Credit Transfer of X


Inter office Memo

School of Business

Date                             : 11 March 2007


To                                : Mr. M


From                            : Dr. R

Director, BBA Program

Subject                        : Credit Transfer of  X_________________________________________

The application of Syed Tashfin Chowdhury (ID # 022-284-030) has been reviewed by the Department to determine her transfer of credits from State University of New York at Buffalo. He may be permitted to transfer the following courses:

Open Elective Requirements:

Courses done at

State University of New York at Buffalo

Credits Earned Grade Corresponding Courses at Credits Transferred
MAT 115

(Survey  of Algebra and Trigonometry)

4 B+ 3

Open Elective Credits to be transferred                                                                        3

Total Credits to be transferred                                                                                              3 credits

Please take necessary action in this regard.

Thank you.