.O. Box-5 Phone: 54065, 53784 Tangi Branch Tangi Bazar, Gazipur-1710 Phone: 9800253
Urdu Road Branch 10 Urdu Road, Lalbag Dhaka-1100 Phone: 7318221 Uttara Branch House-8, Sector-7. Uttara Model Towen, Rabindra Sarani, Dhaka-1230 Phone: 8953695 VIP Road Branch 35/1 Purana Paltan lane VIP Road, Dhaka-l000 Phone: 9348947
Zinzira Branch Tinpatty Zinzira Branch Keranigonj, Dhaka-1310 Phone: 7772782

3.7. Organization Chart of CBL

General Banking:

General banking is the starting point of all the banking operation. It is the department, which provides day to day services to the customers. Everyday it receives deposits from the customer and meets their demand for cash by honoring cheque. It opens new accounts, remits funds issue bank drafts and pay orders etc. Science Bank is confined to provide the service everyday, general bank is also known as retail banking.

General banking may be termed as retail banking. General banking activities are done through the following departments.

· Dispatch section

· Deposit section

· Accounting opening Department

· Remittance section

· Clearing Department

· Cash Department

· Card section

4.1. Dispatch Section:

Dispatch section is a part of general banking where letter, advice, circular, documents etc are received in from other banks or branches and delivered out by the branch. In this section the following registers are maintained for making entry of the particulars of the letters documents

(a).Mail registers:

In the mail register the particulars of letters sent by post or courier services are maintained.

(b).Peon registers:

In the peon register the particulars of letters documents or advices sent by the peon are maintained with the name of the person and receivers signature.

(c). Inward register:

In the inward register particulars of received letters, advice, documents are given entry through date and receivers initial.

(d). Outward register:

In the outward register the particulars of issued letters, documents, advice etc are made entry with date and dispatch officers initial.

4.2. Deposit section

This type of deposits are payable on demand by presentation of cheque by the depositor. Drawings of deposit are allowed without any registration within the funds available in its credit and no interests are given against such deposit account. Demand deposits are maintained with the following accounts

a) Demand Deposits

b) Time Deposits

a) Demand Deposits

This type of deposits are payable on demand by presentation of cheque by the depositor. Drawings of deposit are allowed without any registration within the funds available in its credit and no interests are given against such deposit account. Demand deposits are maintained with the following accounts

· Current Deposit Account

· Study Deposit Account

(b) Time Deposit:

These deposits accepted by the banker against acknowledgement in the form of receipts for specified amounts and fixed periods are known as time deposit which offers higher rate of interest graded on the basis of the periods of the deposit. Time deposits are maintained with the following accounts.

a) Fixed Deposit Receipt (F.D.R)

b) Deposit pension Scheme (D.P.S)

c) Short Term Deposit (S.T.D)

d) Short Notice Deposit (S.N.D)

e) Secured Deposit Receipt (S.D.R)

4.3. Account Opening Section

Banking business is very much correlated with banker customer relationship. To be a customer one person must have some sort with the banker. Account Opening section establishes this relationship by opening account is to deposit money. A client can open different types of account through this department. Such as :

  • Demand or Current Deposit
  • Time or Saving Deposit
  • Short – term Deposit

· Demand or Current Deposit

Demand or Current Account is opened mainly for business purpose. The most facilities are given to the customers in case of opening current account.


· Minimum balance :10,000/-

· Interest rate : Nil

Customer Benefit:

o Cheque – book facility

o Opportunity to apply for safe deposit locker facility

o Collect foreign remittance in both T.C & Taka draft

o Transfer of fund one branch to another by :

· Demand Draft

· Mail Transfer

· Telegraphic Transfer

o Transfer of fund on standing Instruction Arrangement.

o Collection of cheques through Clearing House.

o Online banking service

· Time or Savings Deposit

Saving accounts encourage small deposit. A person can earn interest on his deposit from saving even as the account can be used for transaction purposes also. The account holder can draw a maximum number of two cheques per week; this number wills forefeet the interest for the month. The interest rate of saving accounts is 5.5%. Interest


o Minimum balance :Taka 10,000/-

o Interest Rate : 5.50

Customer Benefit:

o Cheque-book facility

o Opening to apply for –safe deposit locker facility

o Utility payment Service

o Collect foreign remittance in both T.C. & Taka draft

o Transfer of fund from one branch to another by:

· Demand Draft

· Mail Transfer

· Telegraphic Transfer

o Collection of cheques through Clearing House.

o Online banking service.

· Short-Term Deposit

Normally Various big companies, organizations, Government departments keep money in STD account.

