Model Object Clauses by Gupta


Dealing in Immovable Property
(1)  To acquire by purchase, exchange or otherwise, any estate or interest,
whether in possession or in reversion, and whether vested or contingent,
certain  lands, houses and buildings, known as the ………………. at ………………..
and any other lands, tenements and premises of any tenure, whether subject
or not to any charges or encumbrances, and to hold or to sell, let, alienate,
mortgage, charge or otherwise deal with all or any of such lands, tenements
or premises.
(2) To construct, erect and maintain, either by the company or other
parties, sewers, roads, streets, tramways, gasworks, waterworks brick-kilns
and works, buildings, houses, flats, shops, and all other works, erections
and things of any description whatsoever, either upon the lands acquired
by the company or upon other lands, and generally to alter and improve the
lands and other property of the company.
(3)  To let on lease any such premises or parts thereof and to provide such
facilities for the occupiers or tenants thereof as are commonly provided in
residential flats, business offices or hotels.
(4) To grant easements, profits a prendre or other rights in over or under
the said lands and to acquire such rights in over or under any adjoining lands.
(5) To lend or advance money to builders and other persons on securities
of all descriptions, whether real or personal, and to grant loans upon
mortgage of any lands, buildings and premises, of whatever tenure, for the
improvement thereof or otherwise.
(6) To carry on the business of builders, architects and surveyors, brick
and tile makers, house and estate agents.
(7) To win, work, convert lease and dispose of any mineral property of
the company.
(8) To apply for and acquire any statutory or other powers, rights or
(9) To provide public or private amusements and entertainments upon
any property of the company.
Dealing with Mines and Minerals
(1) To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire freehold and otherlands, properties, mines and mineral properties, and also grants, conces-
sions, leases, claims, licences of or other interests in mines, mining rights,
lands, mineral properties, water rights, and either absolutely or conditionally,
and either solely or jointly with others.
(2) To prospect, explore, open and work claims or mines, drill and sink
shafts or wells and raise, pump, dig and quarry for gold, silver, minerals, ores,
diamonds and precious stones, oil, petroleum, coal, earth, and other
(3) To acquire by purchase, concession or lease, or to take in exchange
or otherwise, or to erect and construct, and wherever necessary to alter
buildings, tramways, roads, shafts, furnaces, quartzcrushing and other
machinery, works for smelting or otherwise for treating, removing and
storing metals and minerals, and drawing and pumping appliances, or
waterworks, and crushing, working manufacturing, purifying, cutting, polish-
ing, or otherwise dealing with gold, silver, precious metals, minerals, ores,
coals, diamonds and precious stones, earth and other substances.
(4)  To employ  and pay mining experts, agents, and other persons,
partnerships, companies or corporations, and to organise, equip, and
despatch expeditions for prospecting, exploring, reporting on, surveying,
working, developing lands, farms, districts, territories and properties, and
whether the same are the property of this company or otherwise, and to
promote and assist in the settlement of any lands, farms, districts, territories
and properties, and to promote emigration or immigration for that purpose,
and to make advances to, and pay for or contribute to the expenses of, and
otherwise assist persons or companies prospecting; acquiring, settling on,
farming, building on, mining, or otherwise developing any lands, farms,
districts, territories and properties, or desirous of so doing.
(5) To carry on business as land and mine owners, miners, metallurgists,
metal workers, builders, and contractors, engineers, manufacturers, and
farmers, graziers, horse and cattle dealers, coach proprietors, traders, ship
owners, ship brokers, importers and exporters, and to buy, sell and deal in
property of all kinds.
Repairs and Construction of Ships
(1) To build, fit out and repair, and lend money upon ships and vessels
of every description.
(2) To construct and repair engines, boilers, and machinery.
(3) To construct and maintain for the use of the company, or for letting
out on hire, graving and other docks, and other conveniences for the building,
repairing, or docking of ships and other vessels, and to aid in or contribute
to the construction of any such works.
(4) To buy or otherwise acquire ships and vessels, complete or not
complete, sound or out of repair, for the purpose of improving, reselling, or
otherwise making a profit out of the same.
(5) To procure any powers which may be granted by Parliament or any
government department to enable the company to extend its objects, or to
carry any of its objects into effect.
Repairs and Construction of Ships
[Alternative form]
(1) To construct, hire, purchase, otherwise acquire and work ships and
vessels of any class, and to establish and maintain lines or regular services
of ships or other vessels, and generally to carry on the business of
shipowners, and to enter into contracts for the carriage of mails, passengers,
goods and cattle by any means, and either by its own vessels and other
forms of transportation, or by or over the vessels, and modes of transpor-
tation of others.
(2) To construct, purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire and work
any railway or tramway, wharf, pier, dock, transport terminal, buildings, or
works capable of being advantageously used in connection with the
business of the company as a shipping company.
(3) In connection with any of the objects aforesaid to carry on the
business of a transport company, railway company, railway contractors,
shipbuilders, engineers, manufacturers of machinery, and railway wagon
and coach builders.
(4) To acquire concessions or licences for the establishment and working
of lines of ships or other vessels between any ports of the world, or for the
formation or working of any railway or tramway, wharf, pier, dock, or other
works, or for the working of any coaches or other public conveyances, with
the benefit of any subsidy attached to any such concession or licence or
(5) To insure the vessels and other property of the company, in any
(6) To grant loans on ships and  vessels  or on goods and merchandise
carried or to be carried in any vessels.
(7) To buy and sell merchandise for freighting the ship and vessels of the
(8) To resell or sublet any concession or licence obtained, or contract
entered into.5
Dealing with Railways and Steamships
(1) To purchase or otherwise acquire, take upon lease, construct, equip,
maintain, work and use, railways, tramways, bridges, ferries, canals, roads
telegraphs, telephones, and other means of communication, and to acquire
running powers, rights or easements over any railway, tramway, or other
(2)  To purchase or otherwise acquire, take upon lease, construct,
maintain, work, and use wet and dry docks, slips, quays, wharves, piers,
warehouses, buildings, yards, and every kind of property, structure, appli-
ance, and thing necessary or useful for the accommodation, loading,
discharging, repairing, fitting out, victualling, equipment, salving and assis-
tance of vessels and shipping.
(3)  To build, purchase, charter, hire, or otherwise acquire, maintain, repair
and use steam or other ships, vessels, rolling stock, machinery and property
of every kind necessary or useful for the purpose of carrying on the business
of the company.
