Examination-Statement of Tracey Croft

Statement of Tracey Croft


I would like to call Miss Tracey Croft

Could you please give your full name to the court ?

And your age ?

And your occupation ?

How long have you been working there ?

Part 1

Could you tell to the court what were you doing  in the evening at 6.p.m on 24th Dec 02 ?

Who are you working with ?

Was it a special day ?

And what was the pub atmosphere ?

Part 2

When did you first see Mr kevin heath at the pub on Christmas Eve ?

How often do you see him at the pub ?

How will you describe his personality ?

Do you know what drinks did he have that night ?

Who served him ?

How many times did you serve him ?

When you serving him how was he talking to you ?

What were the comments can you remember them ?

What was your reaction about the comments ?

How far  was Mr John from you ?

How he reacted ?

Can you remember what did he say to Mr Kevin Heath ?

How will you describe their physical structure or size ?

What was Mr Kevin Heath’s reaction ?

What did he do next ?

Part 3

As it was a Christmas Eve evening  What was the special singing arrengement for that night ?

When they were singing how audience reacted ?

What were the  interferences  can you remember them ?

In which side of the pub the interferences are coming from?

Where were you at that time ?

Where was Mr John ?

How did he react by the interferences ?

What did he do next ?

What did he say to Mr Kevin Heath can you remember them ?

How Mr Kevin Heath reacted by that?

What was  he holding in his hands ?

What did he do with the pool cue ?

Can you describe far more in datail?

What was the atmosphere in the pub then I mean how people reacted ?

Where were you at that time ?

How far were you from them ?

As Mr John threw the pool cue how Mr Kevin Heath reacted ?

What happened next ?

Can you describe it in more detail ?

How serious attack was it ?

What was Mr John Bull’s doing ?

Can you describe it in more detail ?

Finally, What happened next?

Thank you Miss Tracy Croft

Please wait there you will now be asked some questions by the D’s counsel.