Supervision of Reading Course


Inter office Memo

BBA Program

Date                             : 27 February 2008


To                                :  Mr. N

Lecturer, School of Business

From                            :  Dr. A

Director, BBA Program

Subject                         :  Supervision of Reading Course

You have been scheduled to supervise MIS 440 for Raj Masud Forhad (ID # 023-011-040) and 460 & 470 for M Mazharus Saleheen Bhuiyan (ID # 031-329-040) in Spring 2008. Please note that the requirement for reading course is very similar to a regular course except that the student is not required to sit in the class. Please prepare a course outline for students and submit a copy to the office of the BBA program as soon as possible. The course should consist of exams, quizzes, cases and other assignments like a regular course. Please prescribe a textbook and assign reading material to the student based on which exams will be given. The student must meet and consult with you on a regular basis as per a meeting schedule approved by you.

The course must be completed within this semester. If you have any questions or queries, Please discuss with me.

Thank you