(4) To equip, load on commission or otherwise, let out to hire, and trade
with any vessels belonging wholly or in part to or being in the employ of the
company, and to carry on the business of carriers of passengers and goods
in all its branches by land, water and air.
(5) To purchase or otherwise acquire merchandise and freight of every
kind, and to trade and deal with the same.
(6) To acquire, build, work and use factories of all kinds, furnaces, mills,
foundries, refrigerating houses,  abattoirs, grazing grounds, hotels, and
places of refreshment, and to carry out waterworks, schemes of lighting and
drainage, and other works for improving or developing the property of the
(7) To buy, take on lease, or otherwise acquire lands, buildings, rights
and easements, of every kind, to erect buildings, and to sell, lease, let on
hire, exchange, or otherwise dispose of, absolutely, conditionally, or for any
limited interest, any of the property, rights, or privileges of the company, or
all or any of its undertaking, to manage, lay out, develop, or cultivate, any
of the lands or property of the company, and to subscribe out of the funds
of the company towards the erection, support or maintenance of churches,
chapels, schools institutes, or other undertakings calculated to improve or
benefit the property of the company.
(8) To carry on the business of lightermen, wharfingers, warehousemen,
ship chandlers, merchants, commission and shipping agents.
(9) To undertake the salvage of ships and cargoes, and to levy cranage,
anchorage, lighting, and other dues and tolls.
G : CDD (Vol. 8) ? 26402 CONVEYANCING, DRAFTING & DEEDS [Ch. 68
(10) To do all or any of the things mentioned in this clause in any part
or parts of the world.
(11) To acquire such concessions or acts of legislature in any Common-
wealth or foreign country as may be advantageous for carrying out the
objects of the company.
Establishment of Professional and Vocational School
(1) To establish and carry on in ……………….. [and any other countries]
schools  at or by means of which students may obtain education  and
instruction by post or otherwise and particularly in or with regard to
architecture, architectural, mechanical, geometrical and other drawing and
designing, surveying, mapping, book-keeping, short-hand, typewriting and
other secretarial training, civil, mechanical, electrical, marine, and other
engineering, building and other constructional work, heating and ventilation,
electronics, chemistry, mining, metallurgy, geology, commerce, spinning,
weaving and manufacturing, the designing and manufacturing of woven and
other fabrics, lettering and sign writing and painting, agriculture, horticulture,
dairy and other farming, and stock and other breeding, forestry, professions
ancillary to medicine, languages, mathematics, seamanship, navigation,
geography and history, and all other   subjects whatsoever that may be
included in a commercial, technical, scientific,  classical or academic
education, or may be conducive to knowledge of or skill  in any trade, pursuit
or calling.
(2) To provide a school or schools, lecture class or examination room or
rooms, office or offices,  board, lodging and attendance and all other
necessaries and conveniences for or to students, teachers, lecturers, clerks,
employees and officers instructed or employed temporarily or otherwise by
the company, and to afford them facilities for study, research, cultivation,
teaching and performance of the tasks and duties allotted to them respec-
(3) If thought desirable to found scholarships and exhibitions and to give
prizes, certificates and diplomas to persons who are or have been students
instructed or examined by or by the direction of the company.
(4) To carry on all or any of the businesses of proprietors and publishers
of newspapers, journals, magazines, books, catalogues and other literary
works and undertakings, printers, stationers, lithographers, type founders,
stereotypers, electrotypers, photographers, photographic printers, photo
lithographers, chromo lithographers, colour printers, engravers, die sinkers,
book manufacturers, book sellers, advertising agents, engineers and
dealers in or manufacturers of letters or hirers of any articles or things of
a character similar or analogous to the foregoing or any of them or connectedtherewith, and in particular maps, plans, models, drawing, mathematical and
technical instruments and materials, drawing and tracing paper, drawing
inks and drafting supplies, writing machines, typewriters, typewriter mate-
rials, electrical instruments, apparatus supplies, motors and dynamos and
machinery, plant, appliances and inventions of all kinds.
(5)  To undertake and transact all kinds of agency and all kinds of business
relative to the gathering and distribution of knowledge, and of information
of every sort or kind which an individual may legally undertake or transact.
(6) To provide for and furnish or secure to any members or customers
of the company or to any subscribers to or purchasers or possessors of any
publication of the company, or of any coupons or tickets issued with any
publication of the company any books or other publications, instruments,
chattels, conveniences, advantages, benefits or special privileges which
may seem expedient and either gratuitously or otherwise.
(7) To adopt such means of making known the company and its objects
and businesses as may seem expedient, and in particular by advertising
in the press, circulars, by purchase and exhibition of works of art or interest,
models and machines, by publication of books, periodicals and catalogues,
and by granting prizes, rewards and donations.
Business of Builders and Contractors
(1) To carry on the trade or business or builders and contractors for
construction work of any kind and for the demolition of any structure.
(2) To purchase or otherwise acquire lands, houses, offices, workshops,
buildings and premises for the purpose of such trade or business.
(3) To purchase or otherwise acquire or to carry on the manufacture of
bricks, stone or other building material of any kind whatsoever and  all
implements, machinery, bulldozers, tractors, cranes, transport vehicles,
scaffolding and all things used by builders and contractors.
(4) To purchase or otherwise acquire and to carry on the manufacture
of portable buildings for use as offices storage or any other purpose
connected with the work of builders and contractors.
(5) To carry on the trade or business of electrical heating and con-
structional engineers whether for the purpose of temporary installations
during building operations or for permanent use in the buildings erected.
Engineering and Manufacturing business
(1)  To carry on the trade or business of engineers, founders, smiths, metal
workers, machinists, manufacturers and patentees [of ………………].
(2) To enter into any contracts in relation to, and to erect, construct,
maintain, alter, repair, pull down and restore, either alone or jointly with any
other companies or persons, works of all descriptions, including wharves,
docks, piers, railways, tramways, waterways, roads, bridges, warehouses,
factories, mills, engines, machinery, railway carriages, and wagons, ships
and vessels of every description, gas works, electric works, water works,
drainage and sewage works, and buildings of every description.
(3)  To purchase or otherwise acquire, houses, offices, workshops,
buildings and premises, and any fixed and movable machinery, tools,
engines, boilers, plant, implements, patterns, stock-in-trade, patents and
patent rights, convenient to be used in or about the trade or business of
engineers, founders, smiths or machinists.
