Adoption of Male Child

Adoption of Male Child

This deed of adoption is made on this 25th day of May 2000 between AF son of B by caste Kayastha, by religion Hindu, aged 30 years residing at 38 Mc’Leod Street, Calcutta 700 017 (hereinafter called the first party) and GS son of D by caste Kayastha, by religion Hindu residing at 2/1 Ariff Road, Calcutta 700 067 (hereinafter called the second party).

Whereas the first party has no son or son’s son or son’s son’s son living and the second party has five sons.

And whereas the first party approached the second party for taking one of his sons, JK, in adoption to which the second party agreed.

Now these presents witnesseth as follows:

1.   That the first party on this day, the 25th May 1999 in the forenoon has taken in adoption JK who is an unmarried son of the second party and is aged about 6 years as his son with the consent of his wife WF.

2.  That the second party has with the consent of his wife SF on the date and time aforesaid given the said JK in adoption to the first party.

3.  That the ceremony of giving and taking in adoption has been duly performed in respect of the said JK along with other customary religious ceremonies in the presence of relatives and friends of the parties, besides the attesting witnesses.

4.  That the said JK has and shall have all the legal rights of an adopted son of the first party from the date aforementioned and the execution of these presents.

In witness whereof we the said AF and GS have signed this deed and WF and SF as consenting parties on the day month and year written above in the presence of friends and relatives and the following two attesting witnesses.

Signed and delivered  by  AF                                                                               Sd/-

and GS as executant and WF                                                                             Sd/-

and SF as consenting parties                                                                              Sd/-

in the presence of:                                                                                             Sd/-



3.   Friends and Relations                                                                                   Sd/-