4.3.1 Account Opening Procedure

  • The client collects and fills up the Personal Account Opening Form by mentioning the type of the account.
  • The client also fills up the Know your customer (KYC) Form.
  • The client submits the completed Personal Account Opening Form and (KYC) Form along with the required documents.
  • The authorized officer verifies the account opening form with required documents by legal status and kinds done.

The officer also ensure that

  • KYC (known your customer) form properly filled in
  • Transaction profile duly filled in
  • Two passport size copies of photographs attested by the introducer
  • Introducer signed verifies
  • In case of joint account/ partnership account / proprietorship account mandate obtained (where applicable)
  • Duly attested passport size photograph of nominee(s) and details of nominee(s) obtained
  • Fingerprint (thump impression) taken for the account of illiterate person (right thump for gent and left thump for ladies)
  • Manager’s/ authorized officer’s approval obtained
  • Number of account opening form (AOF) and register allotted
  • Minimum balance obtained and transaction posted in the system (Finacle)
  • Signature on the AOF matched with SS (Specimen Signature) card
  • Preserve the SS card in the card box
  • File of the AOF should be kept under lock and key
  • Cheque book issued observing all formalities
  • Cheque book issue charge realized
  • Scanning of SS card must be ensured duly verified by authorized officer
  • Specific mention of signatory (whether jointly or singly)

Finally, the client(s) gets an account number, deposit slip and cheque book for deposit and withdrawal.

A copy of KYC form is given bellow-

4.3.2 Documents Required For Opening Account

  • General Requirements:

§ Completed Account opening from

§ Signature Cards (as appropriate)

§ Proof of address verification :Utility Bill (Gas/Electricity/Water)/BTCL telephone Bill/House Rent / Proof of personal visit by the RM

  • Individual /Joint account:

· Introduction of the account

· Three copies photograph of applicant (attested by the introducer)

· One copy Photograph of nominee (attested by applicant)

· Copy of NID / Passport / Driving license / Commissioner Certificate .

· Joint Declaration from (for joint a/c only )

· Employee’s visiting Card (in case of service holder)

  • Sole proprietorship Account:

· Photograph of applicant

· Photograph of all authorized signatories

· Trade license and TIN certificate.

· Permission under 18- A from Bangladesh Bank.

· Photo identification : National ID / passport

o Partnership Concern:

· Trade license and TIN certificate

· Certified to copy of partnership deed (if registered)

· Notarized copy of partnership deed (if unregistered)

· Certificate to registration of partnerships concern

· Partner’s letter of authority for opening an account and authorization for its operation duly certified the managing partner.

· List of partners with their address

· An explanations of the nature of business

· Two copies of photographs and identification document of all partners.

o Limited Company (Company act in Bangladesh )

· Trade license and TIN certificate

· Certificate true of the memorandum and artic ales of association

· Certified true copy of certificate of incorporation

· Certified true copy of certificate of commencement of business (in case of public limited company )

· Bored resolution

· List of directors

· An explanation of the nature of business

· Two copies photographs and identification document of

o All of the directors will be responsible for the operation of the account

o All the authorized signatories for the account

o All holder of attorney to operate the account

o The beneficial owners of the company

o The major share holders holding 20% or more shares in the company

· Association /club /charity/ trust/ society / school /college

· Certified true copy of the constitutions/ by laws / trust deed / memorandum and article of association

· Trust deed and rules (for trusts )

· Certificate of registration

· List of numbers of the governing body with their address

· Resolution of the governing body

· Two copies of photographs and identification document of authorized signatories

o NGO / Corporate Account:

· Certified true copy of the constitution / by laws / rules of charter

· Certificate of registration from NGO bureaus

· List of member of their governing bodies with their address

· Resolution of governing body

· Two copies of photographs and identification documents all authorized signatories.

4.3.3 Deposit product of City Bank

Deposits are the principal input for a bank, upon which it develops its capacity

of business expansion through the mechanism of money creation . There by

bank come up with persuasive sches to attract a portion of public income in the form of savings which are to feed into the process. For the time being, City Bank is competing with the following saving schemes to strengthen its deposit base in the industry. City Bank offers a wide variety of deposit products to meet your financial needs. From current and savings accounts to Fixed Deposits and Pension Schemes each account is designed to give you the best value for your money.

Name of Savings Scheme:

· City Onayash

· City Shomridhi

· City Projonmo

· City Ichchapurun

· Fixed Deposit

a) City Onayash:

“Apner pashe sahob shomoy,

Apner kaser-sab chaya”

The slogan of city onayash account is “onayash attain profit of savings account in everyday interest every month”.