Business of automobile manufacturers
(1) To carry on the business of manufacturers of, dealers in, hirers,
repairers, cleaners, storers and warehousers of motor cars, lorries, motor-
cycles, aeroplanes, bicycles, and carriages, amphibious vehicles and
vehicles suitable for propulsion on land, sea, or in the air or in any com-
bination thereof, and vehicles of all kinds, whether moved by mechanical
power or not, and all machinery, implements, utensils, appliances, appara-
tus, lubricants, cements, solutions, enamels, and all things capable of being
used therewith, or in the manufacture, maintenance, and working thereof
respectively, or in the construction of any track or surface adapted for the
use thereof.
(2) To carry on the business of rubber (both natural and synthetic)
manufacturers and makers of and dealers in articles of any description made
or prepared with rubber.
(3) To establish depots and agencies in different parts of India and to
promote race meetings and speed and trial tests for aviators, motorists,
motor cyclists and cyclists, and to offer for competition and distribute prizes
in connection therewith, or for any other purpose, and to give instruction in
the art of driving and cycling.
(4) To act as agents for and introduce business to motor vehicle, fire,
accident, indemnity, marine, aviation, transit and general insurance officers,
and especially in relation to motor vehicles and motorists PROVIDED that
nothing herein contained shall empower the company to carry on the
business of insurance or to grant annuities or to reinsure any risks under
any class of business to which that Act applies.10
Establishment of Motor Garage and Servicing Centres
(1) To carry on the business of garage proprietors and of a service station
for motor vehicles of all kinds.
(2) To carry on the safe keeping, cleaning, repairing, refuelling and the
general care of motor vehicles of all kinds whatsoever form of propulsion
may be used.
(3) To buy and sell petrol [gas] [gasoline] oil and petroleum products new
and used motor vehicles, parts of such vehicles, accessories, supplies
radios, motorcycles, motor boats, and all kinds of machinery, rubber goods,
electrical goods.
(4) To operate motor transport of all kinds, including the leasing or hiring
for any period or number of journeys of cars, lorries, trucks tractors, and
vehicles used in the repair of such vehicles.
(5) To finance the purchase, hire-purchase or sale of any such vehicles
or their accessories.
Manufacturers and Suppliers of gas for lighting,
heating etc.
(1) To manufacture, produce, buy, sell, dispose of and deal in gas, coke,
tar and all other residual products resulting from the manufacture of gas,
and to carry on all the businesses that are usually or may be conveniently
carried on by gas companies.
(2)  To supply gas for lighting, heating, motive power, or any other purpose
(3) To acquire, construct, erect, lay down, maintain, enlarge, alter, work
and use all such lands, buildings, easements, gas and other works,
machinery, plant, stock, pipes, lamps, motors, fittings, meters, apparatus,
materials and things, and to supply all such materials, products and things
as may be necessary, incident, or convenient in connection with the
production, use, storage, regulation, measurement, supply and distribution
of any of the products of the company.
Dealers in Timber
(1) To carry on business as wood and timber merchants, importers,
growers, brokers, factors; agents and dealers, saw mills proprietors, ship,
barge and boat owners, lightermen, dock and wharf owners, warehouse-
men, ships? chandlers and outfitters, sandblast workers, wood carvers,
joiners, carpenters, turners, wheelwrights, carriers, hauliers and steve-
dores, builders, painters, decorators, shop and office outfitters, and general
(2) To carry on business as manufacturers of, and dealers in, plywood,
hardboard, wood blocks for flooring and other purposes, boxes, windows,
doors, wood pulp, wood wool, masts, spars, derricks, sleepers, tool handles,
panelling, woodwork, furniture and articles of all descriptions wholly or partly
made from wood, bricks, cement, stone, tiles and builders?  material, supplies
and equipment of all descriptions.
Dealers in household furnishers and their maintenance
(1) To carry on the business of house furnishers upholsterers and dealers
in and hirers repairers cleaners storers and warehousers of furniture carpets
linoleums and other floor coverings household utensils china and glass
goods fittings curtains and other home furnishings and household requisites
of all kinds and  all  things capable of being used therewith or in the
maintenance repair or manufacture thereof.
(2) To enter into hire purchase agreements and credit sale agreements
with the purchasers of such articles and goods aforesaid and to negotiate
assign mortgage or pledge such agreements for cash or otherwise or the
payments due or rights accruing thereunder.
(3)  To carry on the trade of warehousemen removers storers packers and
carriers of personal property of every description.
(4) To issue warrants to persons warehousing goods with the company,
and to lend money upon the security of such goods.
Manufacturers of Instruments and Apparatus
(1) To carry on the businesses of manufacturers, merchants, importers,
exporters, repairers and agents for the sale and purchase of and dealers
in instruments apparatus appliances and accessories of all kinds for
indicating, recording, controlling measuring and timing pressure, humidity,
flow, depth, density, movement and temperature and for other industrial,
commercial, scientific and other purposes and materials of all kinds capable
of being used in conection therewith.
(2) To carry on business as printers, electrical, mechanical and general
engineers and contractors, ironmasters, ironfounders, steel makers and
converters and manufacturers of and workers in metals and alloys of all
descriptions, wood and timber, merchants, joiners and carpenters, garageproprietors, electro-platers, nickel platers, chromium-platers, bronzers,
oxidizers and metal platers generally, painters, varnishers, lacquerers,
enamellers, cabinet makers, polishers, welders, gilders, goldsmiths, silver-
smiths, watchmakers, jewellers, brass founders, metal and glass makers
refiners and workers.
(3) To buy sell manufacture repair convert alter exchange let on.
hire and
deal in all kinds of articles and things which may be required for any of the
purposes of any of the said businesses.
Establishment of traders? association
(1) By the collection and distribution of information concerning the credit
of persons engaged in trade and others and by other means to protect the
members of the society against dealings with persons who for any reason
should not be given credit.
(2) To organise and aid the realisation the best advantage of the estates
of bankrupts and persons who have executed a deed of arrangement or
made a composition or similar deed with their creditors.
(3) To make inquiries collect information and search such registers and
records as are available in order to provide members with a knowledge of
the standing and responsibility of the persons to whom they propose to give
(4) To collect debts for members and such other persons as may employ
the company upon such terms as the parties agree.
(5) To enter into agreements with and to support chambers of commerce
and similar bodies for the protection and advancement of trade and traders.
