Towards an effective Human Rights Commission in Bangladesh.


The word “Human Rights” refers to the basic rights and freedom of a human being which they should be entitled. The word Human Rights consists of civil and political rights which mean the right to education, freedom of expression, social rights, cultural and economical rights etc.[1]

Today Bangladesh is standing and actively participating in the globalize world but unfortunately the citizens of the country infact majority of the people are deprived off from their basic human rights. Rest of the people who are getting the opportunity to live on their basic rights are indirectly deprived off from the Human Rights as well. Examples which are to be noted are access to information, consumer rights and list goes on.

Bangladeshi Perspective:

Bangladesh gained its independence in 1971 and till today it has not been able to provide basic human rights to their citizen which is a sign of poor governance and bad political system. Narrowing down the topic let us start from the scratch, violation of Human Rights in Bangladesh starts from home. Everyday millions people are violating the Human Rights like torturing the helping-hands, employing child workers and the worst part is that it is still continuing. People who are suffering do not have a place to sigh and the weak legal system is to blame for that. The story does not end here, members of the same family are also facing discrimination as well.

Even though we speak a lot about Human Rights we ourselves are not aware of the term. This word is just a ward to us. In fact most of the educated people in our society is clear about the term.

The humiliation starts from our school life or college life or even in our university life. In the name of ragging day we are verbally, physically humiliated but we are seems to be bother about this trend. We have been accepting this and maybe we will accept this trend in the future as well. The story doesn’t ends here, humiliation takes place by our teachers as teachers as well.

A person graduating from university desires to have a job as well but humiliation accompanies him/her in the job market as well. Discrimination seems to be the first criteria for a person to get his job.[2]

Now the question arise why are we unable to stop this? Why do we have to interfere in others personal life style? When we start showing respect to other person? Where our problem does underlies? Is it the education system or poor governing system, or it is a modernize the world of our culture? Living in a modernize the world this humiliation does not match with the global world. The world personally seems that it does not exist in our mind. We have a tendency to neglect other people’s principles. This negligence sometimes leads to anxiety which turns into violation.

In our society most of the people seems to have a pessimistic mind. Any person trying to give opinion instantly creates a negative impact on that person. This has to be changed. People in our society are mostly narrowing minded, this should be diversified. Now the question is how? How can be diversifying our thoughts? The education systems we have are mostly traditional. One of the major drawback which we have in our society is the different level of educational institutions we have in our country. This has to be withdrawn. The quality or the method of teaching should

be equal for all. If we are able to help the future we might be able to help the future we might be able to help the future in the same way.

We are only democratic by name. The liberation war of 1971, the language movement of 1951 seems to have no respect for the martyrs as well as for the country. The hat trick achievement for being the most corrupted country in the world clearly portrays the picture how smartly we are moving. The political parties have at all no ideology or philosophy to serve for the country rather than thinking about their own benefits. The care taken government period at first glance       seemed change may take place, however the only change we observed or give was the introduction of voter ID cards, other than that it was same. The corruption continued. This suggests that upholding our policy for human rights is a far away concern for the government. They have failed to create harmonies political environment within the 40 years of democracy.

Freedom of speech and Press:

Our constitution clearly demonstrates about the freedom of speech and press. However the government has been acting oppositely all the time. They seem to have no attention at all the issue. The general people have no access to information at all. The childhood game of Hide and Seek is played by our government. The newspapers in our country do not enjoy the full tortured. They are independence to publish reports in front of the general people, in fact the reports journalists do not have the right to access information.

Both of or political parties have the same problem, they do not emphasize on the problems regarding human rights violation then there will be simple of cases where we will find that women do not have proper justice and most of them do not have get any justice at all.[3]

There are thousands of domestic help access the country who works day and night without any payment. Instead of payment they are tortured brutally. Many were killed but in my knowledge none of the causes were punished. This issue of torturing domestic help has been a growing concern but future seems to be bleak for this aspect.


In our household violent behaviour is increasing now. Although fighting against women is more complex   now a day. We can see many report is continuously published about aggression about women related to dispute over dowries. According to Human Rights organization there is being many killing report (261 dowry-related killings) in the year. In this case 23 women were done suicide and 85 women were tortured in dowry related case.[4]

This kind of crime is law prohibits rape and physical spousal abuse, but there is no specific stipulation for this reason. During the year, press report release approximate 1,336 rapes occurs. Action against the rapist was not properly taken. Also there is many rape report is hidden. In some situation rape victims is taken the path of suicide.[5]


Not only a woman is not get the proper justice by law but also the children were not get any justice in the society. The government take many programs for the newly born baby, and also the children who are under 18. The government and the NGOs take many step of confirming the basic needs of life, i.e. health, primary education, food. But if we go through or doing a survey in a small extent, we found 50% children is still constantly half-starved.

