Administrative Law

Administrative Law in Bangladesh.

The intention of administrative law is to provide a legal framework for regulating the powers, procedures and acts of public administration. All the matters in this relation are referred to an administrative tribunal which has exclusive jurisdiction to hear and determine an application made by a person in the service of the republic in respect of terms and conditions of his service. This piece of law results from the constitutional mandate as enshrined in Article 27 of the Constitution of our country.

Rule of law eschews arbitrariness or decision according to whim or caprice of authority which flows from the guarantee of equality before law and equal protection of law embodied in Article 27 of our constitution. It thus comprehends the governmental action according to law and within their prescribed bounds and it would not suffice to say that the sovereign’s will has the force of law but that law can be tested on the touchstone of reasonableness. In order to conform to Article 27 it must be right and just and fair and not arbitrary, fanciful or oppressive. Thus all powers must be exercised in a reasonable manner and only to effectuate the purpose for which it is enforced.

Our lawyers have gained experience in Administrative Law matters by developing expertise over the years with clients which includes prominent corporations, disadvantaged individuals, governmental agencies, etc. Our experience in most aspects of Administrative Law advocacy enables us to assess and plan cases expeditiously and effectively.