(6) To subscribe to and promote the aims and objects of any society or
societies formed for a similar purpose and to encourage and support in any
way any society or movement for the improvement of commercial law.
Farming business
(1) To carry on the business of farming in all its branches.
(2) To carry on the business of dairymen and the manufacture and sale
by wholesale or retail of cheese, butter, condensed milk and every form of
tinned milk or milk sold in special containers or of a special grade or quality.
(3) To carry on the business of arable and fruit farmers, millers and
manufacturers of cereal products and the sale by wholesale or retail of flour,
fruit and all cereal or farm products.
(4) To carry on  the business of live stock breeders of every variety of
animal whether bred as pedigree stock or for the purpose of its sale as meat,
poultry, hides or fur.
(5) To carry on the business of poultry farmers including the erection or
purchase of broiler houses and the sale by wholesale or retail of live and
dead poultry and of eggs.
(6) To carry on the business of timber growers and the sale of timber and
trees of every kind.
(7) To carry on the business of the manufacture and sale by wholesale
or retail of egg powders, powdered milk and all other products of farm
(8) To acquire or erect glasshouses and any other premises for the
promotion of speedy growth of crops vegetables fruit or flowers and to sell
the produce thereof by wholesale or retail.
(9) To carry on the businesses of horticulturists and seed merchants.
(10)  To acquire the goodwill, patent rights, designs and all other
proprietary rights of any business within the objects of the company and
upon such acquisition to undertake the liabilities of any company associa-
tion partnership or person.
(11)  To purchase or by any other means acquire any freehold or leasehold
property for any estate or interest whatever and any rights privileges or
easements over or in respect of any property.
(12)  To manage improve, farm, cultivate, maintain, lease, underlet,
exchange, sell or otherwise deal with and dispose of all or any part of the
lands or buildings of the company not required for the purposes of the
(13) To enter into working arrangements of all kinds (including joining in
a co-operative arrangement) with other companies corporations firms or
persons and also to make and carry into effect arrangements with respect
to union of interests or amalgamation either in whole or in part or any other
arrangements with other companies corporations firms or persons.
Business in Office Services
(1) To carry on business as secretaries, business and office managers,
messengers, telephone operators, forwarding agents and commercial
agents, and to provide a telephone answering service for subscribers and
others, and provide services in connection with the reception and forwarding
of messages and information by telephone, telegrams, letter, radio and by
any means whatsoever.
(2) To enter into contract with the Post Office, subscribers and others on
such terms as may be considered desirable for the purposes of providing
for the aforesaid services or any of them.18
Business in renting and maintenance of telephone services
(1) To carry on the trades or businesses of making, selling, hiring out,
buying, installing, putting up, maintaining, repairing and working, tele-
phones, telegraphs, radios, television sets, recording instruments and
electronics, electrical and mechanical apparatus, equipment and fittings of
all kinds whatsoever.
(2) To carry on the trades or businesses of a telephone, telegraph, cable
and wireless communications company and to establish, work, manage,
sell, hire out, and maintain telephone exchanges, cable communications,
telegraph offices and radio and television receiving and transmitting stations
and any other systems for communications whether consisting of sounds,
visual  images, electrical impulses or otherwise either alone or in any
Business consultants, and sales promotion
(1) To carry on business as business consultants, market research
consultants, business transfer agents, valuers and estate agents, and to act
as intermediaries in the introduction of sellers, purchasers, partners and
(2) To carry on business as suppliers of trained sales staff for temporary
or permanent employment, and to establish and maintain an employment
(3) To carry on business as engravers, shorthand writers, copyists and
language translators.
(4)  To carry on business as company promoters, underwriters, financiers,
and bill brokers, and generally to undertake and execute agencies and
commissions of any kind and to negotiate and arrange for the borrowing or
lending of money or the subscription or underwriting of shares, debentures
and other securities.
(5) To establish, maintain and carry on one or more schools or colleges
at which tuition in any subject or subjects may be obtained, and to give
practical training under employment in salesmanship and any allied subject.
Providing for office premises and secure office personnel
for the principals
(1)  To acquire whether by purchase lease exchange or otherwise
howsoever office premises and accommodation for the purpose of leasing
the same or making the same available to any person firm or company and
in particular  the firm[s] of …………….
(2) To acquire whether by purchase hire exchange or otherwise howso-
ever office furniture and equipment of all kinds for the purpose of hiring the
same or otherwise making the same available for use by any person firm
or company and in particular the firm[s] of ………………
(3) To engage and hire professional clerical manual and other staff and
workers and to enter into agreements with such staff and workers with a
view  to allocating their services to any person firm or company requiring the
same and in particular the firm[s] of ……………
(4) To provide or procure the provision by others of every and any service
need want or requirement of any business nature required by any person
firm or company in or in connection with any business carried on by them
and in particular required by the firm[s] of ……………. in connection with their
business of ………………
To carry on business as advertising agents
To carry on the business of advertising contractors and agents;  to acquire
and dispose of advertising time, space or opportunities in any media; to
undertake advertising and promotional campaigns of every nature, to
acquire and provide promotional requisites of every kind and description,
and to carry on any other business which may be usefully carried on in
connection with such business, and to acquire and undertake the whole or
any part of the business, property, and liabilities of any person or company
carrying on business as such contractors or agents, or any other business
which may be usefully carried on in connection therewith.
To carry on business as travel agents
To carry on the business of travel agents, tourist agents and contractors,
cable and telegraph companies agents, bankers, banking, insurance,
forwarding and general agents, aircraft and shipowners and charterers,
agents for operators of air, sea, land or inland waterway carriage undertak-
ings, road transport owners and hirers, hotel, apartment and lodging-house
keepers, caterers and storekeepers, teachers of languages, promoters and
managers of clubs and societies (travelling, social, educational or other-
wise), publishers of books, periodicals and newspaper sellers, foreign
correspondents and advertising agents, and generally to facilitate travelling,
and to provide for tourists and travellers or promote the provision of facilitiesof every description, and in particular by means of the booking of travel
tickets and accommodation and hotel and lodging accommodation, provid-
ing guides, safe deposits, inquiry bureau and baggage transport, and
arranging and operating tours.
Dealing in patents and inventions
(1)  To purchase or otherwise acquire letters patent, concessions,
licences, inventions, rights and privileges, subject to royalty or otherwise,
and whether exclusive or non-exclusive or limited, or any part interest in such
letters patent, concessions, licences, inventions, rights and privileges,
whether in India or in any other part of the world.
