Examination-R v Peter David Morris

Benjamin Atkins (XIC)

1. Introduction:

Could you please give your full name to the court?

And what is your address?

How long have you lived there?

Who do you live with?

Who are your neighbors?

What number is her house?

Who does she live with?

How old are they?

What do they called?

Who else recently lived in her house?

What part of her house did he live in?

How long had he lived there?

2. Defendant’s Description:

How well did you know Mr. Morris?

Where have you seen him?

How often had he seen him?

How old is Mr. Morris?

Can you describe his physical appearance (hair etc).

How built?

How tall?

What is his skin color?

What does Mr. Morris do for a living?

Studying what?

In which college?

3. Miss Rose dictates to Mr. Morris

When did Mr. Morris leave 47 Hirschfield Drive?

When did you hear Mr. Morris was leaving?


Can you recall what Ms Rose told you on 30th October when she came round?

What did she ask you to do?

Whose stuff?

What was it? / Can you recall what items belonged to Mr. Morris?

Where were they kept?

What did you say?

Where was Ms. Rose going to be at that time?

Who else was with her?


How long for?

4. Saturday Morning:

On Sat 1st Nov, what were you doing at 10.o’clock ?

What was the first thing that happened in Ms. Rose’s garden that morning?

What did you do?

Who did you see?

What did you say?

What were you doing at the time?

What did you see Mr. Morris was doing?

Can you recall whether there was any partition between two gardens?

Can you describe the fence, Explain “Trellis”?

Can it the sketch plan be passed to the witness.

Do you recognizes it?

Who drew it?

When did you draw it?

Is it to scale?

Sir can it be marked “Exhibit BA/1”.

Can you show the court where was bike in the Plan?

Where were you standing at the time?

Can you recall whether Mr. Morris had taken anything else out of the shed?

Could you please describe the noise?

How did you react to this?

What did you do then?

What did you say?

In what manner did he reply?

How did you react to this reply?


What else could you see in the garden?

Where were they?

How did you see them?

What was Mr. Morris going to do with these items?

Can you recall whether you said anything to Mr. Morris?

What was his reply?

5. Ownership of Table and Chairs:

Mr. Atkins  can you recall where were the two wooden chairs belonging to the table.

Who do the table and chairs belong to?

How do you know this?

When did she buy them?

Why did she buy them?

Where did she buy this from?

Why do you remember this?

How much did Ms. Rose pay for the tables and chairs?

How would you describe that amount for those goods?

As you mentioned the chairs can you recall what do the chairs look like?

And whether they have unique features to identify?[had arms].

As you mentioned the ladders what did you say to Mr. Morris about the ladders?

How did Mr. Morris react?

Who owns the ladders?

What was Mr. Morris doing at the time?

What else did he take out then?

How did Mr. Morris take all of the things together?

What were you doing at the time?

Can you recall whether you have any other reason to speak to Mr. Morris?

How did Mr. Morris react?

What did you do then?

Why did you decide to wait?

When did Ms Rose return?

6. Miss Rose back on 2nd November:

When did you tell Ms Rose what happened on Saturday? .

What did she tell you?

When did you report this to the police?

Which police station was it?

Finally, Mr. Atkins what did the police ask you to do?

Thank you Mr. Atkins. Please wait there as the Defendant’s Counsel may ask you some questions.