Examination-Statement of Alan Simpson

Publish date: October 1, 2010

Statement of Alan Simpson

Your honour

I would like to call Alan Simpson

Could you please give your full name to the court ?

And your occupation ?

And you work for Superstore Limited, is that right ?

And where is it ?

And how long have you been working for them ?

Part 1

Mr Simpson can you describe whats your every day general working hours ?

And how many breaks do you usually get in your work ?

one is 10.30 and next break  is 12.30, is that right ?

And how long each break for?

Generally when you go to work you have some belongings with you so where do you keep them at work ?

And can you recall your locker no ?

And this is in the staff room, is that right ?

Part 2

In general Mr Simpson how will you describe the lockers security system at work ?

And have  you ever told anyone your combination no ?

And who did you tell to ?

And why did you tell them ?

And since then did you ever change your combination no ?

And why did you change your combination no ?

Part 3

Mr Simpson Can I take you On Friday 8th August 2003, what time did you go to work ?

As you have mentioned earlier you have a locker to keep your belongings at work could you please describe what things you generally keep into your locker ?

And how did you know your locker was secured to keep your belongings particularly on that day  ?

As you have mentioned  that you have a mid morning break at 10.30, is that right ?

Can you remember what did you see at 10.30 when you returned to your locker for break ?

And when you went for break at 10.30 can you remember whether you have properly locked your locker ?

And your break was for 15 minutes, is that right ?

And what do you do during the break ?

In particular what food do you take into work ?

And on that day who did you have break with ?

And where did you sit to have your break ?

Could you please look at page 6 of the bundle of documents ?

And do you recognise that map ?

Could you please show to your honour by marking the place on the map where did you sit to have your break ?

Part 4

Mr Simpson when did you discover your locker was opened ?

And can you remember how was it opened ?

Can you recall there was anyone who could change your combination no without informing  you during the break ?

And can you describe what things were missing from the locker ?

And what was in your wallat ?

Your honour, can I pass it to the witness

Please look at this

Mr Simpson Have you ever seen this wallet  before ?

What can you tell us about it ?

And the bus pass do you recognise it ?

And anything you can tell us about it?

And the money do you recognise them ?

Is there anyway you can identify them ?

Mr Simpson, Can you recall whether you have given permission anyone to take your wallet from the locker ?

And can you remember you have seen anyone coming out from staff room ?

And what you were doing ?

Can you recall that you have ever given your locker no to David ?

And how long do you know David ?

Finally, how will you describe your relationship with David ?

Thank you Mr Simpson

Please wait there you will now be asked some questions by the D’s counsel.