(2)  To sell, let or grant any patent rights, concessions, licences,
inventions, rights or privileges belonging to the company, or which it may
acquire, or any interest in the same.
(3) To register any patent or patents for any invention or inventions, or
obtain exclusive or other privileges in respect of the same, in any part of
the world, and to apply for, exercise, use, or otherwise deal with or turn to
account any patent rights, concessions, licences, monopolies, or other
rights or privileges, Acts of Parliament or provisional orders, either in India
or in any other part of the world.
(4) To manufacture and produce, and trade and deal in all machinery,
plant, articles, appliances, and things capable of being manufactured,
produced or traded in by virtue of or in connection with any such letters
patent, concessions, licences, inventions, rights or privileges as aforesaid.
Business of Printers and Publishers
(1) To carry on the business of art printers, colour printers, copperplate
printers, etching printers, lithographic printers, offset printers, photogravure
printers, rollform and automatic printers, trade printers and of printers
(2) To carry on the business of linotype setters, metal and alloy makers
and refiners, die sinkers, relief stampers, gold blockers, engravers, photogra-
phers, lithographers, artists, designers and draughtsmen.
(3)  To carry on the business of magazine, periodical, and journal
proprietors, press agents, news-agents, publishers, book-sellers, book-
binders, wholesale and retail stationers, fancy goods and leather goods
dealers, and account book manufacturers.
(4) To carry on the business of advertising and publicity agents and
contractors, press agents, press cutting agents, bill-posters, advertising
con-sultants, display specialists and contractors and generally to undertake
and execute agencies and commissions of all kinds.
(5) To carry on the business of repairers of and dealers in typewriters,
duplicating and printing machines, calculating machines, tape recorders,
dictaphones and their accessories and components, office furniture, equip-
ment and requisites of all kinds.
(6) To carry on the business of manufacturers of and dealers in paper,
cardboard, bags, greeting cards of all kinds, postcards, picture and other
cards, drawing and writing materials and requisites, pens, inks and
stationery generally.
Working as agents and producers of pictures
and publishers of books
(1) To carry on the business of holders of exhibitions and dealers in
pictures and of artists? agents and makers and sellers of picture  frames,
artists? colours, oils, paints, paint brushes, and other instruments, articles,
and ingredients relating to any such business.
(2) To carry on the businesses of publishers, book and print sellers
newspaper and magazine proprietors, art journalists, machine, letterpress,
copperplate, lithographic, electrotype and other printers and engravers,
advertisement agents, and purchasers and sellers of copy-rights, pictures,
books, music and songs.
(3) To carry on the business of the restoration and cleaning of pictures.
To carry on business in mining and timber
(1)  To purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire lands and properties
in …………… of any tenure whatever, [and in particular, lands situate at
……………] and to purchase, take on lease, or otherwise acquire, and to work
mines, minerals, and mining rights in ……………. or elsewhere.
(2) To cultivate any estates, lands, and properties to be acquired by the
company, and to develop the resources of the same by draining, clearing,
planting, pasturing, or farming, and for the purposes aforesaid to purchase
from time to time such horses, cattle and stock, and employ such labour,
and from time to time sell all or any part of the live or dead stock, timber
[rubber, coffee, tea, and cinchona crops], and other the produce of such
lands, as may be necessary for carrying on the business of [rubber, coffee,
tea, or cinchona] planting, or farming or pasturing on the said lands.
(3) To work the mines and mining rights under or upon the lands andproperties to be acquired by the company, and to crush,  wash, smelt,
reduce, or otherwise treat and render marketable and sell or dispose of the
produce of any mines, whether belonging to the company or not.
(4) To stock and carry on any shops or stores for the benefit of the
servants of the company.
(5)  To construct, maintain and improve or subscribe towards the
construction, maintenance, and improvement of roads, waterworks and
canals, and also of tramways, railways, and other roads and ways, and quays
and wharves, for the purposes of the company, or for access to the lands,
works, and properties of the company, or to connect the same with other
lines of communication.
(6) To procure for the company incorporation or constitution of a like
nature in any Commonwealth or foreign country.
To carry on business in foreign trade
(1) To carry on business, and to act as merchants, bankers, traders,
commission agents, shipowners, carriers, or in any other capacity, in India
and [territory] or elsewhere, and to import, export, buy, sell, barter,
exchange, pledge, make advances upon, or otherwise deal in goods,
produce, articles and merchandise.
(2)  To establish or acquire and carry on offices, trading stations, factories,
stores and depots in [territory] or elsewhere, and to purchase, lease, or
otherwise acquire, carry on, develop and improve any business, or real or
personal property in India or elsewhere, or any undivided or other interest
whatsoever therein respectively.
(3) To apply for, acquire and hold any charters, Acts of Parliament,
privileges, monopolies, licences, concessions, patents, or other rights or
powers from the Government of India or any other government or state, or
any local or other authority in [territory] or elsewhere, and to exercise, carry
on and work any powers, rights or privileges so obtained, and to constitute
or incorporate the company as an anonymous or other society in any foreign
country or state.
(4) To purchase, build, hire, charter, or otherwise own, hold, use and
dispose of, steam and other ships and vessels, and their appurtenances.
(5) To construct or otherwise acquire docks, slips or gridirons, canals,
railways, tramways, telegraphs, roads and other ways, and vehicles of all
kinds, machinery, plant and appliances, for all and every purpose and use,
and  to work and carry on the same.
(6) To purchase, or otherwise acquire, open and work mines, forests,
quarries, fisheries and factories, and to stock, cultivate and improve any of
the lands or properties of the company, to sell the produce thereof and to
erect buildings on the said lands or elsewhere.
(7) To grant licences or concessions over or in respect of any property
or rights of the company.
To carry on airlines business
(1)  To construct equip maintain works purchase and let or hire aeroplanes
and hovercraft for the carriage of passengers on freight and to carry on the
business of carriers by air or by hovercraft.
(2) To carry on the business of travel agents and to construct or acquire
the necessary office and buildings for such business.
(3) To carry on the business of general carriers and forwarding agents,
warehousemen, bonded warehousemen and carriers.
(4) To obtain all necessary powers for the above purposes.
(5) Nothing herein contained shall empower the company to carry on any
operation which is a state monopoly.
