Criminal Advocacy (John Bull witness statement)

Criminal Advocacy (John Bull witness statement)

Mr Bull you like to maintain a good personal relationship with Tracy, don’t you ?

And you fond (may be not sexual or romantic) of her, don’t you ?

You banned Mr Heath last summer of coming to the pub, when you have found that Heath was having a bit of laugh with Tracy in the garden, didn’t you ?

And smacked him in the mouth, didn’t you ?

I think you would agree with me that you don’t like Mr Heath’s personality and his friendly relationship with Tracy, do you ?

On the Christmas evening , Mr Heath and his girl friend Sharon came to the pub, didn’t they ?

You were serving behind the bar , weren’t you ?

And Tracy was serving a couple of feet away from you, wasn’t she ?

Tracy was serving Mr Heath when he came for some change, wasn’t she ?

And he made some comments about her dress, didn’t he?

Tracy didn’t say anything to Mr Heath, did she?

And she did not say anything to you either, did she ?

She didn’t take them offence, did she ?

But you reacted very angryly by saying him to ‘sod off’, didn’t you ?

I think you would agree with me that your actions show that you are a jealous of Mr Heath’s behaviour with Tracy and over reacted, arent you?

Mr John Bull your age is 62, isn’t it?

And Mr Heath the Defendant is 25 years old, isnt he?

So, there is a huge age difference between you and Mr Heath, isn’t there ?

On Christmas evening you have invited carol singers to sing in the pub, haven’t you ?

You particularly fond of carol singing , don’t you ?

And you enjoy tradition  for example, like to visit your family during the Christmas and even going to church , don’t you ?

So, you like to follow tradition?

I think you would agree with me that your behaviour and sense of humour is far more traditional for younger generation , wouldn’t you ?

And at that time he was not holding pool cue in his hands, was he?

So, pool cue was resting  next to the bar, wasn’t it ?

Carol singing was a special entertainment arrangement in the pub for the evening, wasn’t it ?

When carol singers started , some people were singing along with them from the pool table area, weren’t they ?

The pub was crowded so you did not see who were doing the chanting, did you ?  ( J S P-7 L 4 )

There were some people singing along with the carol singers apart from  Mr Heath from the pool table area, weren’t they ?

But you just only  shouted at Mr Heath saying ‘Alright you foul mouthed lout, shut it, and out’, didn’t you ? (J P 9 L 1)

Also your intention was to eject him physically, wasn’t it ?(j P 9 L 4)

So it would be right to say that you were preoccupied with an intention to hit him only because he has a friendly relationship with Tracy ?

Mr Bull your height is 6`1” ( J S P-15) and weigh 16 stones, isn’t it ?

So, you are quite strong and well built physically, aren’t you?

And Mr Heath height is 5` 6”  (J S P-3)and weigh 9 ½ stone, isnt it ?

So, you would agree with me that there is a huge difference between you and Mr Heath in respect of height,weight and strength, isn’t it ?