Introduction: Human right is one of the most buzzing issue in the present world situation. Every country of the world is trying to protect the human rights for the well establishment of the state. But in the third world human right is not establish strongly yet. Like one of the developing countries human rights are obstructed in Bangladesh. Extrajudicial killing, torture, ill treatment, random arrest becoming very common in the society. This makes the human rights questionable in Bangladesh.

Body: Bangladesh is a democratic country. The government is elected by free and fair election. But the opposition parties often called strikes to fall the government through violent demonstration.

“The police in Bangladesh is also known is corrupt-partially as a consequence of being misused as party functionaries by the ruling government. Police related human rights abuses are plentiful- unlawful detention, excessive use of force, torture, deaths in custody stories abound in the media”

According to Human Rights Watch,” successive government s have promised but failed to ensure the law enforcement officials and soldiers responsible for abuses are brought to justice.”The Human Rights Watch has recommended to make a independent commission for the judgment of the extrajudicial killings, arrest and torture which will work maintaining the quality of the rules of international human rights.

Torture and ill-treatment is another reason which are violating the human rights in Bangladesh. From the MP to common people many people are suffering for ill-treatment and torture. Mr. Mahmudur Rahman, the editor of Bangladeshi newspaper ‘Amar Desh’ is recently tortured by arbitrary detention and ill-treatment.

“Research carried by Human Rights Watch and Odhikar reveals that Bangladeshi nationals are sometimes subjected to torture and ill-treatment of they are apprehended crossing into India. Some victims are actually involved in illegal trade. But because the border is not demarcated, many cross the border by mistake”

Bangladesh garments sector is another area where the workers and activists are subject to torture and ill-treatment.

“Amnesty International remind the authority that Bangladesh has international treaty obligations to protect the right of life. International law places severe restrictions on the use of force by law enforcement officers. Amnesty International urges the government to ensure that no one is tortured of ill- treated in custody, and no one is held in custody without a recognizably criminal charge against them”

The human rights record of Bangladesh is not pleasing. Sometimes the level of torture increase, but the victims don’t open their mouth in fear of being more tortured. It is alleged that various security and intelligence agencies, including law enforcement forces were used for the porpous of inhuman or degrading treatment.

During the emergency 44 people were victims to torture in2008. Torture in custody continues during the present elected regime.

“Grass root level arbitrary arrests were done by the law enforcement forces what is being happened without any logical reason. Arbitrary arrest are operated countrywide only on the whims and caprices of the forces that have super power. The law enforcement forces are operating silent torture and terrorism several over the common people”.

The instability of our political situation is also responsible for the hamper of the human rights in our country. The law enforcement forces used randomly in the order of the ruling party. As they have power, with this they dominate and torture people without any logical reason.

Though Bangladesh is a state party of different international treaties and conventions, torture and ill treatment take place here for the lack of accountability and culture of impunity of law enforcement agencies. In Bangladesh torture is not considered as a crime. But to save the human rights and stop torture and ill treatment necessary steps must have to take.

Conclusion: Everyone in Bangladesh has the right to remedy against human rights violation and to truth and justice. The right should not be violated. Bangladeshi parliament should take necessary steps about it. They must follow their own conscience to seek the proper way to save the human rights of every common people. The political parties should change their out look and should do work for the well being of the citizen of Bangladesh. The law enforcement agencies must follow the rule of the International human rights so that no one will be tortured by them or anyone. They should use their power in a right way only to prevent the criminal and to establish the truth. They must ensure the believe of the common people over them and make themselves to be the real power of the country.