Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1983

Vehicles Ordinance [LV of 1983]

Sections 2(XXVI) & 8–

drivers union–Question of registration–The Ordinance does not contemplate
‘apprehension of breach of peace’ nor does it empower the Registrar to refuse
registration on the ground of an already registered counter–trade union. Labour
Court is competent to entertain a case from an order of refusal to register a
trade union by the Registrar. The drivers of trucks are engaged by the owners
of the trucks and are workers. As workers they have the right to form trade
union for the purpose of regulating the relation between themselves and
employers for imposing restrictive conditions on the conduct of trade or

Pabna Motor
Employees Association vs Members, Labour Appellate Tribunal 44 DLR 265.


Section 139–

hazards– ­Directions to ensure air and atmosphere free from pollution–Urgent
preventive measures to halt sagging environment pollution and degradation of
Dhaka city, one of the worst in the world, due to audible vehicular sounds and
emission of hazardous black smoke from faulty and arrogant motor vehicles is
indeed, overdue. Hence, in the prevailing situation, ad-interim directions as
sought for and necessary are given.

Dr Mohiuddin
Farooque and another vs Government of Bangladesh and others 55 DLR 613.