To carry on business as carriers
(1) To provide increased facilities for the storage, warehousing, carriage
and distribution of merchandise between ………………. and ……………
(2) To carry on the business of carriers by all means of transport by land,
sea, inland waterway and air.
(3) To carry on the business of warehousemen and storers of goods,
wares and merchandise of every kind and description whatsoever.
(4) To purchase or otherwise acquire any lands, docks, canals, water-
ways, warehouses, wharves, buildings or machinery, and to construct and
equip the same.
(5) To build, purchase, hire or take on charter any ships, tugs, barges
or other vessels of any description.
(6) To make, work, equip, and maintain railways or tramways.
(7) To apply for the grant of any power which may be conferred by any
legislative or governmental authority or any licence or franchise that may
appear conductive to the interests of the company.
(8) Nothing herein contained shall empower the company to carry on any
operation which is a state monopoly.30
To carry on business as carriers
[Alternative form]
(1) To  carry on business as carriers of passengers, livestock, other
animals and goods;  as shipping, chartering, forwarding and transport
agents; as stevedores, wharfingers, carmen, carting contractors and
agents, cargo superintendents, packers and hauliers; as warehousemen
and proprietors of warehouses, and as coach and other vehicle proprietors,
garage proprietors, engineers and electricians.
(2) To establish and carry on a tourist agency, travel bureau, and booking
office, and to act as customs? clearing agents.
To carry on General Insurance business
(1) To undertake and carry on the business of accident, employers?
liability, fidelity guarantee, third party, burglary or theft, fire, life, marine,
storm, vehicle, plate glass, and mortgage or other investment insurance,
or any of them, and to transact all or any other kinds of insurances and carry
on all or any class of insurance business, and in particular:
(a) Insurances against or upon the contingency of injury, damage, or
loss to persons by accident or misadventure of any kind;
(b) Insurances to protect employers and principals against liability on
account of injury, loss, or damage, either sustained or caused by
workmen, servants, employees, or agents in their employment, or
acting on their behalf;
(c) Insurances to protect and indemnify principals or employers
against  loss or damage by the fraud, breach of trust or misconduct
of their servants, agents, or others acting on their behalf, and to
guarantee and provide security for the fidelity and good conduct
of persons   filling or about to fill offices or appointments and
situations of trust or confidence, and also to protect and relieve
private sureties against loss arising to them from their liability as
cautioners or guarantors for others;
(d) Insurances against claims upon the assured for injuries to the
persons and property of third parties caused by the assured or his
property, or by others for whom he is responsible;
(e) Insurances against loss of property by burglary or theft by house-
breaking or larceny, and against loss, injury, or damage to property
by or resulting from fire or lightning,  or against loss, injury, or
damage to the property or effects (carried on board ship) or
mariners, and marine passengers;
(f) Insurances on lives, payable on death or on the attainment of a
certain age, or on any other contingency connected with the
duration of life;
(g) Insurances against loss or damage from breakage of plate-glass
or any other description of glass, whether in windows, fittings,
mirrors, or in whatever way used;
(h) Insurances against loss of monies, principal and interest, lent,
invested, or secured on mortgages, debentures, deposits, and
loans of every kind to banking, property, investment or financial
companies at home or abroad;
(i) Insurances against all manner of accidents, liability, and guarantee,
and every other description of insurance business kindred to the
(2) To acquire or extinguish or otherwise deal with any insurance made
with the company.
(3) To grant, purchase, or sell endowments and annuities, either for lives
or for years, or on survivorships, and either immediate, deferred, determin-
able, contingent, or reversionary and other estates, interests, and securities,
whether in real or personal property, and generally  to undertake and transact
all matters and business which may be in any way connected with or depend
on contingencies.
(4) To re-insure or counter-insure any of the risks undertaken by the
(5) To effect as agents for others insurances of every kind and against
every and any contingency.
(6) To create or set aside out of the capital or revenue of the company,
a special fund, or special funds, and to give to any class of its policy-holders,
annuitants, or creditors, any preferential rights over any fund or funds so
created, and for such or any other purposes of the company to place any
portion of the company?s property in the names or under the control of
trustees, and to give any class of insurers a right to participate in the profits
of the company or any branch of its business.
(7) To apply out of the revenue or otherwise out of the funds of the
company in each year until the first valuation of the company?s risks any sum
not exceeding the gross amount realised, irrespective of expenses; during
the year, from interest on invested capital or other sources of income or
profit, in or towards the payment of a dividend not exceeding ………… per
cent per annum upon the capital called up and paid, and to spread any
preliminary expenses, including such interest, over any subsequent years.
(8)  To advance monies at interest on the security of any freehold,leasehold or other property in India or of any estate or interest in any such
property and on the security of any life insurance policy or the combined
security of land and such policy.
(9) To advance monies to shareholders in the company and others upon
security of and for the purpose of enabling the person borrowing the same
to erect, purchase, enlarge or repair, any dwelling-house or business
premises, or to purchase any estate or interest in, or to take a demise for
any term or terms of years of any freehold or leasehold property, in India
upon such terms as the company may think fit, including the inclusion of
a life policy in the security.
To carry on Accident Insurance Business
(1) To grant, either in India or abroad, policies or other instruments of
insurance against, or assuring compensation or payment in case of death
or injury or health or limb by railway accident or, shipwreck, or other perils
of the land or water, or any other accident or misadventure, or violence
during any journey or voyage by land or water, or during any other limited
or specified period.
(2)  To assure payment during sickness or incapacity, arising from general
or other than the above causes.
(3) To grant insurances upon the contingency of injury or total loss by
reason of accidents of any description to horses, cattle and other animals,
plate and other glass, or real and personal property of any kind.
(4) To guarantee, provide, prepare and supply medical and surgical aid
and treatment, or any other assistance in  illness, and all remedies and
requisites in case of accident or illness to any person, or the family and
household of any person, whom the company shall insure, or to any person
dwelling or staying in the house of such person insured, or to horses, cattle,
and other animals.
(5) To contribute to the funds of such hospitals or other institution as
efficiently serve or agree to serve the company?s clients in cases of accident
or illness, and to pay such institutions for the said services.
(6) To contribute to the funds of societies, institutions, or establishments
which effect or promote the spread of sanitary science, and the practical
application thereof to public or private use, and to pay for work done or
services rendered by them to the company or the company?s clients.