According to human Rights 575 children were kidnapped, more or less suffered unnatural decease and over 3100 children is in victim of serious diseases, rape, sexual harassment, acid attack in the following year.[6]

In our country because of their poverty children are taking the path of doing work at their young age. This is called child labour. In their work place they are misbehave by the other worker who are senior in the work place. Even they are fell victim in many guilty occurrences. Sometimes the children are seriously injured and even they were killed in the workplace.[7]

Human rights commission in Bangladesh is point out that child desertion, torture in work place; kidnapping is seriously crime in the eye of law. And it takes a great problem in the society. [8]A report says that there is a wide violence against children is occurs in India, Pakistan, and some other countries. Largely for the reason of prostitutional and forced labour. UNICEF estimate that in our country 10000 prostitute is now surviving in our country, but other estimate that the figure is approximate 29000.[9]

Press Released:

Bangladesh Government and United Nations has already been signed an agreement to strength the Law against Human Rights commissions in Bangladesh. This agreement occurs on the month of May during the year, that was published all the headlines newspaper.

A United Nations Development Program (UNDP) declaration in Dhaka that, “The bonding between the two countries will make promotion and protection of human rights”.

Bangladesh is now become the most recent country to take place and also build up the national Human Rights commission to  check, regulate, and also examine human rights violation.

We all know that in 2008 our acting government in Bangladesh backed by military enforcement was not also referable after one month later of election.

Although four months ago the government made legislation consisting of 20 people. On a press release David Bergman said that the new commission can be effective in many ways for improving the Human Rights Commission.

In a press release there was a report on Shopra Rani age 35. She lives in capital Dhaka at Mohakhali in a slum named Shattala, where lives approximate 2000 people. Where makes a community with the participation of rickshaw pullers and other class people.

At eight thirty in the morning in August during the year, without any signal, or notification, bulldozers came and destroy the entire house to make a new government property.

She express her voice like, “ So, after living many time in this place, without notify, without doing any harmful scene in society, given us thirty minutes, suddenly within a moment our harmony, our home destroy, and turned into dust.

Even during the power of Awami League many slums like mohakhali has been destroyed in 2009 that make homeless in different parts of the country.

We all know in every religion there says, all the leader in a state, have to ensure our basic human needs including shelter. So where goes their promise before comming the power of government?

In Bangladesh national human rights commission:

By Bangladesh’s caretaker authorities on 1 Sep 2008 the Bangladesh human rights commission was established. According to the former president of Bangladesh, Dr Aladdin Ahmed, this commission will “play a significant role in establishing a culture of regard for human rights with the cooperation of all concerned including the civil society, the public and according to the former president of Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Dr Aladdin Ahmed, this commission will “play a significant role in establishing a culture of regard for human rights with the co operation of all concerned including the civil society, the public.[10]

Pilot Project:

The project has undertaken a six calendar month pilot scheme to translate, codify and the undertaking has undertaken a six calendar month pilot scheme to translate, codify.

The project has undertaken a six calendar month pilot scheme to translate, codify and the undertaking has undertaken a six calendar month pilot scheme to translate, codify.

Major activities accomplishments 2009:

The project provided intensive back up in the drafting, development and the task provided intensive support in the drafting, development. Technical back up for the establishment of the business office of the nhrc and in addition, the project has extended its logistic.

Chittagong district bar associations and during 2009 project has organized two brainstorming meetings on pro boon legal services with the bearishly, Legal back up goes and as well as human rights.[11]

  • Technical back up for establishment of an operational it cell and the project provided logistic keeping the moljpa’s website including BD Laws website and at the moljpa that has began working for developing.[12]
  • A six calendar month airplane pilot scheme on human rights grooming project has established for law military officers and legal practicing through an inaugural ceremonial in Dhaka.
  • A joint midterm re-examine (mtr) of the project was carry oned. A rapid evaluation of the overall impact of the project against its targeted objectives in Aug Sep 2009 to undertake.

Major activities accomplishments 2008:

Financial back up to the ministry of law, and the project provided technical. 3 parliamentary affairs in coordinating and justice. National seminar on public prosecution services go toed by around 500 district law military officers (national seminar on public criminal prosecution services attended by around 500 district law military officers).

By the project with associations of attorneys five brainstorming meetings were carrying. A network of pro boon legal aid services in Bangladesh and other stakeholders at the district degree for establishing.

In Dhaka on 01 Dec 2008 to celebrate the international human rights day project organised a round table encountering. Of the universal declaration of human rights human rights day and the 60th anniversary.

Major activities accomplishments 2007:

An entomb agency consultative group back up, in Nov 2007. Enterprisingness to appraise the capacity of the justice sector to back up the separation of judiciary from the executive by the a2j project took. (Bangladesh in relation to back uping the separation of the judiciary from the executive power, identification foreign mission on need appraisal for Supreme Court.)

