UNDP Projects and Programs in Bangladesh

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Projects and Programs of UNDP in Bangladesh:

Police Reform Programs

  • Crime PreventionPolice-community engagement creates an environment that facilitates prevention of crime and equitable access to justice, and the opportunity for inappropriate influence over the police is minimized.
  • Investigations, Operations and ProsecutionsHigh quality police operations and investigations are undertaken, which are responsive to women, girls and the vulnerable in a timely and professional manner and lower court prosecutions do justice to investigative efforts.
  • Human Resource Management and TrainingStrategy and Oversight the Bangladesh Police are ethical, capable, well trained and well lead and HRM/HRD processes result in efficiency, transparency, accountability and equitability.
  • ICT and Public RelationsBangladesh Police maintains the technical standards, systems and structures necessary to meet current and future policing needs and effective & efficient public relations system in police.
  • Trafficking of Human Being (THB)Effective investigations, disruption, and interception of trafficking in human beings, performed by a gender and child sensitive policing force.
  • Program ManagementSustainable Program outcomes are achieved through effective and transparent management of Program resources and the promotion of collaborative work practices.

Start and end period: Jan 01, 2005 – Dec 31, 2009
Approved Budget: US$ 16669669.0
Donors: DFID, European Commission, UNDP
Implementing Partners: Ministry of Home Affairs

Civil Service Change Management Program

Expected Results

  • Development of sustainable support to desired reforms in the civil service
  • Improvement in integrated human resource management systems in the civil service
  • Development of organizational performance management strategy inclusive of e-governance
  • Development of experiential learning and professional development opportunities in the public sector training institutions
  • Partnership in developing ethics and integrity in public service
Start and end period: Jan 01, 2008 – Dec 31, 2012
Approved Budget: US$ 5500000.0
Donors: TRAC
Implementing Partners: Ministry of Establishment

Support to the Electoral Process in Bangladesh

Project objectives

  • Introduce technological solutions to the business processes of electoral administration
  • Improve the effectiveness and quality of the training provided to election officials
  • Complete a comprehensive review of the current electoral process legal framework and provide policy advocacy services and recommendations; and
  • Build a platform for stakeholders to advocate for ensuring effective electoral management.
Start and end period: Mar 01, 2008 – Jun 30, 2010
Approved Budget: US$
Donors: TRAC, Non-core
Implementing Partners: Bangladesh Election Commission

Translucent Ballot Boxes

Project Outcome

  • Credible preparations for elections, facilitated by Translucent Ballot Boxes.

Project activities

  • Procure Translucent ballot boxes including seals
  • Deliver TBBs to polling centers
  • Train field workers and how to use TBBs
  • Public information campaign on TBBs
Start and end period: May 01, 2008 – Apr 30, 2009
Approved Budget: US$ 6155632.0
Donors: Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
Implementing Partners: Bangladesh Election Commission