To carry on Fire Insurance business
(1)  To insure houses, tenements, merchandise, and all other property and
G : CDD (Vol. 8) ? 27418 CONVEYANCING, DRAFTING & DEEDS [Ch. 68
effects, real and personal, against loss or damage by fire [explosion
lightning] storm [tempest flood aircraft and things dropped therefrom]
accident or otherwise, and to carry on the business of insuring property
against all such loss or damage in all its branches.
(2) To rebuild, repair, replace or reinstate, houses, buildings, machinery
and every other description of property which may be insured by the
company, and to carry on any kind of business necessary or expedient for
any such purposes.
(3) To join or subscribe to any salvage or protection association or
committee, whether mutual or otherwise, in any way connected with any of
the objects of the company.
To carry on Life Insurance business
(1) To grant insurances of all kinds payable upon the happening of all or
any of the following events, namely, the death or marriage, or birth or failure
of issue of, or the attainment of a given age by any person or persons, or
the expiration of any fixed or ascertainable period, or the occurrence of any
contingency or event which would or might be taken to affect the interest
(whether in possession, vested, contingent, expectant, prospective, or
otherwise) of any person or persons in any property, or the loss or recovery
of contractual or testamentary capacity in any person or persons.
(2) The grant annuities, immediate or deferred, payable for any fixed or
other period, or contingent as to their commencement or determination upon
the happening of all or any of the events above mentioned.
(3) Generally to transact the business of a life insurance company,
including the sale and purchase or re-purchase of annuities and reversion-
ary interests, and life or other interests of uncertain duration or commence-
ment, and endowments for children, and all other business appertaining to
or commonly transacted by life insurance companies.
To carry on Marine Insurance business
(1)  To insure against every description of marine risks and aerial
navigation risks which may legally be undertaken, relating to the perils of
the sea and air, fire, war, reprisals, and all other risks of a like nature
incidental to navigation (marine or aerial), ships, aeroplanes, vessels, and
craft of all descriptions, and also the freights, goods, merchandise, cargo,
earnings, and property whatsoever,, in or on board of the same, whether
the property of members of the company, or otherwise, howsoever, so far
as the same may be effected or made according to law.(2) To insure all other matters and things which lawfully may or can be
from time to time insured, or be the subject of insurance against perils of
the sea or air, and also generally to carry on all other branches and
departments of the business of marine and aerial navigation insurance.
To carry on underwriting business
(1) To insure or give any guarantee in relation to any stock, shares,
debentures, debenture stock, bonds, obligations or securities issued by or
having any guarantee  of  any company  or  institution  or of any authority
supreme, municipal,  local  or  otherwise, or of any person or persons
whomsoever, whether corporate or unincorporate.
(2) To insure or give any guarantee against calls and demands for
contribution in respect of any liability incident to the ownership of any shares
or stock in any company or undertaking.
(3) To insure or guarantee the holders of, or persons interested in, or
proposing or intending to become holders of any shares, stock, or securities
issued at a premium, or standing at a premium, against loss arising from
redemption at par, depreciation or otherwise.
(4)  To insure or guarantee the safety of securities and property of all kinds
placed on deposit with the company or elsewhere, or entrusted to the
company or other persons or companies for transmission, or otherwise
(5) To insure and guarantee the due payment and performance of bills
of exchange, promissory notes, debts, contracts and obligations of all kinds,
on the del credere system or otherwise.
(6) To grant indemnities to companies or their shareholders, debenture
holders or the holders of any security against rights and damages arising
from the loss of certificates or other documents of title and indemnities in
respect of the loss of title deeds generally.
To carry on business an Insurance Agents
To carry on business as insurance brokers and agents, and underwriting
agents in all classes of insurance and as insurance advisers, pensions
advisers, and consultant assessors, valuers, surveyors and average adjust-
ers and mortgage brokers, and to undertake the provisions of hire-purchase
and credit sale finance and to act as factors.
To carry on business as Insurance Consultants
(1) To carry on business as consultants, advisers and managers in
relation to insurance and pension schemes.
(2) To carry on the business of insurance brokers and insurance agents
and underwriting agents in all its branches and in particular and without
prejudice to the generality of the foregoing to carry on the business of
brokers and agents for those classes of insurance business comprising life
and pension schemes.
(3) To act as agents or managers for any insurance company club or
association, or for any individual underwriter in connection with its or his
insurance or underwriting business (wherever the same may be carried on)
or any branch of the same; and to make arrangements for all classes of
insurance (including group, life and pension fund schemes) and to enter into
any agreements for any of the purposes aforesaid with any such company,
club, association or underwriter.
(4) To carry on the business of an insurance and guarantee company in
all its branches, insure against risks of all kinds which are insured against
by insurance companies or underwriters at Lloyd?s, and to undertake all
kinds of insurance risks and all kinds of guarantee and indemnity risks.
(5) To re-insure and counter-insure all or any risks, and to undertake all
kinds of re-insurance and counter-insurance connected with any of the
businesses aforesaid.
To carry on business is amusement and entertainments
(1)  To carry on the business or businesses, whether together  or
separately of proprietors and operators of amusement parks, and as
promoters, organisers and managers of all kinds of entertainments, sports,
recreations and amusements, whether indoor or outdoor, including funfairs,
exhibitions, sideshows and games, competitions, tournaments, concerts,
cinematograph and television performances, stage and variety shows,
aquatic and equestrian events, pyrotechnic, aerial and spectacular displays,
dancing, skating, circuses, and other forms and types of like enterprises
(2)  In connection with any such business or businesses to purchase,
lease, hire, construct, provide, operate equip, and maintain land, buildings,
theatres, cinemas, studios, concert halls, stadiums, tracks, arenas, golf and
putting courses, bowling greens, tennis courts, skating rinks, swimmingbaths, boating and paddling pools, marinas, piers, landing stages, jetties,
coach and car parks, sideshows, fairground apparatus, marquees,. tents,
vehicles, boats, chairs, machines, and all other structures, apparatus,
equipment and articles which may be necessary or convenient  in the opinion
of the company for the carrying on of such business or businesses.
(3) In connection with any such business or businesses to enter into
agreements with, grant leases and licences to, and engage and employ
showmen, artists, entertainers, performers, sportsmen and other persons.
