Deed of Cancellation


This Deed of Cancellation and Revocation of Power of Attorney is executed on this the _____ day of _________ month of two thousand ten by

(1) X, aged about 50 years, son of Late Alhaj Md. Ayet Ali Sarker, mother: Late Nilohar Begum, residence: 32/A, Road No. 2, Dhamnondi R/A, Dhaka, (2) Y, aged about 57 years, son of Late A. F. M. Shahadat Hossain, mother: Nurala Khanom, of village-Abdar, P.O.-Telihat, Thana-Sripur, District-Gazipur, (3) Z, aged about 53 years son of late Alhaj Md. Sirajul Islam, mother: Late Rabea Khatun, of 56, MM Maley Road, Tanb