Jurisdiction-Exercise of- Discretion When the Court allows release of the ship on furnishing the bank guarantee, it is certainly not for one year but till disposal of the suit.

Java Vegetable Oil Ltd. Vs. M. T. Komandarm Fedko & Ors. 11 BLT (HCD)-278.


Since the action was in rem against the vessel and a decree has been passed against the vessel as defendant No. 1 the vessel is liable to be sold in auction for the recovery of the plaintiffs decretal dues.

Volodymur Portov vs. M. V. Terpsichore & Ors 8 BLT (HCD)-267.


The plaintiff is the Master of the vessel and his claim having been related to wages and other allowance for rendering services to the vessel, the suit comes under the provision of Sectiion-10 of the Admiralty Act and is maintainable.

Captain K. Bakhtuiar Saleem & Ors. Vs. M. V. Delta Star & Ors. 8 BLT (HCD)-374.


The vessel was berthed at Mongla Port, Bagerhat—the plaintiff having not received any salary, wages or other allowances since date of his joining the vessel —the vessel is within the jurisdiction of Bangladesh, the plaintiffs claim comes within the ambit and scope of the Admiralty Jurisdiction.

Volodymyr Portnov Vs. M. V. Terpsichore & Or.s 8 BLT(HCD)-187.