(4) To carry on, either directly or by grants to others, the business or
businesses, whether together or separately of restaurant, soda fountain,
icecream parlour, milk bar and cafe proprietors, licensed victuallers, wine,
beer  and spirit merchants  (wholesale  and retail), manufacturers and
vendors of mineral waters, cordials and syrups, groceries and provisions
and of refreshment caterers suppliers and contractors generally.
(5) To carry on, either directly or by grants to others, the business or
businesses, whether together or separately, of manufacturers and vendors,
whether wholesale or retail, of all kinds of sugar and other confectionery,
icecream, tobacco and cigarettes, toys, toilet preparations and requisities,
scent and perfumery goods, fancy goods, photographic materials, imitation
and fancy jewellery, stationery, newspapers, periodicals and other literature,
textiles and other soft goods, and any articles for vending in automatic slot
machines and vending machines, or for use in any game playing or
amusement machines of all kinds.
Entertainment and Amusement performances
[Alternative form]
(1) To carry on all or any of the businesses of entertainment promoters,
sports promoters artistes? managers and artistes?  personal representatives
in all or any spheres of entertainment and sport.
(2) To provide on such terms as the company may deem expedient all
or any of the management, secretarial, advertising, publicity, accountancy,
personal and social facilities and services required or used in connection
with their professional engagements by artistes and others engaged in
theatrical, film, radio, television entertainment or sporting activities.
(3) To acquire copyrights, rights of production or presentation, licences
and privileges of any sort likely to be conducive to  the objects of the
(4) To employ persons to write, compose, or adapt plays, films, radio and
television productions, sketches, songs, music and dances.
(5) To print, publish, or cause to be printed or published any play, film,
song music or words of which the company has a copyright or right to publish
and to sell and distribute and deal with any matter so printed as the company
may think fit and to grant licences or rights in respect of any property of the
company or any other person or persons firm or company.
(6)  To enter into agreements with authors  or other persons for the
presentation of films, radio and television productions, musical composi-
tions, plays and other dramatic and musical entertainments in India and
elsewhere as well as for the foreign and commonwealth rights.
(7) To carry on the business or businesses of music printers, copyists,
engravers, lithographers, publishers, arrangers, booksellers, book-binders,
publishers? remaindermen, scenic artists, art decorators, contractors for the
supply of scenery and the erection and fitting up of temporary or permanent
stages, theatres or halls.
(8)  To carry on the business or businesses of literary, theatrical,
advertising, publicity, press and employment agents and to undertake and
execute any agency or agencies, and in particular for authors, dramatists,
composers, actors, musicians, singers, entertainers, theatre proprietors
and managers, film and television producers or others, as may be thought
(9) To carry on the business or businesses of producers and presenters
of  and dealers in plays, revues, opera, ballet, pantomimes, pageants,
musical and dramatic works, and amusements and entertainments of all
kinds in connection with the theatre, cinema, ice rinks, variety stage, music
halls, radio, television, and other means of transmitting sound or pictorial
effects, and to enter into any arrangements for the management, conduct,
control and carrying on of any such business or businesses, and for the
supply of plays, opera and ballet works, arrangements, dances, ensembles,
scripts, librettos, music, artistes, performers, musicians, materials and all
other things connected therewith.
(10) To carry on the business or businesses of proprietors, lessees,
licensees and managers of theatres, cinemas, ice rinks, studios and other
buildings and property, and to let and sublet accommodation therein and
to provide for the tenants, hirers and users thereof, upon such terms as may
seem to the company expedient, all or any of the machinery, equipment,
power, light, heat, gas, chattels, effects, raw and other materials, facilities
and conveniences necessary or desirable for the purpose to which any such
buildings or property or any part thereof may for the time being and from
time  to time be used by such tenants, hirers and users thereof.
(11)  To carry on any business involving the manufacture, marketing, sale,
distribution, use, or exploitation of every form of pictorial and sound
recording and programme and pre-programme recordings, and apparatus
for making the same, and to participate in such manner as the company shall
deem appropriate in the development and use for commercial purposes of
television broadcasting.41
To carry on Restaurants and Hotel business
(1) To carry on business as proprietors of restaurants, hotels, refresh-
ment and tea rooms, cafes and milk and snack bars, tavern, beerhouse, and
lodging-house keepers, licensed victuallers, wine, beer, and spirit mer-
chants, brewers, maltsters, distillers, importers and manufacturers of
aerated, mineral and artificial waters and other drinks, and as caterers and
contractors in all their respective branches.
(2) To carry on business as bakers, confectioners, tobacconists, butch-
ers, fishmongers, dairymen, grocers, poulterers, greengrocers, farmers, ice
merchants and ice-cream manufacturers, and to manufacture, buy, sell,
refine, prepare, grow, import, export and deal in provisions of all kinds, both
wholesale and retail and whether solid or liquid.
(3) To establish and provide all kinds of facilities and attractions for
customers and others, and in particular, reading, writing and smoke rooms,
lockers and safe deposits, telephones, telegraphs, clubs, stores, shops and
To carry on business in Road transport
(1) To construct, equip, maintain and work public transport vehicles,
motor coaches or other vehicles appropriate for the carriage of passengers
or goods, and to carry on the business of proprietors and carriers of
passengers both in public conveyances and in private vehicles and goods
in ……………. and the neighbourhood, and in such other places as may from
time to time be thought fit.
(2) To construct garages and store houses and other buildings for the
housing or repair of such vehicles, the storage of fuel and other oils and
substances required for the working of the said vehicles, the warehousing
of the goods carried, and the accommodation of the persons intending to
be passengers.
(3) To repair and maintain all such vehicles.
(4) To carry on the business of importers and dealers in fuel and other
oils, petroleum of every kind and the business of refiners of such oils and
petroleum and the manufacture of lubricating oils and all accessories
required for the equipment and operation of the said vehicles.
(5) To purchase, construct, sell, hire or let buses, motor coaches, motor
cars, vehicle bodies, engines, machinery and other chattels and things used
for any of the above purposes.
(6) To enter into contracts with any person or company as to interchange
of traffic, running powers or otherwise.
(7) To obtain all powers and authorities necessary to carry out or extend
any of the above objects.
To carry on business as Hairdressers
(1) To carry on business as hairdressers, hair and scalp specialists,
beauty specialists and experts, trichologists, chiropodists, manicurists,
perfumers, proprietors of hairdressing and waving salons and parlours,
hairdressers? sundriesmen and masseurs and to open shops, salons and
other establishments and to carry on the same as th