6. Pennantia baylisiana

The Pennantia baylisiana is another name of that appears in the list of most rare plants in the world and has also reserved a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.  Only one tree survives at Three Kings Islands off the New Zealand coast. There is a lot of controversial findings pertaining to it’s gender. While some botanists feel that this is a female species, some state otherwise. In the efforts of multiplying this plant, botanists have carefully sowed seeds in the ground. However, the biggest challenge is that it takes close to ten years to grow into a mature plant provided it gets past the unfavorable climate and ravages of time.

7. Snowdonia hawkweed (Hieracium snowdoniense)

As the name suggests, you can find the Snowdonia hawkweed at the valley of Snowdonia, in Wales, United Kingdom. This rare plant bears flowers which are extremely simple, having velvety rims with yellow petals. Until a few years back; these plants stopped producing flowers, which made the botanists think that it is getting extinct. In 2002, the flowers started blossoming again breaking the misconception of the botanists.

8. Hackelia venusta

AKA Showy stickseed or Lesser showy stickseed it is part of the list of rare plants in the world for various reasons. You can find the Hackelia venusta in a small topography at the Chelan Country of United States. It grows up to 20 to 40 feet and is a perennial shrub, having several leaves. The flowers of this rare plant blossoms in the months of April and May. During this time, the flowers appear in clusters.  They also features white or tinted blue tone with five, rounded leaves and short, tubular stem. The fruits are tiny and have hair all over that assist them to disperse from the mother plant. Sandy rocky soil with extreme sun is the basic requirement of this plant.

9. Nepenthes tenax

The next name that falls under the list of rare plants in the world is Nepenthes tenax. It has a close resemblance with the pitcher plant. The Nepenthes tenax grows up to a height of 100 cms with the pitcher shaped flower on the top, having a height of 15 cms. This plant belongs to the biological family of Nepenthaceae and bears a biological name, Nepenthes tenax.

10. Welwitschia 

This is a gymnosperm plant which is of African variety. Friedrich Welwitsch an Australian botanist discovered this plant in 1859. It is considered as a living fossil apart from being one of the rare plants in the world . It features a woody, thick, short and stout trunk . The root system is simple, comprising of a taproot at the bottom with a few tapered branching from it. The two leaves grow after the cotyledons have grown to a height of 25 to 35 mm after germination. These are the only leaves of this plant. These leaves grow till 2 to 4 m after which they split and eventually shred out. It is a diecious plant, featuring separate male and female plants. It survives for 1000 to 2000 years and has an extremely slow growth rare.