Tools for an Information Age

Computers: Tools for an Information Age

Forging a Computer-Based Society

?  Traditional Cornerstones of Economy:

?   Land

?   Labor

?   Capital

?  New Economic Element:

?   Information

Computers in Your Life

What Is Computer Literacy?




Fundamental Characteristics

Benefits of Computers

Computer System Components

Hardware: The Basic Components of a Computer

?  What is a Computer?

?  Four primary components:

?   Input devices

?   Processor

?   Output devices

?   Storage

What Is a Computer and What Does It Do?

What Is a Computer and What Does It Do?

Computers are Data     Processing Devices

Computer Hardware

Input Devices


?  Most common input device

?   Generates electrical signals which are translated into characters


?  Moves over a flat surface

?   Movement of mouse ball causes corresponding movement of pointer on screen


?  Reads special letters, numbers, and symbols

?   Wand reader, bar code reader often used in stores

?   Flatbed and sheet-fed scanners scan pictures or printed documents

System Unit

The Processor and Memory:
Data Manipulation

Primary Storage

The Processor

Output: What Comes Out

Output Devices

Storage Devices

Secondary Storage


Computer Software

Computer Software

Computer Platforms:
PCs and Macs

Peripheral Devices

•System Unit

•Peripheral Devices

Computer Networks and the Internet

Computer Networks and the Internet

What Are the Internet and the
World Wide Web?

What Are the Internet and the
World Wide Web?

Surfing the Web


Local Area Network


Electronic Mail (e-mail)

The Internet

Getting Around the Internet

Internet Service Providers


?  Software that allows you to use a mouse to explore the Internet

?   Click on screen text and/or graphics to move to different locations

?   Most commonly used to explore the World Wide Web

The World Wide Web

?  A subset of the Internet

?   Actually, a standard for displaying and transmitting information

?  Web site: a location on the Web

?   Home page: the main page of a Web site




Mainframe Computers

Mainframe Computers


Midrange Servers


Personal Computers (PCs)

Portable Computers

Notebook Computers

Tablet PCs

Thin Clients and Internet Appliances

Thin Clients and Internet Appliances

Embedded Computers

Mobile Devices

Handheld Computers

?  Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

?   Keeps track of appointments, contacts, etc.

?   Accepts input with hand-held stylus

?  Pocket PC

?   Offers capabilities of PDAs, plus the ability to run stripped-down versions of software such as word processing and spreadsheets

Handheld personal computers