The spying game: allegations of industrial espionage at Unilever, Canal Plus and Ericsson


Course: Business Ethics (BUS 401)

Section: 3, 4 and 7     Semester: Spring 2010

Instructor: Ms. S

Group Case Analysis Outline

The Case: The spying game: allegations of industrial espionage at Unilever, Canal Plus and Ericsson

1.  PLEASE REFER TO QUESTION NO 1, 2, 3 AND 4 IN THE CASE. You have to answer all four questions separately. The answers will be marked separately.

2. You are required to use font “Times New Roman” or “Arial”, size: 12, Line

Spacing: 1.5, paper size: A4 only. No exceptions.

3. Please use a proper cover sheet when you submit the assignment. It should include

–         Name of the case

–         Prepared by: name, ID, section

–         Prepared for: faculty name, designation

–         Name of the university and date

You don’t need to submit the acknowledgement, letter of transmittal. The format of the    paper will be

–  Cover page

–   The answers to the questions

–   Bibliography (if required)

4. Please avoid plagiarism, copying from your peers. Any form of plagiarism,

cheating will result in a “Zero” mark from the assignment and student will be

referred to the University Disciplinary Committee.

5. Please do not copy the exact language/words from the case, use your

own/neutral language.

6. Avoid describing the theories/concepts in detail when you are preparing your answer. You marks depend on the way you apply the theories. If you are very keen to describe the theories, you can put them in footnote.

7. Avoid arguments without the support of valid and related theories and concept.

8. The total word limit for the assignment is 2500. Please do not exceed the word

limit; crossing the limit will result in penalization.

9. You must submit the assignment on the dead line date; late submission will be penalized as per the discretion of the instructor.

10. Remember this is a case analysis and it has no definitive answers. It is

up to you how you will defend the answers. Of course, defending your answers

does not mean you submit assignment by simply stating your belief and views

without using correct and related theories and concepts to support them. Be

creative but not ineffective.