Draft Resolution of Meeting-Open and Maintain a Current Account With Bank


MINUTES OF THE MEETING OF PARTNERS OF COMPANY 3, HELD ON ____________________________, 2006 AT ________________________________.


Following two partners attended the Meeting:


Name of Partner Signature
  1. Mr. x
  1. Mr. y


The partners have decided to open and maintain a current account with Bank1 (“BANK 1”). The account shall be operated with the joint signatures of Mr. x on behalf of Company 1 and Company 2 and Mr. y on behalf of COMPANY 3.

The partners have also decided that COMPANY 3 can approach for financial assistance from BANK 1 for the business of the Joint Venture. Mr. x and Mr. y will jointly represent COMPANY 3, and are authorised to sign and execute various charge documents on behalf of the Joint Venture.

As there was no business to be transacted the meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the partners.