The Influence of Culture on Consumer Behavior

The Influence of Culture on Consumer Behavior


Forms of Cultural Learning

Issues in Culture

¨  Enculturation and acculturation

¨  Language and symbols

¨  Ritual

¨  Sharing of Culture

Culture and Advertising

¨  Is it the role of advertising to socialize readers on how to dress, decorate their homes, choose goods and foods for parties, etc?

The Measurement of Culture

¨  Content Analysis

¨  Consumer Fieldwork

¨  Value Measurement Instruments

Characteristics of Field Observation

¨  Takes place within a natural environment

¨  Performed sometimes without the subject’s awareness

¨  Focuses on observation of behavior

Value Measurement Survey Instruments

¨  Rokeach Value Survey (RVS): A self-administered inventory consisting of eighteen “terminal” values (i.e., personal goals) and eighteen “instrumental” values (i.e., ways of reaching personal goals).

¨  List of Values (LOV): A value measurement instrument that asks consumers to identify their two most important values from a nine-value list that is based on the terminal values of the Rokeach Value Survey

¨  Values and Lifestyles (VALS): A value measurement based on two categories: self-definition and resources

Core Values

¨  Achievement and success

¨  Activity

¨  Efficiency and practicality

¨  Progress

¨  Material comfort

¨  Individualism

¨  Freedom

¨  External conformity

¨  Humanitarianism

¨  Youthfulness

¨  Fitness and health