Labour and Employment Matters

The Labour Act, 2006 (“Act”) and the Labour Rules, 2015 (“Rules”) are the governing legislation of labour & employment law in Bangladesh. The Act and Rules applies to workers (labourers) who are employed in commercial enterprises and industrial undertakings. The basic objective of Employment laws is to ensure rights for the employees and also to maintain peaceful and working environment in workplaces. The Lawyers & Jurists proffers regularly advice to a number of local and foreign companies in relation to employment matters. The Firm holds the practice of both vetting and drafting employment manuals for companies. It has also outlined letters of appointment/termination/dismissal where such appointment/termination/dismissal is likely to lead to litigation.

The basic feature of labour law in almost every country is that the rights and obligations of the worker and the employer between one another are mediated through the contract of employment between the two. This has been the case since the collapse of feudalism and is the core reality of modern economic relations. Many terms and conditions of the contract are however implied by legislation or common law, in such a way as to restrict the freedom of people to agree to certain things to protect employees, and facilitate a fluid labour market.

One example in many countries is the duty to provide written particulars of employment with the essential terms to an employee. This aims to allow the employee to know concretely what to expect and is expected; in terms of wages, holiday rights, notice in the event of dismissal, job description and so on. An employer may not legally offer a contract in which the employer pays the worker less than a minimum wage. An employee may not for instance agree to a contract which allows an employer to dismiss them unfairly. There are certain categories that people may simply not agree to because they are deemed categorically unfair. However, this depends entirely on the particular legislation of the country in which the work is.

However, The Lawyers & Jurists is blessed with some of lawyers who are fortunate to practice with the precursory lawyer in labor law practice in Bangladesh. While our chamber has crossed a long tenure of practice we have been enriched in dealing with disputes regulated by Labour laws of bangladesh-2006. The Bangladesh Labour Code-2006.

Our chamber has a remarkable presence in Labour Court as well as Labour Appellate Tribunal. The issues we deal with mostly cover every segment of labour law, including, Health and safety, Anti-discrimination, Unfair dismissal, Child labour, Trade unions, Strikes, Lay-out, Service Benefit, Termination, Dismissal and misconduct, Wages and compensation, etc.