Legal Opinion

Mr. Z


Dear Sir,

We refer to the above subject-matter.

We filed the C.R. Case No. 766/2008 against the M/s. Company 1 on 06.03.2008 for recovery of taka 58,28,977.00 under the Section 141 of the Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881 for the offence committed under Section 138 of the same Act. The next date of the captioned Case is fixed for Summon Return on 08.06.2008. The copy of the said CR Case is enclosed herewith.

On the other hand M/s. Company 1 filed a CR Case—/2008 against Emirates Cement Bangladesh Ltd. We searched the Court record as per your instruction and found that the Case has not yet registered but the Court has directed for the CID investigation. Until the matter is investigated by the CID and the report is forwarded to the Court no step on our behalf is required. But still we keep in touch with the concerned Court record room whether the CID report is forwarded. We are sending herewith a Vokalatnama so that we can submit it at instance upon the CID report is forwarded to the Court and summon/warrant of arrest is issued against the officials of the Emirates Cement Bangladesh Limited. Please seal and sign of the sent Vokalatnama and send back the same at an earliest possible time.



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