Negotiation-Re Alice Shaw-Preparation Notes

The Claimant, Henry Bellini, is the owner the house situate at 60 and 62 Abbey Grove, Stockwell, London SW9 1JP and he lives there with his daughter Julia and his tenant Miss Amanda Yorke with her two children, who moved into the house since about September 2003.

The Defendant, Miss Alice Shaw, is a housewife, lives at 58 Abbey Grove, London SW9 1JP, with her two children.

The Claimant wife’s Anna and Miss Shaw were good friends. Since she died in Feb 2003, Miss Shaw offered her help to the D, for example sometimes looking after Julia for an hour.

Items to be negotiated:

1.Molesting, harassing, threatening, pestering or otherwise interfering with the Defendant or her children, Rachel and Richard:

Regarding the allegation of abusing Miss Yorke in the Street.

-Words were exchanged but Miss Yorke was abusive towards Miss Shaw.

-Yorke confronted her with allegations of having ‘squealed on her’, not sure what was referring but seemed to see Shaw as a threat.

-Other neighbours have had cause to exchange words with Miss Yorke since she moved into no 62.

With regards to the telephone call and letter to the Claimant’s employer.

-Many neighbours thought Miss Yorke and the Claimant were behaving badly, can be any one of them.

-On 11th March she admits was unpleasant towards the C when he approached her due to the accusation of the letter to the employer and the threatened letter she received through the door on 10th March

-Police interviewed the C’s daughter Julia and Yorke’s son Steve, admitted and were cautioned by the police

Regarding the waiting outside his house for him to come out.

–         Denies, but any confrontation was by him.

–         Accepts the words exchanged in the street but can’t be specific about the dates.

–         Was very pleasant before Yorke moved into his house when she helped to look after Julia, but changed afterwards and seemed to be angry all the time.

–         Spent a lot of time in the garden, on a number of occasions C has made gratuitously offensive remarks when he passed and the contents of these remarks varied but suggested that I was jealous of Miss Yorke and alleged she was causing trouble with social services as her sister’s work there and D ignored it.

–         On one occasion 13th March, as he passed D he stopped and made spiteful remarks to D, calling her a ‘witch’ and ‘harridan’ and a ‘spiteful jealous cow’, then D responded in quite a mild manner compared to his remarks. D denies swearing as she does not swear.

–         Can’t recall the other occasions when there have been exchanges but more than four and beginning to feel she could not leave her house without some insult from him or Yorke or the children

Regarding the telephone calls to the C as alleged.

–         Deny, but she had a number of calls in the past few months.

On 25th March, D came out of the house going for shopping when C & Yorke came out into the street, then D tried to speak to them as she received the solicitor’s letter and felt things had gone too far, but Yorke accused her of being snoop and notifying social services, D said no but had every right to do so if she was concerned about the children.

-C told her to stop following them whereas she was going for shopping, but ignored it then they were both shouting at her.

-C then came back towards her in a very aggressive manner, D was very frightened as he was quite bigger than her and seen him lose his temper in the past, but exchanged angry words he then went to strike the D and she left.

Regarding the cause of his leaving employment.

–         Deny, because he appears to go out a lot with Yorke, often coming in very late and drunk

–         Heard it because D bedroom is at the front of the house and she was woken by their antics.

–         C has plenty of savings and doesn’t need to work.

–         Deny that it affected his finance.

2. Trespassing on the home and property of the D

3.Communicating with the D save through the medium of the D’s solicitors

4.Damaging the property of the D.

5.Disturbing the peaceful occupation by the D of her home and property.

6. Costs: costs to date (including Counsel’s fee) amount to $530.

Undertakings: prepared to give undertakings in respect of her dealings with Mr Bellini but only if absolutely necessary.