Examination-Statement of Mary Hayling Will

Statement of Mary Hayling Will

Your honour

I would like to call Mrs Mary Hayling Will

Could you please confirm your full name to the court ?

And your occupation ?

And how long do you intend to be out of work ?

And how many children do you have ?

And how long had you worked for them ?

And where do you live ?

Part 1

Mary, can you confirm to the court on 12th Dec 2003 who came to your house ?

And what time did they come?

And how did they come?

And where did they park their car?

And how long did they stay ?

And how did you treat them ?

I mean what food did you arrenge for them?

And any drinks arrangement ?

And what drinks did they have?

Mary can you recall where was Paul then ?

And can you remember whether Paul had any drinks with them?

And what drinks did he have?

And how many glasses?

And how strong was it?

And how was it affecting him that evening?

And in general what quantity of wine does he drink?

And what drinks did you have on that evening?

And how may glasses did you have?

Mary can you remember what did Paul tell you when Tom and Sarah left ?

And what did you tell him?

What trouble you were talking about ?

And who did you speak to about that?

And can you remember what did she tell you?

Mary can you recall whether you have spoken to anyother neighbour on 8.12.03.

And can you describe far more what did he have said to you ?

Mary as you have mentioned that you asked Paul to put the car into the garage what was his reaction ?

And what did you do when he went to bring the car?

And what was the next thing you have found?

Can you tell us what happened next?

And did you ask anything to Paul then ?

What did police have done then?

Finally, Mary how will you describe your family’s current financial condition?

And how will it affect if Paul loses his licence?

Mary Can you explore far more on that issue?

Thank you Mary

Please wait there you will now be asked some questions by the D’s counsel.