Land Related Documentation

“The Lawyers & Jurists” is one of the leading law firm in the area of conduction all kind of land related documentation. Our lawyers has expertise knowledge for handling land related documentation.

The practice is to provide our client with the genuineness of any landed property’s documents. From the British colonial period, it has been observed that the land distribution system is a complicated process which has a direct attachment to transferability. A land has been transferred several times. Someone bought a landed property, and then sold it out to another and then he sold it to another and then he gifted the property to another, and then his inheritors got the property and this process is continuing and it will. In such a long journey of transferability the documents relating to a landed property often seems or found to be forged at the interest of a vested quarter. Though several attempts have been taken to up date the record of the landed property but failed to meet the expectation. In fact, there has been a few changes in the proceeding. But in literal sense no improvement has been explored in the distribution system, precisely, in recording system of the landed property.

On the other hand, such landed property is a major sector for the companies, banking institution, financial organization as because of they deals with that sort of immovable property for their respective reason. Someone use the property as a security against the loan disbursed or someone take the property as a focal point to invest by way of developing the land. Therefore, in most of the case it has been witnessed that some vested quarter has tried to forged documents, in one or other way, of the land in question. The companies like Developer one, or the Banking Institution which take the land as a security verily suffers injury when it transpires that the land that they have kept as security or that have been joined with investment, has in fact no legitimate connection to the person who claims it as his own property. Therefore, the companies suffer irreparable loss and injury. Such ill intention is oftenly practiced.

Our chamber has introduced a “Search Team” to probe whether the documents referred to the Banks or Companies regarding a landed property is genuine or fake. Be the first to say that we are not the absolute authority to declare documents genuine or fake. But we do suggest our client to the effect that the documents referred to suffers some unusual infirmity which cast doubt in our mind as to the genuineness of the documents and ultimately ownership of the property. Then, it is the Bank or the concerned company to decide whether they would consider this property as their security or a medium of their investment.

Our Search Team (Shortly, ST) is experienced with manpower who has practical knowledge of doing such work for longer than 7 years. The paramount task for the Search Team is to creep into the-

(i) Sub-Registry Office,
(ii) Office of the Assistant Commissioner of Land, and
(iii) Tahshil Office.