On the draft legislation for establishing a study was carry oned. (Aug 2007, the Bangladesh national human rights commission bill a commentary”.) By the a2j project commissioned. In Dec 2007 the ordinance for the establishment of the national human rights commission (nhrc) was proclaimed.

At Dhaka, on June 22, The National Human Rights Commission has been formed. Five temporary members to the commission and one permanent member. Dhaka university law prof. Dr. Miser rah adult male as chairman the president appointed. And currently executive director of legal education and grooming institute, and currently executive director director of legal education and grooming institute.

To sustainable peace in Africa, human rights a key:

Together with the human rights institute of South Africa, on Oct 21 the south African human rights commission. The commission for the promotion and protection of the rights of cultural, religious and linguistic communities and ceasefire campaign.

The twenty four hours also distinguishes the 24th anniversary of the adoption of the African charter on human and the day also distinguishes the 24th anniversary of the adoption of the African charter on human.

Africa human rights twenty four hours is a celebration of the coming into force of the African charter on human and Africa human rights day is a celebration of the coming into force of the African charter on human, was in consonance with a commitment this undertaking. To carry forward the vision that was first articulated in the 1948 universal declaration of human rights.

Its timely application and there can be no human rights in any society without a proper code of law. Access to justice is the most blatant infraction of human rights not acquiring. What is the Bangla Desh authority making? Eld in the courts and to address the issue of 1000s upon 1000s of cases that lies unresolved for eld. To address these problems what is the parliament doing. (Written by: S M Quader, Sep 29 2010 7:10AM)


If we dig deep then we can see that the problem lies in each and every sector. In order to improve the situation co-operation among each sector is must and the policy makers i.e the legislative, executive and judiciary body should work independently. The government of Bangladesh should make sure that laws are carried and followed strictly co-operation among each sector is must and the policy makers i.e the legislative, executive and judiciary body should work independently. The government of Bangladesh should make sure that laws are carried and followed strictly. Nobody should disobey the law and if someone violates the law then the following person would be punished accordingly. Going through the project I realised that the rules or the regulation we have are not at all followed, the rules are not implemented properly in our country. We the citizens should also be concerned and self-aware that we follow the law and respect the law. Lastly I would like to say that the government of the Bangladesh, the political parties should have a respect for each other and they should work for the country rather than their benefits. What we need in our country is friendly and harmony relationship. If we look at India our neighbouring country and look at us then we can clearly understand what difference it can create.


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[1] Freedoms to which all human beings are entitled such as civil and political rights and human rights are defined as basic rights. Autonomy, freedom of thought and expression and the right to life. Equality before the law, social, cultural and economic rights, including. The right to participate in culture, the right to food, the right to work, and the right to take part in culture, the right to nutrient, the right to work.

[2] Government should stop the repression of freedom of expression and release the detained media-professionals – 2010-06-03

[3] The Act protected corrupt government officials from public scrutiny and hindered transparency and accountability of the Government at all levels. The hundreds of daily and weekly publications provided a forum for a wide range of views. Torture victims have no faith in the judicial system – 2009-06-25.

[4] Women, children, minority groups, and persons with disabilities often confronted social and economic disadvantages. According to Human Rights Watch, considerable official and societal discrimination existed against those who provided HIV prevention services, and against high-risk groups likely to spread HIV/AIDS.

[5] A lady parliamentarian obstructs investigation into rape of a nine year old girl – 2010-08-19

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[7] In the decade from 1988 to 1998, 200, 000 Bangladeshi girls were sold into the sex industry in nations including Pakistan, India and Middle East.

[8] Many of Bangladesh’s men, women and children are profoundly affected by macro and micronutrient deficiencies. Every year, 30,000 children become blind due to Vitamin A deficiency. Over half the population is affected by iodine deficiency, including 80 per cent of children. The effects of malnutrition are also compounded by inadequate utilization of nutrients, given difficult conditions in terms of access to water, sanitation, health services, (UN Economic and Social Council, 2004).

[9] Bangladeshi government is much concerned with the child rights; therefore it has ratified Convention on the Rights of Child (CRC) in 1990.

[10] Enabling Legislation: National Human Rights Commission Ordinance 2007

[11] The two recruited staffs have been working on development of the MoLJPA website ( and the Divisional website for the Legislative and Parliamentary Division of MoLJPA. The staffs have drafted their action plans for approval and the process of procurement against the approved procurement plan has commenced.

[12] The Project is processing a pilot scheme on ICT training for the law officers and other staff members of the Attorney General (A-G) office. A total of 60 staff will receive basic and advanced training. It is expected that the 3 month long training will be started from April 2010.