Now appeared” City Onayash”- it’s an excellent saving account where interest is counted in the daily basis saving balance and giving profit after every month. City Onayash is a unique kind of savings account which calculates interest on your daily balance and pays interest to you every month.

It is a major departure from the conventional savings account available in the market. All such accounts calculate interest on the average or lowest balance of the month, while City Onayash does on daily product basis. Not only that, while those conventional savings accounts pays interest only twice a year – in December and June – City Onayash pays it to you every month. Happiness at each month end!


This project is available in 83 branches of the city bank limited all around the country.


You should be the citizen of Bangladesh & your age should be minimum 18 years old.

The facility can get from this account:

o Online banking facility

o Visa electron debit card (for little charge) the opportunity to transaction and shopping by the ATM card.

The exclusive characteristics of City Onayash

  1. The main facility of the “City Onayash” account is here you should not be deprived of profit from this account.
  2. There is no dormant or extra bank charge.
  3. Here is not applicable of various interest charge like others savings account. Therefore, you will be 100% tension free.
  4. The monthly interest will automatically go to your savings account, therefore you can solve your various types of family expenses, personal expenses very flexibly.

Term and condition:

    • Must be citizen of Bangladesh, 18 years and above.
    • Must have a master account (Saving, onayash, and current) with CBL pen this account.
    • Invest payment: will be credited to the customers parent account like SB/CD/Onayash account.
    • Tax Deduction: interest is tax deducted as per NBR rules.
    • 2 Copy Passport Size Photo join venture both owners photo.

Interest Rate: 3.00

b) City Shomridhdhi

City Shomridhdhi is an exceptional DPS product that is distincity more attractive than the prevalent DPS products in the market. You receive a hefty sum at the end of the term against your monthly deposit of small installments. It’s a perfect way to secure your financial future


Age: At least 18 Years

Nationality: Bangladeshi

Features :

  • No initial deposit required
  • Monthly installment deposit ranges from Tk. 500 to Tk. 20,000
  • Flexible tenor of 3, 5, 7 and 10 years
  • On premature encashment, you get the maturity value of nearest term – not the routine savings rate.

Profitability Matrix:

Term Interest Rate
3 (Three) Years 8.50
5 (Five) Years 8.50
7 (Seven) Years 8.50
10 (Ten) Years 8.50

c) City Projonmo

The slogan of the “City Projonmo” is –

Provide economic protection to your future generation and all back up of full insurance facility”.

City Projonmo is a unique monthly deposit scheme that you open for your kids to safeguard their future against all uncertainties and risks. As a guardian of the child you can open this account which builds great & unmatchable savings for you over the years. By the time your child is past his or her school age, there is this sufficient cash in your hand to take care of his / her higher education, marriage or other such large expenses.

However, the most interesting part of this scheme is the full insurance protection that you automatically enjoy. This simply means, in case of death or total physical collapse of the parent or guardian, the bank will pay the full value of the scheme for the full term no matter in reality how many months or years have been actually completed by you.


Age: At least 18 years

Nationality: Bangladeshi

You will have to have a savings or current account in your name in order to operate your City Projonmo account.


All 83 branches of City Bank spread across the country.

What you need to do:

Just fill up the City Projonmo account opening form. Submit it to the branch. And that’s it! Enjoy earning for your junior ones

Profitability Matrix:

Term Interest Rate
5 (Five) Years 8.50
10 (Ten) Years 8.75
15 (Fifteen) Years 8.75
20 (Twenty) Years 8.75

d) City Ichchapurun

Slogan of the city ichchapuron is- great opportunity to earn against your savings every month

This product allows you to earn interest and enjoy interest every month that accrues in your fixed deposit account, no matter what the term of the deposit is. It helps make your financial planning more disciplined, and your life more organized. While your fixed deposit remains untouched and well-kept for future, you keep on getting the profit on a monthly basis. What better way to take care of your monthly recurring expenses like children’s education or school fees, house tutor’s remuneration, utility bill payments, saving money in some DPS scheme?


Age: At least 18 years

Nationality: Bangladeshi

You will have to have a savings or current account in your name in order to operate your City Projonmo account.


All 83 branches of City Bank spread across the country.

What you need to do:

Just fill up the City Ichchapuron account opening form. Deposit your money. And now keep enjoying the fixed deposit interest every month. Enjoy earning

And remember, there is the scope of getting personal loan worth up to 90% of your City Ichchapuron value!

