1.0. Advising:

1)      Assign Faculty for advising and probation

2)      Assign GA & TA for advising

3)      Contact faculty, GA and UGA for advising

4)      Communicate IS for any change or development during advising period

5)      Memo to IS for computer settings

6)      Arrange food for advising period (Prepare budget, issue memo and order for food)

7)      Dealing Late / re-advising

8)      Dealing Nominee for advising

9)      Add/Drop of the courses and up data base

10)   Memo for Reading Course

11)   Non degree students

12)   Provide transcripts & advising slip for late/ re-advising advising

13)   Collect admission/ application form and send it to VC Office for non degree students

2.0. Course Start:

1)      Offering course for semester

2)      Assign faculty for semester

3)      Send final list of course and faculty to registrar’s office

4)      Up date registrar office regarding course and faculty change

5)      Send memo to different departments for orientation

6)      Send course offering list to different departments

3.0. Faculty Support:

1)      Memo for logistics; Library card; transport; office hours and course outline

2)      Faculty office room, computer, chair, table etc

3)      Memo for visiting cards

4)      Provide hard and soft copy of roasters to Faculty, GA and UGA

5)      Provide print (class notes etc) to the faculty

6)      Take necessary action and communicate I.S. department providing multimedia/ OHP to classroom.

7)      Coordinate among faculty for changing classrooms

8)      Dealing make up class and leave

9)      Provide final roaster to the faculty at the end of semester to solve the problems

10)   Selecting GA for exam hall proctoring

11)   Distribute faculty contract form

4.0. Student:

4.1. General:

1)      Issue recommendation letters

2)      Counseling- regarding course & degree

3)      Issue transcripts (student copy)

4)      Provisional Certificate

5)      Re-check and send convocation form

6)      Provide course outline to old students

4.2. Application:

1)      Class miss/ mid term miss

2)      Incomplete

3)      Semester drop

4)      Exclude course

5)      Submission of registration slip

6)      Payment date extension

7)      Installment problem (previous semester)

8)      Course waiver/ transfer

4.3. Transfer Students:

1)      Dealing transfer students

2)      Comparing Course Equivalence

3)      Issue memo to faculty, different departments and registrar office

4) Arrange examination schedule

4.4. Internship:

1)      Prepare Internship list

2)      Finding major and minor for Internship

3)      Issue memo to concern faculty for interns

4)      Monitoring actual intern

5)      Permission for course with internship

5.0. Assistant Director:

1)      Filtering entrance of students and guardian to Ass. Director

2)      Check the problem

3)      Check previous records

4)      Contact to the faculty

5)      Send memo to the registrar office

6)      Send memo for honorarium

6.0. GA and UGA related:

1)      Advising for GA and UGA

2)      Selection and appointment of GA and UGA

3)      Performance appraisal and Evaluation of GA and UGA

4)      Clearance of GA and UGA

5)      Evaluation of the faulty

6)      Assign TA for class proctoring

7)      Distribute TA Contract form

7.0. Administrative & Accounts:

1)      Keeping petty cash and issue memo for it

2)      Issue requisition slips for various needs of the office

3)      Issue memo for logistics for BBA Office; faculty; over time and special roasters duty

4)      Receive letters/ memo etc. and place accordingly

5)      Take action against the troubles of faculty office rooms

6)      Take action against the troubles of BBA office

7)      Keep records for the attendance of GA and UGA

8.0. Different Offices:

1)      Provide necessary information to different offices like VC Office, Registrar Office, Library, CSE, ENV, ECO

2)      Transcript sign

3)      Grade Change

4)      Grade Request

5)      Contact Faculty for grade request

6)      Sending mail

7)      Sending memo for internship

8)      Sending drop form

9.0. Special work:

1)      Prepare office hours chart for faculty and GA & UGA

2)      Prepare class schedule from BBA Program Office

3)      List of faculty members for the semester with phone, room, email,

4)      Develop faculty overload chart

5)      Find out faculty area

6)      Analysis: faculty and course

7)      Phone faculty for meeting

10.0. Miscellaneous:

1)      Communicate GA for exam hall proctoring

2)      Keep records for the attendance of GA and UGA

3)      Observe classes