Bar Vocational Course (BVC)

Bar Vocational Course (Exclusive legal practice of Litigation & Drafting) Course Outline “The Lawyers and Jurists”- one of the reputed law firms in the country has introduced intensive coaching for the young learned lawyers who are desirous to shine their excellence ahead than many others. Highly reputed lawyers, Barristers & Advocates, in their respective fields will take the classes. In the duration of eight weeks, 16 classes including continual examinations on each subject shall insist you to feel the difference of coaching. Classes will be taken in a Corporate Chamber where you will get the opportunity to meet the environment of practicing law in corporate arena. A consolidate amount of TK. 15000.00 (fifteen thousand) may not seem to you that much when you feel confident as to your preparation for becoming an efficient lawyer who would be able to link between the theory and practice. This course especially designed to assist the becoming lawyers of gathering complete practical knowledge of legal profession. Only 10 (ten) persons will get such an opportunity to participate in the coaching as question of our reputation is a mammoth asset. Application form is available at the welcome desk. Think wise, be confident. Ease your way to be a reputed social engineer. Feel the power in your inner soul. Lecture-1: Introduction to discuss on legal System of Bangladesh

  • Emergence of Legal System in Bangladesh
  • Hierarchy of Courts in Bangladesh and their jurisdiction
  • Courts with their pecuniary and territorial bindings
  • High Court Division with its inherent power
  • The head man structure of Hon’ble Appellate Division

Lecture-2, 3 &4: Different Stages of Civil Suits

  • Filing of a case in a proper court
  • Considering the fact of available jurisdiction at the time of filing
  • Date for Service/Process return
  • Date for Written Statement
  • Issue frame
  • Taking evidence and witness of parties
  • Argument
  • Judgment & Decree

Lecture-5 & 6: Different stages of Criminal Cases

  • Filing of criminal cases
  • Taking cognizance
  • Issuance of Summon or Warrant of Arrest
  • Framing of Charge
  • Taking Deposition
  • Deposition by the accused under section 342 and its consequence
  • Conviction or acquittal

Lecture-7: Corporate and Banking Practice

  • The corporate legal affairs and its solution by the existing laws
  • Company Act and its relation with the corporate field
  • Partnership and its effect by virtue of legal assence
  • Different method of Banking in Bangladesh
  • Legal intricacies in Banking arena during its regular course of business
  • Legal assistance and disbursement of money for credit facilitates
  • Precaution before advancing money to the client and legal suggestion
  • Secured advances and its necessity
  • Legal Background of Bank Guarantee and Letter of Credit in banking system
  • Artha Rin Adalat Ain, 2003 and the Banks
  • Negotiable Instruments and its application by the Bank

Lecture-8&9: Details in Company matter under Companies Act

  • Company formation and its legal status
  • The constitution of the Company
  • The impact of Limited and Guarantee in drag out in a court of law
  • The difference between Society Act and the Company
  • Notices and its indispensable act in a company
  • RJSCF and its operation in light of Company Act
  • The dispute of any company and the remedy
  • High Court Division and its function in respect of a company.

Lecture-10, 11 & 12: Practice & Procedure in Supreme Court (Specially Writ, Civil & Criminal Revision, Civil & Criminal Appeal and Quashment)

  • Understanding the cause list
  • The procedure from filing a case to its final hearing
  • The theory of Writ and constitutional mandate
  • Kinds of Writ and application
  • Unique characteristic of Writ Jurisdiction
  • Availability of Writ
  • Limitation for  Invoking the writ jurisdiction
  • Progress of status of the parties in the draft of High Court matters
  • Appeal and Revision preferred in Civil Cases before the Hon’ble High Court Division
  • Appeal and Revision preferred in Criminal Cases before the Hon’ble High Court Division
  • Limitations for preferring Appeal and Revision
  • Condonation of delay
  • Unparallel power of High Court Division

Lecture-13&14:  Opinion Writing & Documentation

  • The concept of providing Opinion in written format
  • The Adjure by the client and your understanding
  • Adherent and the implementation
  • Addleding scenario in an opinion and its aftermath
  • Benign approach to the facts and fusion of your legal sense
  • Dedication of your vocabulary for the opinion
  • The laws and its relation with an opinion
  • The methods of opinion writing
  • Concept of documentation in legal practice
  • Maintaining the standard of Draft
  • Clarity and interpretation
  • Land related documents and its scrutiny
  • Phraseology used in legal documents and its background
  • Preliminary of land document’s vetting
  • Documentation and its relation with company or individual
  • Mistakes in legal drafting and the consequence

Lecture- 15&16: Case Preparation, Court Visit and assisting seniors

  • Calculation of court fees in different cases
  • Limitation for filing court fees and its backbone as per law
  • Process fees for filing the Case
  • Number of Summon Notices for the defendants
  • Application for filing cases
  • Institution of Criminal Cases
  • Examination of the complainant and taking of cognizance
  • Filing of cases under special enactments
  • Presentation in a court of law
  • What your senior expect you to do
  • Making research in special circumstances to ease the pressure of preparation
  • Taking note and implementation
  • Maintaining Case Diary

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