Profitability Matrix:

Profitability Matrix:

Term Interest Rate
1 (One) Year 7.50
2 (Two) Years 7.75
3 (Three) Years 8.00
5 (Five) Years 8.50


§ A savings/ current/ onayash/ STD account

§ Minimum balance BDT 500.00

§ Nominee photograph

e) Fixed Deposit Account

Fixed Deposit Account – a term deposit account, guarantees interest on investment.


§ Competitive interest rate and guaranteed return on investment

§ Can open for 1 M, 3M, 6 M, 12 M and/ or 24M term

§ Early encashment facility

§ 90% loan facility on principal deposit

Fixed Deposit Rate

Term of Deposit Interest Rate
1 (one) month 4.00
3 (Three) months 6.00
6 (Six) months 7.00
01(One) year 8.50
01(One) year City Nokshi 7.00


§ A savings/ current/ onayash/ STD account

§ Minimum balance BDT 50,000.00

§ Nominee photograph

Opening fixed Deposit Account

The depositor has to fill an application form where he mentions the amount of deposit, the period for which deposit is to be made and the name in which the fixed deposit receipt is to be issued . In case of a deposit in joint name, City Bank also takes the institutions regarding payment of money maturity of the deposit. The banker also takes the institution regarding payment of money on maturity of the deposit.

Payment of Interest

It is usually paid on maturity of the fixed deposit. City Bank calculates interest at each maturity date and provision is made on that “Miscellaneous creditor expenditure payable accounts “ is debited for the accrued interest.

Encashment of FDR

In case of premature FDR, City Bank is not bound to accept surrender of the deposit before its maturity date. In order to deter such a tendency the interest on such a fixed deposit is made, cut a certain percentage less than the agreed rate. Normally saving bank deposit interest is allowed. During the encasement of the instrument after maturity, the instrument have to be surrendered, the excise duty and income tax (10%) is deducted from the total interest earned during the time of deposit.

Renewal of FDR

In City Bank, the instrument is automatically renewal within seven days after the date of its maturity if the customer does not come to encase the FDR. The period for renewal is determined as the previous one.

4.3.4 Cheque Book

A cheque is a very important document. Cheque is an instrument in printed form containing an unconditional order, signed by the account holder directing a certain person to pay a certain some of money only to or the order of the order of a certain person or to the bearer of the instrument in the bank. It may be crossed for safety.


Types of Cheques

a) Barer cheque

b) Order cheque

c) Cross cheque

d) Other cheque

e) Market cheque

f) Traveler’s cheque

g) Stale cheque

h) Anti dated cheque

i) Post dated cheque

4.2.5 Issuing a new cheque book:

The steps of issuing a new cheque book for both saving account and current account has given below-

  1. The account holder will fill the cheque requisition slip and will submit.
  2. An authorized officer will match the specimen signature on the requisition slip to the signature on the S.S.Card.
  3. The computer operator will check whether all the leaves of the previous cheque book have been used or not.
  4. If in both case the answer is positive then the officer can issue a cheque book.
  5. The officer will take a new cheque; seal the account number on every page, a round seal of the branch will be given on the requisition slip of the new cheque book.
  6. The issuing date and name of the account holder will also be written on the requisition slip of the new cheque book.
  7. Entry will be given in a cheque book issuing register. The register contains the information as issuing date, range of serial of the cheque leaves, account number, name of the account, and signature of the account holder or authorized person attested by the account holder.
  8. The range of the new cheque book serial will also be written on the submitting requisition slip.
  9. Three initials will be given on the leaves of the new cheque book by three authorized officer.
  10. The holder of the requisition slip will sign on the register and receive the new cheque book.
  11. The new series will be posted on the computer against that account.

4.2.6 Locker service of City Bank

CBL shyamoli branch is facilitating locker service for the purpose of safeguarding the valuable property of clients.

The person or organization theat has any account in bank can enjoy this service, They keep their valuable assets in banker’s custody. Costomer have rigt to look after the key of their individual locker providede by the bank. CBL maintain the following types of lockers :

  • Small Locker
  • Medium Locker
  • Larger Locker

For enjoying the Locke services, clients have to give charge yearly which is given below:

Small Locker 2500/-
Medium Locker 3000/-
Large Locker 4000/-
Lost Key 500/-

4.2.7 Closing Account

  • CSO will receive the closing request from the client by putting the received stamp with date and time.
  • The request has to be forwarded to the respective Relationship Manager (RM) for their consent .The RM should also request release /discharge of security documents on favor of branch if applicable.
  • Verify signatures for authenticity
  • CSO